Some first peak at the 1.0 code…

revealed porting will definitely take it’s time.
All starts with the basic “Yey, MCP changes the method names” issue, which is “easy” to fix, but takes time and patience. Then we got changes to the armor system that need to be accounted for.

Next up we’re going to rewrite quite the whole ElectricTool system, given we can now make them more accurate and (after the rewrite) easier to maintain and use (code-wise, you won’t notice a change). Will take time, exspecially for debugging, as well.

Not even going for a guessed ETA, just telling you, it WILL take some.
Even if I hold back and do not strive for content-adding :O

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247 Responses to Some first peak at the 1.0 code…

  1. fael13 says:

    Ok dude. Just take your time.
    If you need help shooting down the impatient people gimme a call.

  2. Ninetailed says:

    Just give us yearly status updates and I’m sure it’ll all be fine. 🙂

  3. Octave says:

    “Not even going for a guessed ETA” – extremly bad worlds.

    • Alblaka says:

      Much better then stating an ETA and not being capable to fit the actual release in. The porting is crossing with my SWProject, thus i can’t tell what will happen :O

      • Bluehorazon says:

        You should just say “It’s done when it’s done.” But I hope porting does not take as much time as developing Duke Nukem Forever *g*

        • Octave says:

          “It’s done when it’s done.” – totally and extremely full of hate words + piss off.

        • Alblaka says:

          Lol, noone, not even Notch, could beat that developing history.

          • Octave says:

            I like “new” Alblaka, it’s so polite since 1.337 version 8D

          • Max says:

            I disagree, the time between Starcraft 1 and 2 was more, and they didn’t even include all the new shit.

            I think that takes the cake….

          • Alblaka says:

            Uhm.. Starcraft ONE was released 1998.
            1998 -> 2010 = 12 years (and actually Starcraft 2 was announced 2007 thus, had a dev-time of 3 years)
            Duke Nukem Forever’s official developement time is 14 years. ~some more if you count “from it’s prequel”

            However you point and turn it, Duke Nukem Forever took quite much longer then Starcraft’s developement.

          • Max reloaded says:

            Ummm, Duke Nukem had more to update, put in more new features, and your able to interact with almost everything. Starcraft 1 only has a few new stuff and some remodled stuff that some of which could have been done in the Starcraft 1 editor. The Thor was actually a canceled idea in SC1 that was heavily burried.

            Duke Nukem Forever had a much better progress/time ratio.

            They are both still good games Though…..

          • Stuart says:

            (not sure if the nesting will show this comment in the right place, so this is at ‘max reloaded’)

            The biggest problem with duke nukem forever is that it took so damn long that they had to keep changing the game engine because it would have looked way too crappy for the release date. A few engines later and the project went belly-up. On the other hand, while starcraft 2 looks functionally no different than starcraft 1, the engine itself is completely different; starcraft 1 is a 2d 3/4 view top-down RTS. Starcraft 2 is fully 3d and you can zoom into right down to the unit. Just because it appears functionally the same to a layperson doesn’t mean that blizzard slacked off in the slightest; Starcraft 2 is essentially a new game.

          • Max reloaded says:

            Yeah, but Starcraft 2 could have been much better. Especially the map creator, which I feel is even more cryptic then Starcraft one’s. The gameplay is better though….

            What’s sad is the Roleplays were better in Starcraft 1…….

  4. Jmad says:

    Redpower 2.0 pre release 4 is out! HAYO!

    • Scors says:

      Imagine this and moving frames(later release)… (Think tunneler of ultimate destiny!!!)

      YES!!! 😀

  5. AJ says:

    As I said before, I’m perfectly willing to wait at least 2 weeks so that IC2 doesn’t ruin my finals grades! Take your time Alblaka! XD

  6. Ziggety says:

    My Beta 1.8.1 keeps runnin’ along happily :). Updating to 1.0 will happen when it happens. Thumbs up for all the hard work you do!

  7. billybobii says:

    havent played minecraft since 1.0 came out, reason being, i wiped my hardrive on my computer the day it came out, went to go download a 1.8.1 server, and it was 1.0.0….lol so i didnt have ic2 or bc on my server….therefore…minecraft is worthless, and boring as all hell. not worth playing the original game, NEED IC2, but def take as long as you need ablaka, better to have a good port than a glitchy unuseable version of ic2 that comes out sooner 😛

    • AnnaMayBelle says:

      There are 100% legal “downgrade” programs out there. Some people like to stir up crap about them because they don’t understand how they work, but they don’t include any jar files, or any data from Minecraft itself… They instead know what data to remove or alter to turn your existing jar file into a previous version. Soooo, you can turn your 1.0 into a 1.8.1, and resume your enjoyment of IC2. ^^

  8. Rascal754 says:

    Thanks for the news now you might get some lease and quiet from those that were spamming about a 1.0 update

  9. Fallen_dead says:

    Please don’t feel like your rushed.
    you get busy just like anyone else, please ignore all the people that talk bad or pester you.
    you have created a great mod and im confident that you will not disappoint (No pressure).

    • Remuthra says:

      yeah, at this point, we as a community trust your decisions, take as much time as you need, as long as its done right, we’ll be happy.

  10. ViPeR says:

    Since all other mature mods (RC, EE, RP2, BC2/3) already have been ported, this are realy bad news.
    The problem: Some mods i use on my server do not release additional 1.8.1 updates.

    Please do not add new content into the ported version, to save some time.
    1337 is realy nice and it will be real fun to use it together with the new stuff of all the other mods.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. EnglishMan says:

    Indeed its very bad news!!! But i m so used to those long delays in IC2. Always late from other big forge mods.

  12. Corbald says:

    Indeed, take your time and focus on porting and not content. We have everything we really need as it is! Anything more is just frosting on an already decadent cake.

  13. Monoxide says:

    Personally, I think you should forgo new features, unless you’re planning on keeping it at 1.8.1 for now :p
    I’m sure you know very well how badly adding new code can go while porting 😀

  14. Michael says:

    That’s the right move.

    The only way I’d want to see it go faster is if it were incremental; core features first, easy to port things next, and hard stuff like armor last in sub-revisions.

    Actually there is one thing I /would/ like to see… Working with Eloraam and Forge to expand ore-dict in to also allocating blockIDs and assigning unique ores to damage codes; all of the ores from that mod live under a single block ID with different damage values; and there’s more than enough room to share.

  15. Maximized says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to wait for an official mod-API to be released? Otherwise, you’ll be doing double work. That is, if the official mod-API is good enough to substitute existing API’s written by the modding community (MCForge, for example). On the other hand, I’d probably want to keep working with API’s created by the modding community, since EVERYONE is working with those since the day people started modding.

    Minecraft should have had some kind of API from the moment it reached beta. It’s absurd from my point of view to call MC 1.0 a “released product”, with the amount of bugs and half-done features (completely passive NPC’s, absolutely no modding API whatsoever, weird overpowered enchantments that don’t make any sense, etc) the game has.

    • Rgamer says:

      The API isn’t coming out until March. That’s why he isn’t waiting for it.

    • Alblaka says:

      You DID read the part of the official API stating it won’t be done until March?

    • rascal754 says:

      the only reason that minecraft was “officially” released was so that mojang could charge more money for it. Technically we are still in a testing phase with update coming out every so often.

      • Max says:

        I thought it was because we ran out of operational data and because they finished making the terrain generator.

      • Alblaka says:

        Nice theory, didn’t think about this aspect yet 😛

      • Michael says:

        In the world of modern software the ‘release’ version is just the state it is when you hit the marketing deadline. There are always patches of somekind due to the rushed production and changing environment.

    • bbqroast says:

      You do realize even if they ever release it, it probably wont even have the power of Mod Loader, not to mention MC Forge.

  16. Bluehorazon says:

    Just a question i guess you are expecting:

    How about enchanting? Have you thought about Enchanted Mining Drills or something like that?

    Another thing i noticed is that vanilla 1.0 has way more fps then vanilla 1.8.1. So I hope IC2 will benefit from 1.0 too.

    • Alblaka says:

      I’ve recommended Eloraam to add a un-enchantable hook for items into MCForge. All items of IC² will be, by default unrepairable and unenchantable.

      • Corbald says:

        That’s the way to go. I really can’t see a good reason to need to repair an item which can’t take damage anyway! I can see wanting to have Silk Touch or Fortune on a mining drill, but not at the cost of delayed porting! I already can get more Redstone Ore blocks than I need with a plain old Diamond Pick. What’s more, our various mining drills and BC Quarries already bring in more materials than Fortune (On a default tool) can manage!

      • Misticblade7 says:

        Why not the Bronze tools/armor?

  17. Nerox says:

    When reading the title, the first sentence I thought of was similar to
    “I seriously HATE Mojang for them yet again publishing their crappy-ass-coded, unneeded RPG shit they’re all up to.”
    But hey, it wasn’t, so for me it means, that their code isn’t like… totally f-ed up, or is it?
    (I read that blog post where you talked about their code getting worse and worse, so, with the “final” update, and “official launch”, I kinda want to know if they got themself up to work on it.)

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, they added unlimited NBT-Tags to itemstacks (which is good), but messed up the algorythm to split itemstachs with NBT-Tags (which sucks), the whole array of names changed yet again (but that’s due to MCP, not Mojangs issue) and i still dislike Enchantments/repairs.
      So far i’ve no points to complain about within the code itself, though. And i actually hope it will stay with that.

      • Rgamer says:


        • Alblaka says:

          Some mechanism to store as many values as you like, linked to a specifc object.

          • bbqroast says:

            I agree, the RPG stuff is a waste of time…
            NPC Villages: Actually quite cool assuming they just wander around minding their own business.
            Abandoned Shafts: Hmm, kind of neutral does add a good challenge.
            Potions, Enchantment & The End: Complete waste of time, novelty has worn off revealing a complete change of Minecraft philosophy away from what we love!

  18. Grisspy says:

    First: I love this mod so much! You are wonderful!
    After you finish porting and start adding new features I have an idea that could go well with the plant expansion: IC² Pharmaceuticals. Basically potions but with more machines and hayo!

    Beyond improving duration and/or effectiveness of existing effects there are plenty of unused effects that you could use/add/modify. Anti-venom, painkillers, steroids, anti-radiation. Some pills/injections could come with multiple effects! E.G. Steroids could cause haste, strength, and speed for a balanced time with a suitable downside like the opposite effects after the initial effects run out.

    IC² Pharmaceuticals could tie in nicely with your new plants by making them the source of these new found wonder drugs. As you improve said plants attributes it increases their potency, duration, etc.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with school; we can wait.

  19. Max says:

    Right, so ETA is estimated to be like, a week?

    Even a rough estimate would be appreciated.

    • Bluehorazon says:

      You might get IC2 for 1.0 in 2011

      • rascal754 says:

        which will be sooner than bukkit

        • 1n5aN1aC says:

          lol. bukkit has bad a 1.0 for a week at least.

          Granted, it’s not ‘Recomended,’ But i’ve been running it on my production server, only having to have a daily scheduled restart.

          • rascal754 says:

            ive been running any “unstable build i can get my hands on(so that i can shut up the people on my server from complaining about the server being down) and they are doing a very good job

    • Alblaka says:

      If the rough estimate would be a weak, i would have said “Rough ETA should be around a week”.
      Honestly i’ve got no fucking clue how long it will take, as i’ve got no clue what sorts of bugs and traps are may within the new code, which need to be accounted for.

  20. Brenton says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned before.

    There was talk about weapons and such in PVP and what could be done.

    You have carbon fiber in the game. Make a carbon fiber bow with carbon fiber arrows.

    You go from a wooden bow to a space age bow. Other combinations could be done as well.

    • Max reloaded says:

      Nano Sabre is epic. But we need our lazars.

      Also, is it me or do people ignore half my posts? >:(

      • Alblaka says:

        Probably because you’re spamming half-made answers to every possible comment on the blog?

        • Max reloaded says:

          No, neither of those are true. All of my answers are thought out and I don’t reply to all of them. You reply more then me……

          And its rude and insensitive to ignore people. Not to mention it’s the meaningful complex ones people usually ignore….

          • Alblaka says:

            To me, most of your post looked like spam. The fact the engine listed you as spammer does underline that fact.

            And wth, ofc I answer more then you, i’m the guy the people are communicating with via the blog.

          • Max reloaded says:

            I know, but still, I just happen to like to get my voice out. And I never post something pointless. It’s either a question, a response, or an idea. Unless it’s something important or something I’m reminding people about, iv never posted the Same thing twice.

            The part about you posting more then me was more of a joke to lighten the mood lol

  21. Cadde says:

    Chillax and take your time… It’s not like you HAVE to work on IC2!

    A lot of people appreciate what you do none the less. Love! <3

    • Max reloaded says:

      I’m one of them, iv been trying to keep those bloodthirsty impatienteers back by reminding them they have lives too and that these machines require more coding then they can imagine.

      I bet the Aether, Aether extended, and Mo Creatures combined doesnt even have as much code……

  22. Carne Asada Joe says:

    You still have plenty of time – Teleport Pipes hasn’t been updated yet so even if you updated RIGHT NOW we’d still be waiting.


    • Max reloaded says:

      Uhhhhhhhhh, I thought his reward was the donations and AdFly links…..

      *calls mental hospital to pick Carne up*

      • Cpthorfe says:

        And if you think he’s making much money off donation/adfly I want some of what you’re smokin.

  23. FaultlessName says:

    Lol I’m glad to see it ported, I’ve had to use Better Than Wolves now for 1.0 (Gotta get my mod fix somehow), and I don’t know how much fun I can have while just pissing around with Snowman Making Machines out of block dispensers, or fucking around with elevators. Just hurry! I need ma Dynomite-o-mote!

  24. WisaTheStray says:

    Just throwing in my 2 cents as another of the people who LOVE LOVE LOVE your mod and will wait patiently for the 1.0 update (without the pissing and moaning that I’m seeing farther up the thread. Chrissakes, people, chill out). Thank you so much for the hard work, IC2 is simply amazing.

  25. Covoutex says:

    just to throw it out here… ive been playing/testing the 1.8/1 version of the IC2
    for quite a while now.
    And a few thing ive encountred was…
    1. glitchy, laggy. rubber trees… those huge trees that drop sticks… have crashed the game many times just because of them. (there should have been implemented some kind of option to turn of the massive generated trees)

    2. if a geothermal generator is connected to a batbox… and the batbox is connected further to any kind of electricity using machine… the geothermal generator would turn on and of instantly when the machines are beeing used. ive checked and the batbox is at 100% and never drop because of the power plant ive created…

    3. there are beeing generated and there are double types of copper and tin ores/ingots

    4. watermills are not working properly… you may have to look into the active/unactive stating…

    overall this mod would get 9.5 out of 10 points from me (rated as it is now in 1.8.1)

    good luck with 1.0 and i hope this mod wont die… as it’s pretty popular.

    • Alblaka says:

      Uhm… Seriously.

      1. These are the REDPOWER rubbertrees, not the IC ones. IC ones are normal-sized.
      3. Again, this is the effect of installing RP, as well, though it actually shouldnt generate ores with ic installed.
      4. Please further elaborate your issue.

      2. This is the only valid point. It’s the effect of Geothermals being capable to store lava as fuel and only turn on if energy is ned. Consider using splitter cables and a lever to turn them off if you dislike the flickering.

      • Bluehorazon says:

        There seems to be a problem with Tin and Copper from RP and IC in the RP Prerelease (but i think eloraam noticed that and it is fixed in the 1.0 version).

        But i noticed that at least in version 1.23 o IC2 bronze was missing from the ore-dictionary (well it isn’t an ore, but i guess it should work with it too).

        I actually was surprised that the Macerator was able to make silver dust. RP alone does not have silver dust and IC2 alone does not even has silver (at least i guess it does not have silver). Still you can make silver dust and melt it to silver bars.

        So if i implement mithril ore and add it to the forge will the macerator be able to produce mithril dust?

        • Alblaka says:

          Not unless i code it to do so ;3

          • Bluehorazon says:

            So actually covered the rp2 silver by purpose?

            I like it, but i would not have expected it. I was thinking that maybe the ore is in the dictionary and everything in there get it’s dust, which will be automatically colored like to ore and smelts into bars… but maybe I should have expected that this would be way to cool *g*

          • Alblaka says:

            It was some sort of a “live test of ore dictionary in IC²”. Successfull, as you can see :3

          • DizzyG says:


            I also noticed that silver ore can now be macerated, whereas it previously could not.

            You have just gained massive credibility in my eyes; so much so, in fact, that I actually decided to comment for the first time.

            Based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere, I find it impressive that you are big enough to include elements from other mods into yours, and that in spite of any misgivings you may have toward that other modder’s intentions. It is rare to see such graciousness.

            Carry on, good sir. I eagerly await playing with your creations in 1.0.0!

          • Bluehorazon says:

            Actually there was no big problem between him and eloraam IC2/RP and BC are 3 mods that are strongly tied together and it almost seems normal to adjust machines to work with BC/RP-Tubes etc.

            So actually if the ore-dictionary provides the option for easy macerating different ores why not use it. At least i guess the forge is also meant to bring different mods together so actually partizipating with a mod in the forge does a large part.

            Also Eloraam statet that she would like something for the energy too:

            “I do plan to add power conversion to and from blutricity with a special transformer and a blulectric engine.”

            Meaning RP -> BC and RP -> IC2 power, which is nice, because the mods are so often used together (even if they share some features).

            I like Alblaka already said that he likes to try out the frames of RP2 she said something similar:

            “I normally play all 3 mods together. I don’t see this changing. And I’m not going to go out of my way to make either of them less fun.”


            So if you just speak to each other and talk to them about the other mods they are all quiet in line. No one wants to add things another mod already has, so one of both will be useless, but if you have a design in mind (like RP and IC both adding CPUs), why forfeit it? And if the modders put their heads together and discuss thinks you may also get benefits out of it.

        • AndreyKl says:

          Id there a way to have same paints for both IC and RP?
          Is that possible to add something like painting functions into Forge, so painters from IC will work for both IC and RP?

          • VoraciousPuma says:

            Eloraam said no, because the paints have code attached to them, they aren’t just items like ore.

          • AndreyKl says:

            Still do believe that it should be possible since it has nothing to do with blocks.

            Some kind of IPaintable interface for blocks and abstract/virtual class Painter.
            So wire or orther block as a sucsessor of IPaintable will have to implement functions to set different colors and coloring tools (extended Painter) will already have all functions to set colors after checking is the target IPaintable or not.

      • DizzyG says:

        And that is also how I think it should be.

        But, as recent events have shown, there does seem to be a fair amount of competition in the Forge despite the declared collaboration (and I’m not consciously trying to stir up anything here), as is even apparent in a few comments on this very post.

        That said, I think we agree that these great mods go well together, expanding the creative possibilities and–in the end–the fun. Thanks for replying, Bluehorazon. 🙂

        Now, to go off-topic (but not completely), if someone would create some aesthetic wind- and watermills with moving parts–BTW (see what I did there?), that someone would also get extra points for integrating them into IC2 and the rest, like the Dynamo mod did–I’d not only be content, I’d be a happy camper indeed. 😉

        • Alblaka says:

          Happy campers are good, they aren’t dancing at people smelling funny.

          • Max reloaded says:

            Happy campers don’t constantly annoy us….you….to update, but all of us here, if we ever had a realtime conversation, would probably be the most efficient mod dev. And debugging team, as we all have ideas that would help and we are just that kick ass.

            Now, give one big HAYO!!!!!

  26. OutOfBound says:

    Need any help porting?

    I’ve looked into the code and wrote some scripts to convert stuff, but I’m not really going through the hassle to deobfuscate IC2 myself. 😉 I’ve helped on Forge and Buildcraft, so I know my way around. 😉 Mail me, if you need any help, and maybe I can adapt some of my scripts for BC and MCForge to make it easier in the future.

  27. DancingShadow says:

    Sadly, IC2 will be down for me until it updates to 1.0.0, not hating, just have updates in other mods that I’d like to use.
    So in that spirit I think it would be nice if you could focus on updating IC rather than new features, because I think that situation is going to get more and more severe as other mods (RP2, Buildcraft) get more advanced.

    • Bluehorazon says:

      I use the time to blow up my whole 1.8.1 world with nukes *g*
      (well i saved it, but i want to start a new world with 1.0 either).

      So I actually have all the mods I like in 1.8.1 and I move on to 1.0 if all the mods are updated. Buildcraft, IC2, RP and Forestry are the main mods i use and actually i have no problem with IC2 being the last one to be updated, because even the forge has some minor problems which will get a fix soon, so no need to hurry with IC2 if this means the release will be mainly bugfree.

      • Gaxx says:

        i’m using the time to experiment a little with IC2 stuff, mainly new energy sources since solar panels are kinda expensive again (my beautiful completly closed solarpanel roof 🙁 )
        while i’m at it, what exactly should water mills be used for? i know they’re very cheap but when set up you need a gigantic tower down to bedrock for them to be somewhere near effective, even when placing space efficient rather than max-output.
        or is this intended since it’s the only regenerative generator that can be hidden?

        • Max reloaded says:

          The new luminators seem to hold power within themselves for some time, so I think 1 solar panel could power it for night and day……

          Also, my last airship for some reason bugged out, maybe because of all the ic2 stuff…..

          Any ideas?

        • Alblaka says:

          WaterMills are the last energy form that needs to be reworked. Can’t tell how we’ll do it though.

          • Gaxx says:

            in my eyes it’s not a problem that they’re not efficient enough when fully surrounded by water but the space this water basin itself needs is to much, it’s just not space efficient (the main reason people prefer solarpanels: very space efficient).
            maybe changing the design so that the “wheels” are only at two sides and limiting the water input to those sides would do the trick. i think when you change it so that flowing water next to those sides produces the same output it does now with a perfekt surrounded waterpool it would be much more useful.
            at least i think it’s obvious that it needs way to much surrounding water for such a small output.

          • Michael says:

            If you’re doing that, make them produce power like a real hydro dam would be interesting. Count the number of hydro blocks on each side (to the side and above, up to a limit) A high differential between the two produces power.

          • Alblaka says:

            Sounds like a neat idea.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            Maybe make a difference between flowing and stationary water. I guess water with some momentum should give you more energy and you could build interesting water-plants.

            But well i can live mit them. Although Greenpeace would hate me for filling most oceans with water-gens^^

          • Alblaka says:

            Guess they woul prefer that above burning trees, sapping lava from the earth core or nuclear power with no waste disposal.

          • deus says:

            What you want is to make a check for depth, how many blocks of water is above you and that represents the amount of pressure that results in more energy for the flowing water that rushes into a turbine.

            Actually…you could make the turbine do a sorta…L check.

            Imagine building a damn…and you make a hole in the damn and place the turbine/generator in that intake.

            So the generator first checks the the depth (but avoids the damn structure itself hence the L check) then it checks infront of itself to see if there is air, or flowing water straight ahead.

            And thus it knows it is located in an output flow which is suppose to represent a body of rushing water.

        • Gaxx says:

          replying to my own post…..
          i played a little with the wind mills and they’re better than i first thought but when i connect several windmills (16 now at the roof of the world) along a cable with a MFSU connected in the middle of the cable i get strange readings with the EU-reader from the cable, variing between -500 to 500. could it be that the EU doesn’t know were to go and is bouncing around in my cable?^^ + it’s strange that my copper cable can hold that without melting.
          and i know, i’m going off topic a lot.

          • Alblaka says:

            EU Reader has issues with measuring randomly-generated currents and will display them incorrectly.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            Another Question hear, the range in which windmills check for blocks is quite large. And not quite realistic.

            I think the windmills output should be more based on layer the windmill is on and maybe +/-2. Due to way wind interacts with objects a more cone-shaped area seems better. This would also mean that the cable does not interfere with the windmill.

            So just take a windmill on layer 80. The 8 Blocks directly next to it, which are also on layer 80 will affect the windmill. The next ring, one block away from the windmill does effect it from layer 79 to 81 and so on. I guess it is too much if a block next to windmill generates more problems then one 6 blocks away, because you don’t want to use a calculater everytime you place a windmill. But the large cubic area seems a bit to extrem.

          • Alblaka says:

            Not sure whether you’re aware of the current windmill mechanics, given it appears you assume that windmills exclusively count blocks.

          • Gaxx says:

            would be more realisitc but i think it’s good as it is. if you’re not building a sky-base it’s not a problem to place them at roof of the world. i get some decent readings by now and 16windmills placed in a line next to each other connected with a single long cable directly below them produce between 26-30EU. since i use copper cables the energy loss is around 2-3EU, which means 16wind mills not placed optimal are still nearly twice as efficient as solar panels + much cheaper. the main problem would be how to get those EU down to your base.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            Cubic isn’t the real word, i know, but the windmill also looks directly above itself and directly beneath. So it is 4 blocks above, 4 blocks in every horizontal direction and 2 block beneath. And everything inside (making it like a cube, i’m aware that it is a 9x9x7 size while a cube should be 9x9x9).

            My suggestion is to let it stay the same without counting blocks in a cone above and beneath the windmill.

            Original from the side is
            (x is spaces influencing the windmill, o is the windmill)

            shoud be:


            So you could place windmills under a bridge and on towers without losses. Wind normally goes horizontally so blocks above shouldn’t influence the performance of a windmill much. But again it is just a suggestion.

            I would not change the influence of the high of the windmill because it makes sense that a windmill near bedrock is useless.

  28. Max reloaded says:

    Right, so…..again, could we put wiring inside of reinforced stone so we can light luminators without showing ugly cables? That’s all I’m asking other then to do things carefully. We want a good job, not a rushed one….

    • Bluehorazon says:

      I would like the RP2-Covers to be used with cables/bc-pipes. I really must admit that i don’t even have tried it with cables but it does not work with bc-pipes.

      • Michael says:

        Read elsewhere; someone already copy-pasted eloraam’s answer as to why such things would never work. (TLDR = would make RP2-core a required base library AND require that custom renderer for it to even think of working.)

      • Alblaka says:

        Ther was a link in this regard floating around… Simply spoken, it’s plainly impossible.

        • Bluehorazon says:

          That’s sad. I hoped that it would be possible to make the cables like rp2 tubes (i think they could be covered). It would really be a big improvement but on the other hand, factories are meant to be ugly *g* (and there are ways to hide the cables even if it sometimes is a pain to do so).

        • MechaCrash says:

          I understand why you don’t want to make the ability for covers to go over wires part of the base mod, but is there any chance of an optional add-on that adds that functionality?

          • Alblaka says:

            No, you didn’t get me:
            It’s not possible.
            Unless Eloraam provides me full access to her SourceCode. Which she won’t, based on the fact her code is used in a commercial project of hers, as well.

          • Max reloaded says:

            Which is why I suggested the great idea of changing the sprite to have a thin layer of panneling behind the wall luminators sprite. It doesn’t require looking into Eloraam’s code, and it won’t take up another ID….

          • Bluehorazon says:

            The only possibility would be that eloraam provides an addon for IC2 which changes the cables to work (or adds hideable versions for the cables, but i do not expect her to this at least not in the near future). On the other hand this would mean, that eloraam knows how IC2 cables work^^ but i guess this is easier.

            So don’t get me wrong, I do not want to push this, but i still hope that somehow and someday there is a possibility to hide cables. BTW also has some kind of covers but i do not even know if they have worked on RP cables.

            Actually this is the one thing i really like about RP2. And hope dies last, so just let me hope even if you know it better^^. Actually i just placed the covers on the cable so they are not in the same block but it does not take as much space as a whole block does and isn’t as ugly.

          • MechaCrash says:

            Oh. I thought it was a case of you not wanting to make your mod require hers, not that it was a case of needing things you don’t have.

            Ah, well. If it can’t happen, it can’t happen. 🙁

    • Michael says:

      Currently there are 4 types of insulated cable (uninsulated wouldn’t go in stone would it?) for simplicty’s sake we’ll say that the stone acts like an extra layer of insulation since that’s the effect it would really have.

      Let’s see, guessing existing cable IDs, ignoring paintable values: 5 bare wire types (glass being both bare and insulated, but ‘0’ insulated), 3 single insulated, 2 double insulated, 1 ‘quad’ insulated (tripple). That’s 11 IDs right there, just enough left-over for plain spray-foam coated wires.

      • Max reloaded says:

        Well, the reinforced stone would really be like super insulation, as it’s stone tech and doesn’t transmit electricity, and blocks better then rubber i think.

        Hmm, I used to only put luminators in ceilings and floors until they got the awesome wall look. But the wall look is hard to power without ugliness without something like this…

      • Alblaka says:

        Counting the 2 new EU-R cables, we’re on 13 IDs.
        Ntm this sort of implementation would merely display the cable as stone. It would still be transparent (light-wise) and contain some other issues related to transparent-full-blocks.

        • Michael says:

          Unless you wanted to reserve a future ID I’d recommend assigning the remaining 3 ids like this:

          * CF-copper = highly insulated copper wire (cheep cable)
          * CF-glass-fibre = (distance at cost, but not max power)
          * CF-HV = (maximum power transmission at all costs)

          I argue that CF probably correlates to a ‘rubber’ factor of 4-5; but at least 3. Copper should probably go at least 7 blocks without loss.

          I really like the idea of putting lighting on ‘walls’ that I already need for various reasons; though the little lights would probably be nicer than the giant ones.

          • Alblaka says:

            If i go for “CFing cables”, there will be another ID used. AS mentioned, too many bugs relate to ID-attributes otherwise.

          • Max reloaded says:

            Wait, what if we just game the wall luminators some sort of back, like a reinforced stone panes the wall light is on that’s really really flat? It hides the cable and will only require a slight sprite change (As I doubt anyone will care if light is seeping back through the cable due to the whole transparent issue)

          • Max reloaded says:

            *gave*. Damn auto correct fails

          • Max reloaded says:

            Note: this also means it wouldn’t require a new block ID

    • FarFarAway says:

      Just thicken up you walls. All my houses and factories have 3 – 4 layered wall.
      1 nice for the outside, one explosion proof, one for cables running ALL AROUND the house, and one nice wall to look at, at the inside…

      Problem fixed, Sir!

      • Max reloaded says:

        No it isn’t! That didn’t even adress the problem! The problem is cable showing for the wall luminators that show the cables behind them! This solves nothing!

      • Bluehorazon says:

        It does fix the problem but, i feel somehow strange if i walk into a large factory ending up in a small room, because i lose most space to walls *g*

        My sorter actually isn’t even hidden, because sometimes you need access to the machines.

        • Max reloaded says:

          No it doesn’t. How does that fix the cables showing behind wall luminators? Please explain this in detail….

          • Bluehorazon says:

            That’s not the problem. If i can’t hide the cables themself why should i hide the luminator? And really i’m working in some kind of research centers, they don’t bother hiding cables, or pipes or whatever (although their cables aren’t that blocky).

            It maybe that germans are more practically if it comes to constructing things but i guess nobody cares about hiding cables in a factory, they got insulated and taped or fixed somehow on the wall.

            Most of my good-looking buildings aren’t that industrial so i can use glowstone (which looks really nice in some texture-packs) and torches and hide the cables behind walls. I like my cables under the roof at which the luminators are placed it really looks familar and i can life with that.

            A covered luminator would still have the problem that it’s cover won’t blend in to the wall. Because it mostly won’t match it. I often build factories out of different materials so how should the cover look like?

            The thing with RP covers is, that they can look like every block. They have some issues with lighting (which are based on crappy lighting in MC itself) but they work. But alblaka things his cables could never be covered inside the same block (you could still put the covers on the outside of the cable). But as eloraam herself plays IC2 she might hate being not able to cover the cables herself… well at least this is my hope in this case, although this most likely won’t result in coverable cables *g*

            Btw.: coverable cables won’t fix the luminator problem because if you cover the cable it cannot send current into the direction of the cover, so luminators placed on a cover won’t be powered.

          • Max reloaded says:

            That’s the problem being adressed. Your going off on something WAY off topic….

            The sprite/graphic change thing is a good solution to the problem that is actually being addressed here, which is the cables showing behind wall luminators.

  29. two-words says:

    Open Source == thousands of developers working internationally, contributing to a development cycle that never ends and never uses the term “deadline” only “release”.

    • Max reloaded says:

      I’m confused how this is relevant to anything….

    • 1n5aN1aC says:

      Open Source == The source is available for anyone to see, and to do whatever they want with, not necessarily what you are saying, although this is true of all the big projects.

  30. Minutemanzero says:

    Since the addition of the “shift” function while placing blocks on machines, I started thinking about some other usefull tricks. The main one I would benefit from is being able to right click a generator with it’s fuel source and suplying it that way. So you would not need to open the interface. Probably right clicking while holding down a button( also “shift”, if possible )

    Would do you guys think about this?

    • Max reloaded says:

      I think if your putting in stacks of coal this will take longer….

      • Minutemanzero says:

        I was mainly thinking about (lava) cells. In my case i would be able to use it with my geo thermal genarators.

        • Max reloaded says:

          How do you get the old cells out then?

          • DanielPSP says:

            You don’t need to, atleast in 1,23 the cell it self is used and disappear.
            Have you used BC? The bucket could work the same way, right click with a lavabucket and you will get an empty bucket in your hand.

        • Gaxx says:

          would be to much clicking for a bigger power plant with geo-generators. and it’s more fun to build a distribution system for this so you just have to throw the cells/buckets into a chest and everything works fully automatic.

  31. RoboticLamb says:

    Alblaka, I just wanted to say that you code better than me. The end.

  32. Abuelo says:

    Hey alblaka, maybe I’m such an idiot for saying this but maybe this will give some help with the ID problems?

    • Alblaka says:

      Nothing new. The issue is MC was never intended for more then ‘byte’ blocks.
      Reworking something into something it was never meant to support usually leads to countless bugs and perf issues ^^’

      • Max reloaded says:

        And usually the people who attempt to fix those bugs are under appreciated, cranky, or underpaid. You may be all 3.

        Maybe you should take on an apprentice to help you? And hopefully not one that tries to kill you after his son returns as a Jedi Knight xD

  33. Demork says:

    Cant wait for 1.0 🙂 trying to get everything ready so when it comes out. i have either a 1024 height world or god willing cubic chunks (60000 height) is 1.0 by then.

    60000 layers of blocks to go through is alot of EU… poor little miner is going to be so overworked lol.

    Any chance of getting a txt to change ore spawn layers? =D

    • Karach says:

      That is a very good question from Demork.

      I heard it is easier to change world height since 1.9 pre, so I humbly hoped to create a new world with 256 or 512 height once every mod (mostly IC2 XD) is compatible with 1.0.
      Alblaka, how do you suppose IC2 would behave if height of the world is doubled? Would tin and copper also spawn accordingly or would you have to add some configuration for it, as Demork suggests?
      CubicChunks is an entirely different thing, so lets skip thinking about it for now. 🙂

      • Alblaka says:

        Ores are hardcoded to spawn in layers X respectively.
        Windmills will tend to break if you place them too high, as well.

      • Demork says:

        Well as i understand it(could be and probally wrong lol) , IC2-BC wont work any differently if you just raise the height. Ores will still spawn normally within the original 128. Higher then that , you will only see what the default terrain gen is programed to do.

        Down side tho as of now there is no mod that changes the “mid height” or “Ground height” so in a 1024 world you have 600+ layer heights and dips. For some real funky terrain and laggy chunks.

        Reason i mention cubic chunks is it loads in 16x16x16 chunks lag free, it however is 60000 layers. Which the dev told me you can change the “mid” and “sea” lvl to be higher.

        Trying to get either 1024 with 960 layers of dirt , cobblestone, ect. (for 64 height like normal) reason i perosnally would like a txt if its possible.

      • Michael says:

        If the height is raised the ground won’t go up. Skyscrapers would work well though. Need to use those renewable materials to build higher.

        • Demork says:

          You will see 1024 height spires.

          what i was referring too and said was “there is no mod that raises the >mid< height currently aside from cubic (which i need to test still) i am not interested in higher worlds but deeper ones.

          Fishtaco is working on getting it changed , robinton gave me the lines to change that will indeed raise the ground.

  34. Metalsand says:

    I can’t wait for the 1.0.0 update, I want to play IC2 and Industrial Craft in tandem SO BAD! But both of you never have an updated version on the same MC version! :C

    Ah well, I’ll just play Skyblock survival until you finish. Cheers!

  35. EnglishMan says:

    Alblaka, I am happy to donate u 1 million, if you release IC2 1.0.0 updating in 3 days. Would you able to accept my offer?

    • Alblaka says:

      If i could take you for serious, i would drop everything else and throw out an IC² version whilst ignoring any aspects of study, sleep or eating.
      >>IF<<, that's the problem though :O

      • AndreyKl says:

        I do believe, this were an original way to ask, whether this game will be ready until end of the week or not. And aquared answer is – no.

      • Impassive says:

        Regardless you will be getting a donation from me soon once I get paid because I am a fan of your work, as we all are over at IR XD

  36. nameless says:

    Sorry, my English is not good.
    I have always enjoyed at IC2.
    Represents gratitude.
    Thank you sir!

  37. sadris says:

    How does one join the IC2 development team? I’m itching for a project to work on these days…

  38. Aulia Harvestmoon says:

    Sorry for my crappy english. Really is not my main languange (but I try!!)

    Firt of all: GRATZZZ!!! Its an amazing modd!! Till the time I found IC, I never thought that the game could ever be more interesting than a kind of Crusoe experience. A game about a nearly-iron-age world, without more things than that, it would be nice, some funny, but not more. But when I found it… Gods!! Solar energy, machines, tools, portable bat-packs… Now I cant play without your modd. Actually, also without BC (and soon RP).

    Second: I have been the las time testing another modds, and as a comment, I found the “Minecraft Factory Reloaded”, from “Power Crystals” (a modder).
    He designed planters, harvesters, gathering machines, and also fertilizers. They work wonderful with BC (I made a food factory in 1.0.0… But im lacking from your machines!! :< ).
    But the mos noticeable is that the modd already haves an Electric Converter (or so. I dont remember the name) that makes the comversion from the BC power to IC power, and back. I dont know (u have not tested it yet) if it does with RP too or not, but if not, he can modd that way too.
    Yesterday, he made an update just for my ask about a compatibility with the ClothCrafter modd (that adds cotton plants), so I guess he will have no trouble with this.

    Apart of that, just keep doing the same excellent work, and take your time!! You are doing a big, necesary, and incredible job!! 😛

    • Bluehorazon says:

      Power Crystals PowerConverters aren’t part of MineFactory reloaded, but a seperate mod. If you like Plant-Factories you should really try out Forestry from SirSengir. He actually puts some life into BC and IC2 with automated treefarming, wheat-growth etc. Using Power Crystals converters, you could power all Forestry-Machines with IC2-Generators.

      • mithos says:

        I’m not really a fan of MineFactory (too much gain with no cost at all), but power converters makes it easy to power a BC quary with your main power in IC2, or to store BC energy in MFSU when not actually using it to avoid explosions.

        Forestry lacks the tree-tap ability to be of any real use apart from wood, as all other machines cost way too much (resources + energy) to be usefull. but that’s a nice begining for an extension I guess.

        Now we only need to wait for IC2 on Minecraft 1 and BC 3 becoming the sole version so that we can have the addons converting to it too.

        Anyway, can’t play without mods now I’ve tried all those, so back to my 1.8.1 world to design my automated factories for most usages and my automated storage

        • Gaxx says:

          automatic tree farming and planting is a very neat thing for IC2. the last patchnotes said the recycler can now recycle anything, which means you can produce sticks on mass to get scrap for your mass fab.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            I already have dirt for that purpose *g*

            The machines in Forestry aren’t that expensive. 4 diamonds for a logger is a joke. And the energy-problem is easy solved in IC2, just use a solar-flower and the machine works all day. Thats the good thing about the PowerConverters. You could also link masses of redstone engines together.

          • Gaxx says:

            na if you’re really using your mass fab e.g. when crafting your quantum armor farming dirt simply isn’t effective enough while on the other side you obtain 8sticks from 1wood, which fills your inventory extremly fast. this + wood is a regenerative recource while farming dirt/stone leaves you with gigantic craters.
            i’m also throwing leftovers into my recycler but that’s more like a convenient litterbin than farming.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            I used 3x3x3 Nukes to blow a rather big hole into my ocean and collected almost everything the explosion dropped. Believe me I do have dirt^^.

            I also have tons of sand, and 3 RP-powered cobblestone-generators (at least if i turn them on), so I do not need sticks. But it is good to know that you can feed most of the things back into the recycler, because scrapboxes do not produce that much usefull things *g*

  39. Beer says:

    This just needs to be said…

    I’m presently playing the Yogs Technic Pack for 1.0 which has, well, stuff that doesn’t include Ic2. I convinced myself that with all the upgrades to RedPower it would compliment Buildcraft nicely. I’m a pretty convincing person. I normally go through the process of installing mods seperately instead of using a premade pack, but I felt lazy and didn’t want to mess with getting forge, modloader, etc. Really, I just felt lazy.

    But it isn’t IC2. Your mod is so well done that I simply feel like I’m just puttering around until it’s released. I can see how RedPower is taking an overall aspect of industrialization ranging from utilizing redstone, electricity and transport pipes to encompass a nice well rounded mod. But it lacks organization and flow. Buildcraft is pretty straight forward. Industrialcraft is all sorts of crazy complex but the wiki is a godsend and really makes it easy to wrap your head around.

    So yeah. Well done. I look forward to the 1.0 release and dumping RP2 when that occurs.


    • htothe2oh says:

      I’m with you. Apart from lamps and logic gates, RP2 doesn’t add anything that I don’t get from IC… maybe when eloraam updates.

    • Bluehorazon says:

      RP2 or Buildcraft are in no way replacing IC2.

      The tubes in RP2 are in some situations better then the BC-Tubes and it is easy to use them both together. But BC still has unique liquid-pipes.

      Actually I use RP mainly for the redstone changes, but since the later updates I also used some other features. You could automate Scrapbox-Opening with RP easily and RP tubes split material equally when you have more then one direction (which is one of the biggest flaws of the BC pipe-system).

      But most people including eloraam (and i guess alblaka too) use all 3 mods together which means you have the tools for every possible situation.

      • Beer says:

        The only reason I really want RedPower is to actually build redstone wires. Well that and the lamps. But since the luminators are making a comeback, that’s one thing less I need from RP.

        My fear though, is that Eloraam is going to incorporate so much in RP, that I’m going to have to sacrifice the luxury of having organized redstone wire in order to have buildcraft pipes or the awesomeness of electricity via industrialcraft.

        • Bluehorazon says:

          It does not matter how much eloraam implements Forge will keep the mods combatible.

          So could always use RP additionally to BC and IC2. Actually IC2 and RP do not have that much in common and if she really implements converters you could easily power her machines with IC2-Generators which have a much large arsenal.

          Even if all 3 Mods would feature exactly the same you could still install all three and pick the best out of every mod. With the latest updates and the forge all three mods tend to grow together even more and there already is a lot of clue out there holding them together (like forestry or the powerconverters).

          So actually RP is kind of an outsider next to IC2 and BC, but Forestry actually starts featuring RP and Equivalent Exchange also which really means that most people out there just feel that these 3 mods belong together, even if the modders have quite different ideas.

          I think eloraam uses Minecraft as some kind of playground to test things she want to use in her own project, which is legit exspecially as RP really is a great mod. But this means her intentions are totally different.

          • Beer says:

            Oh nice. I was using RP and IC when they weren’t and it was a huge turnoff. I had two copper veins going on in addition to some other things I really didn’t care for. The RP rubber trees were really throwing me off (was the first time I used RP & IC) and I ultimately just ditched RP and stuck with IC and BC. Man that’s a lot of 2 letter abbreviations.

            Anyway, I’m happy that all the copper/tin/whatever has been merged to work together.

            I also like using Equiv Exchange to utilize the sheer amount of cobble I collect when digging and automating it with BC.

            But yeah, good to know they merged the ores.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            Actually the two different types of copper and tin is something that really is strange. There shouldn’t be two types of tin and copper, but unfortunatly there are^^ (they also both have there own dust etc.)

            But the good thing is you can use both coppers and tins (works like industrial diamond, all must be the same in one recipe).

            The rubber-trees are a different story. Eloraam tries to change them to a more performance-friendly thing.

            Actually she also said that she would like to hook the lighting engine, after some tests how this might influence performance and she is pretty sure being able to actually fix some flaws of the MC lighting.

            The two coppers and tins might be fixed in the next version, I really do not know if it is a RP or IC2 issue, but actually I can live with them, as long as I can interchange them in recipes.

            Actually I use BC/IC2/RP2/Forestry/EE and some minor Mods like PowerConverters, Additional Pipes and CraftGuide. I do not really have problems with the rubber-trees (I like to builds houses in them or blow them up with nukes^^) and I like the lamps from RP2 and also some of the machines. I also use EE to create something usefull out of my cobblestone.

            The primary use of RP2 still is redstone-wiring, but i thought i might give the machines a try and i really like some of them. They are totally different to IC2 Machines and are more usefull for managing your ressource-transport.

            Actually I’m waiting for her to implement frames and the redbus, so that I can open the frame-based maindoor of my factory by writing some lines in my control room *g*
            (Actually i already have a control-room with endless switches and a selfdestruct (some nukes unter the factory… no idea why I did that^^). But i don’t even know what some of the switches do. So some kind of computer would be good (or levers with automatic description, I’m just too lazy to place signs).

            So I just watch how the mods develop and actually I like all three (and some others too) of the Tech-Mods. And as they work together quite well I have no reason to drop one of them, even if they share some features.

      • Calthion says:

        Question, I plan on using IC2, BC, and RP all in tandem, but I had heard there were some compatibility issues with the tin and copper generated from the new RP world edit with IC2. Is that true? My plan was to fully install IC2 and BC and then just use the redstone from RP, however I thought of the Forestry mod for BC.

        It adds Tin and Copper unless IC2 is installed, and then just uses the IC2 tine and copper. Is there a compatibility like that with IC2 and RP or no?

        Thanks, and I eagerly await the update ^^

        • Alblaka says:

          RP and IC use MCForge to merge both ores. It’s compatible.

          • Calthion says:

            Does that include the rubber trees? I had forgotten to include that in my previous post.

          • Alblaka says:

            Afaik someone said you can use the drop of RP rubbertrees in Extractors to gain rubber. Never tried this or got a secured confirmation, though.

          • Jake says:

            Yes that includes rubber trees. Eloraams Rubber trees, have about 5-8 stacks of rubber wood. So that will get you about 5-8 stacks of rubber.

            I wish the advanced machines turned Eloramms rubber wood into rubber.

          • Calthion says:

            Ok, thank you. I’ll probably end up holding off on that side of RP anyway. I’m pretty sure it’s only relevant for the Bluetricity side of things which I’m not interested in anyway.

            Thank you for your prompt responses and keep up the great work. IC2 add a lot of additional depth to Minecraft, increasing it’s play value.

  40. htothe2oh says:

    I’m confused. As far as I can tell, there is a version of IC2 for 1.0 (SSP only) on the IC forum, but the comments by Alblaka tell a different story. Also, I downloaded the ssp, and I think the install directions on the post are a little off, seeing as there is no minecraft folder in the .zip, there is no minecraft-server folder in the .zip, and it doesn’t explain what to do with every other file. When I put things in the jar, mod folder etc, I just get crashes. Is this not a working version?

  41. htothe2oh says:

    also, it was released on the 6th, the same day alblaka made the OP here

  42. Jake says:

    With all the time you spent replying to people on here, and on the forums, you could have easily been working on a 1.0.0 port.

    • htothe2oh says:

      while posting that totally unnecessary and rude comment, you could have been easily been building your own version of IC2, but seeing as you aren’t willing to spend countless hours working on it, and don’t like the idea of having people like yourself saying stupid things like you just did, let alblaka use his spare time however he wants

    • Alblaka says:

      That’s what you think :3

      • Jake says:

        Thanks, for not replying to me in a rude manner like those other 2.

        What I said was not rude, and for the people that said I was rude, then you must be really sensitive for that to offend you.

        I was just making a quick assumption.

    • Beer says:

      I like how you think the words ‘easy’ and ‘1.0 port’ belong in the same sentence. Just because it’s easy to be a douche, doesn’t mean it’s easy to port over a complex mod to a version where a number of things in the core game changed, thus making it so you have to make a number of tweaks and redesigns just to get the thing to run. This is to say nothing about any potential new content and resulting bugs from the port that need to be found and squashed.

      But then again, your reply was as simple as it was insulting. So.. I guess welcome to Mcdonalds, how may we help you?

    • TH3ATOMICMAN says:

      man following tha replies on all the negatives comments must be a headache

      Alblaka, it is with my server ignorance and unwillingness to understand others that i wonder why you don’t have a ban button for your blog. That would be just awesome to see,……. tha thought of mass bans makes me drool a little.

      Anyway that’s my rant, feel free to comment in any negative way that you feel is appropriate.
      p.s i think this jake should be tha first to feel your almighty wrath “OH GREET GOD OF THE MINECRAFT MACHINES”


  43. Kboy21 says:

    I can’t wait to see the awesomeness of IC2 on MC 1.0 Keep up the good work good Sir :D.

  44. Tempelchat says:

    Since yesterday IC2 is the last mod that needs to be updated until I can switch to mc 1.0.0. I’m waiting patient for the update.
    Take your time and make it “bugfree” (means playable :))

    PS: You and your team are awesome!
    PPS: Hab mir letztens die ersten beiden Geschichten von Lalec durchgelesen. Bist du zufällig ein Multitalent? 😀

  45. Awesomejunkie says:

    Hello, Alblaka.
    Why dont u add other advanced machines (macerator, compressor, etc) which atm exist as addon into IC2 itself? Increase their costs and add flag in cfg file to enable/disable crafting and it will be pretty balanced. The reason why i ask for this lots of admins dont want to install addons on their servers cos they will have to wait till addon will be updated to current version of IC2.

    • Alblaka says:

      Because i’ve other plans for speeding up the basic machinery.

      • Rgamer says:

        Something I am wondering about is why you don’t add an extra output slot to macerators. It’s a bit inconvenient only being able to macerate a half-stack of ore at a time.

  46. Jean says:

    Well keep up the good work. Seems people don’t realize that making software in the real world usually takes months to complete and then were talking about a team of at least 2 people. While a small mod might be “easy” to port, a large mod certainly takes longer.

    Also there is something like bugs that might arise. Speaking of them, I once fell to my death when wearing quantumsuit boots and a golden helmet. After I returned to the spot it looked like an infinite number of golden helmets were lying on the ground(i’m also using the deathchest mod)

  47. cammygames says:

    take your time as many people have said it is better to have a stable build than a buggy one

    i all so had an idea for extra feature : welding

    welding would make things stronger and more blast proof and it could also used to join the iron fence’s together and it would make them stronger it could also be used to attach cables together

  48. Aulia Harvestmoon says:

    Just playing MC 1.0.0 till the soon release of IC2 for 1.0.0. Right now, with the RP2 and the MFR, with few and strange machines. Just one thing to say: [joke] RP2 is soviet technology to MC. IC2 is capitalist technology. [/joke]

    Really im enjoying to play with RP2, but I cant wait till the release of IC2!! This is so strange, weird, and not-to-easy as the just plug and play of the IC2. IC2: I MISS you!!
    Even with the plus of utilities and functions of RP2, I still miss my old windmills, easy electric furnace, and all that stuff.
    I can only imagine about the great combination that the 2 mods are gonna make soon!!

  49. schoon says:

    I got an idea from your newest update on solar panels
    some sort of canopy which only activates when its raining in a similar way to the panels.

  50. sch4b3k says:

    Hi! I love IC2 and I can’t wait for release for mc 1.0.0. I hope I will see it as fast as it’s possible. ;d

  51. liam says:

    could you post daily progress reports? 🙂 that would be awesome

  52. HalfThere says:

    I know it’s rude to ask for an ETA, but can we at least get a statement such as
    “some point in 2012” so I have SOME idea for when I need to think about getting the private server running?

    “Honestly i’ve got no fucking clue how long it will take, as i’ve got no clue what sorts of bugs and traps are may within the new code, which need to be accounted for.”

    I’ve got that in mind, but many here (I hope) would appreciate some indication of the update being more “weeks” or “months”. Thanks.

    • Alblaka says:

      some point in 2011/2012

      • Bluehorazon says:

        Take your time. Actually I’m trying a Pipes vs. Tubes-Battle to evaluate which of the transportsystems are better in a certain situation.

        As RP2 will add automated crafting too, there would be another test (unfortunatly IC2 is most likely released for 1.0 at this time^^).

        Actually the tubes win on the comfort side, they do not drop items and are quite intelligent, and could be hidden. Pipes and there powering is cheap and for simple mechanics better then tubes.

        So actually IC2 should add own transportation and call it pupes (just mix tubes and pipes) *g*

        Actually only RP2 offers some good new features for 1.0, Buildcraft 3.0 isn’t SMP combatible and there are some issues with the forge actually. So there is no reason to not stay with 1.8.1.

        I really would like to hunt some of the new nether-creatures with Mining-Lasers and my Nano-Sabers but i guess they are still around, when IC2 is 1.0.

        As I guess there are issues with the armor which might need some work I could totally understand why it takes some time and it really is hard to estimate when you have fixed all problems.

        • Gaxx says:

          pipes dropping items can lead to very funny distribution systems when combined with obisidian pipes catching items^^
          e.g. i’m using that to extract the surplus of saplings my tree farm produces when my arboretum is full with saplings.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            Jepp actually you could put it to use, but often it is just anoying.

            Btw.: Tubes would work in this situation too, because if the tree-farm as the nearest possible location to get saplings is full the saplings would go for the next inventory. If you place a chest and a generator you could fill the chest with the surplus of saplings and if even the chest is full, the saplings would go for the generator and be burned.

            The problem I have with BC that my quarry produces so much dirt, that the connected recycler can’t handle all. So I used a backup-chest but if the recycler is short only one piece of dirt and two pieces are trying to get into the recycler on of it will drop. So for such complex constructions I actually try to get into the whole tube thing. But relying on bluetricity for some of the more fancy sorting mechanism the tubes are more late tech then BC pipes are. I think the same is true for the BC-Crafting Table compared to the RP one. I guess RP will use bluetricity for it’s automated crafting, while BC just needs the materials. If you want to automatically turn wood into planks you will always use BCs crafting-table, because it is cheap and gets the job done.

            But I noticed that while using EqEx it is sometimes difficult to produce two materials with the same rate to fit some recipes (Like TNT). I obviously hat much more sand then gunpowder, so also there is a use for the a better or lets say more intelligent crafting-table. And I’m also quite excited how the redbus is used with this machines. So RP is more about doing really crazy things. If you need material transported from A to B or some crafting based on one material buildcraft really is your friend because it is cheap and easy.

            The more complex the task gets the better is RP in doing it compared to BC. Thats why I still use both mods and will use both in the future.

          • Gaxx says:

            your recycler problem is the main reason i need RP for my maschines: timing. i put a buffer (chests) in fronst of it were everything to recycle is stored. then a wooden pipe extracts it at a pace that its not possible for two items to collide in my recycler (recycler works faster than it gets items). this way my recycler (and any other maschine since i’m using this concept everywhere) is slower than max speed but it can work infinitly long without any problems as long as my input doesn’t overload the buffer, which is unlikely cause a double-chest is a lot of space.
            btw. shouldn’t a quarry produce way more cobblestone than dirt?

          • Bluehorazon says:

            The quarry does produce more cobblestone than dirt, but not until a certain depth.

            If you use RP to time the recycler you might also trying to switch the pipes for tubes. In a Tube-System pieces that can not be delivered move further on in the tubes until they reach a free inventory. Putting the recycler between two chest you could cycle dirt around it and whenever a place is free the dirt goes into the recycler, else it goes into the chest.

            Also the Buffer RP introduced is a nice item. It has 4 Chest-like Inventories which are filled by pipes from 4 directions. Then you could pump out all inventories from the top. So you do not have a chest that is filled by one material and will not let other materials in. And you could use a single buffer for what you may normally use 4 chests.

            So RP has some tricks, still BC-Pipes are easy to use and do not cost much. But some things are easier to achieve with RP.

          • Gaxx says:

            i think that’s a total overkill for a simple recycler-buffer. since the recycler works really fast there’s nearly no chance to produce permanently more input than it can handle with a simple 2chest buffer especially if your only recycling dirt from a quarry which is a laughable amount for a 2chest buffer (dirt is mostly 3-4layers, so you need a gigantic area to produce more than 2chest + what the recycler can recycle before overload)

            i don’t really see the advantage with the buffer how you discribe it. it means your simply throwing things from four directions and have to sort it afterwards. you could also sort it before and put everything into its own chest. the joke is that it had to be sorted by arriving via different pipes so you’re annihilating your own work to do it again. maybe there is a mistake in how you discribed it? at least i see no real advantage other than having a 4chests big chest.

          • Bluehorazon says:

            You do not know my quarry^^.

            Well also it was just an example were I had some issues with pipes that annoyed me and where I hat do search a workaround.

            Actually the dirt comes from 3 quarries and one of them is larger then I could view^^. I was trying if I get chunk loading issues if I build a large quarry, but 100×100 Blocks (which means about 40k Dirt) not seems do be the limit. Actually the quarry needed some time to even reach a stone layer *g* (it harvest over 4 stacks of different flowers and lots of wood).

            So I guess this would fill some chests (EqEx-Alchemical-Chest can handle 102×64 cobblestone/dirt etc., not even enough for one single layer), I already build a lava-pool to dump most of the cobblestone (first I used ExEq to convert it into diamond-blocks, but after I got a chest full of those it seemed senseless).

            It was just a situation used as an example. Actually there is also the example were you need buildcraft-pipes. For pumping lots of cobblestone into lava they are the best.

            Actually the buffer has it’s uses if you feed something to craft. RP can pull two things out of a chest. Say you want to produce TNT, then RP lets you pull sand and gunpowder out of one buffer. Normally you would need two chests because if you use one (with advanced wooden pipes you could pull gunpowder and sand out of one chest) it might be filled with either gunpowder or sand.

            RP just saves space in some situations and behave more intelligent. Basicly both transport-systems are the same and until batteries you had some problems using the RP-ones because you only had solar-panels to produce bluetricity, which you need for the sorter. So actually building with tubes gives good results but is more costly. You normally save a lot of place, but for the best results you need bluetricity, while BC just needs a cheap redstone-engine.

            So the most effective way is to use both. First I found that the tubes were just a rip-off of BCs pipes, but they are quite more. It is like have more then one tier of technology, were buildcraft mainly is tier1 transportation and RP offers tier2. And thats really interesting because RP tubes aren’t useless, but do not replace pipes. That is a good example how to things which mainly do the same thing could coexist. It most likely will be the same to RedBus and AlbOS. Still most people uses there classic preference. Many people that used RP for redpower and first get into the whole automation thing with RP tubes will use RP-tubes for everything they do. On the other hand the classic BC-user won’t put his pipes away. So it does not matter to me, I tried to be neutral and tried both transportsystems out. So actually I use something I call “pupes” because it is a combination of pipes and tubes and for me this is the perfect solution. With tons of chests and stupid things floating around I simulate the use of IC (thats funny because I have to put signs down, so that I know what chest represents which IC-Machine).

            So basically you have two transport-systems which are fortunatly easy to connect and both offer different pros and cons.

        • AndreyKl says:

          There are some bugs in forge and recent BC, so waiting for IC2 is fine.

          You can use AditionalPipes – BC mod for correct insertion without drop.
          But RP is really good and compact for crafting (requesting items for smelters and crafting tables), while BC is better for distribution to your chests (especially with teleport or logistic pipes). Using them both leads for smallest size of Chast-Store systems and Easy construction of some centralized controls.
          (For BC its a pain to put RP cables from chests to one single room, RP used lots of tubes, wiring, machines and energy for distribution system – huge space)
          P.S. Distribution system – i mean lots of rooms, like “ores&metals”, “construction materials”, “Food” e t c. In each room 12 chests, one chest for one block (except paints, some machinery and loot).

    • USBCable says:

      I’m with HalfThere. I really want to get a server with IC2 up and running on 1.0, but I have been unable to tell people when I could do so because I don’t know when IC2 might be out. I asked about whether or not we could get a partial release on 1.0 (with just the ores, rubber trees, other resources), and was told no, but I really hope you reconsider. I’d like to have them, so us server admins could at least have something, and then add IC2 later. It is completely up to you of course, and it is just an idea. I think it would help a lot with people waiting to create new worlds and servers.

      I hope you don’t see HalfThere and I as being impatient or anything, because I certainly can wait (and I’m sure HalfThere can too). My players can’t, however, and have been hassling me about it. Again, great work on your amazing mod, and I wish you luck on porting it to 1.0! 🙂

      • HalfThere says:

        I’m taking Al’s response to mean “late 2011 or very early 2012” (At least I hope that’s what 2011/2012 implies)
        It shuts up the players for now in any case, and gives me some idea to go by.

        • Bluehorazon says:

          I think it means he will release it on the 31.12. or the 1.1. So in this case it will be the 1st of january in Germany but still the 31st of december in the USA, this way he achieves a release in both years *g* (although I think he has better things to do on that days).

  53. htothe2oh says:

    Would it be possible to release the ore generation as soon as its ported, even if the rest of the mod isn’t ready? I was just wondering because I don’t want to have to restart my world because there’s no uranium, rubber, copper, etc. anywhere within 500 chunks. If not thats cool, but just throwing that out as an idea.

  54. Habib Denokfasa says:

    Great mod. Can’t ever go back to a Minecraft without mass fabricators and solar flowers.

  55. Starhero says:

    So…Seems commenting has died.

    Phewy! I was enjoying the comments as I was refreshing this page EVERY FREAKING DAY!

    Could we get any type of status update to IC2 + MC 1.0?

    • Alblaka says:

      A raw version is ported to 1.0, but we have a couple of serious crashing issues that need to be fixed before we can release it.

      • Bluehorazon says:

        Sounds good in a not so good way^^.

        Actually IC2 really may become a christmas-present *g* (hmm… or this was planned right from the beginning :P).

      • Starhero says:

        Awesome, knowing these at least gives me an idea at what stage you guys are at.

        Now not to be demanding but kindly asking if maybe we could get a forum thread over updates like this? Or something?

        Either way, thank for the update, hope you guys fix those crashes.

  56. Artusha says:

    Hello Alblaka,
    I am the guy who was bugging you about terraformers during the good old IC days. I am really impressed to see how much you reworked their functionality, powering methods, speed. Thanks a lot for listening to me, it’s good to see that ‘Chilling’ no longer avoids making snow on sand like a phobia.
    Now i am off to turn deserts into snow valleys, I wish you luck with your mod.

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