I will stop the developement of IC !

Do not leak any informations provided on this page to the Minecraft-Forum website!
Discuss everything in this regard either here or, even better, in the official IC-Forum.
Please ignore everyone discussing/ranting/flaming about this issue in the IC thread withint the Minecraft Forum!

Yes, due to an upcoming project, i will stop the developement of IC, fully and final.
This means:

  • No more updates
  • No bugfixes
  • No new content
  • No porting to 1.8 or beyond
  • Only verbal support for problems until i get bored off it

That was the bad-news part of this blogpost. Now the good one:

I hereby officially announce the developement begin of IC²!

Yes, i’m terribly mean and ignorant to fool you in that way 😛 Don’t worry, Modding Minecraft is a great hobby and i won’t drop IC. However, as noted above, i will stop developing IC and instead create IC².

The difference?
Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Java+Minecraft-Coding can tell my code sucks. Exspecially the first (chronological) 70% of the mod. This is mainly related to 2 facts: When i startet developing IC, my Java knowledge was quite basic. Now, ~half a year later, i have a (i hope so) better knowledge of Java, can access a much wider array of CPU-green algorythms and got a MUCH better knowing of how Minecraft works. Exspecially beneficial for latter one were my sideprojects MeC (SMP, Client-Server-Communication, Advanced Base-File Modification, Damage/Speed Mechanisms) and M4D (Time Manipulation, Advancd Block Updates, Mobs, SMP-Entitys, AI).
As a result, i’ve decided to completely restructure/recode and review IC’s code, adding more functionality, easier porting/fixing, a couple of APIs, a few new concepts and the already mentioned new sprite-system (limitless). Since a few weeks, a fellow modder is already reworking the Energy-Current-Code. This, combined with a few ideas how to make IC much more advanced, made up my decision.

A list of intended features for IC²:

  1. Using Scoke’s ItemSprite API and his TerrainHack (or SpaceToads new project API) to reduce/remove the amount of sprite overrides currently setting IC’s bounds.
  2. Advanced usage of Metadata to reduce the amount of BlockIDs uses (as well as resolving this goddamn MemoryHogger Notch probably isn’t going to fix before 1.9)
  3. API’s for other modders to integrate IC’s machine operations and Electric Network, by using the ZZuperICElectricAlBI
  4. New generalized Classes for the machines, making the code much less redundant and easier to alter.
  5. (Already mentioned,) new Electric Current distribution algorythm
  6. Rework of many game concepts, f.e. Ore abdundancy, eventually new ores, Fuel mechanics (i will probably try myself on coiding real OIL), and stuff.
  7. If all above is done and it’s proven to be possible, programmable (within a certain degree) robots and CPUs. Rather, CPUs to program robots. F.e. ones which can construct WindMill farms on certain locations automatically.
  8. New Policy/Copyrights regarding mods referring to IC, AdFly guidelines and similar stuff.
  9. A IC-intern banlist preventing users, who previously bugged me too often or plainly pissed me off, from playing IC at all.
  10. Eventually recruitment of a small coder team to increase IC’s developement speed.
  11. Some sprite reworks
  12. A hell-big ton of bugfixes.

You’re free to C&C now.

Again, please do not leak anything of this into the Minecraft forum. If people are too lazy to get over my blog to read this, their bad 😛 Don’t ruin the fun for those people aware of the gag. Even if it’s extremely evil.

Just couldn’t wait until April 1st :/

My new Eternal-IC-BanList already includes 2 persons. I’m of course not going to post a public banlist, but if you want to play IC² somewhen, seriously, don’t rant about it on MCF. As well, bugging me about updating MeC can have same results.

62 Comments and counting XD
We should probably move this discussions into the forum ^^

Recruitment thread : forum.industrial-craft.net

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161 Responses to I will stop the developement of IC !

  1. Shad says:

    I don’t have finish to read yet …But i want to say something . This guy brickedkeyboard when i saw him saying your code suck and that is was pratically a god compared to you ..i just wanted to crush his face with a baseball bat .

    But if it was the little kick that you needed for making Ic 2 …What can i say …Thanks to him for the kick and Thanks to you for not being discouraged by this kind of statement …

    • Alblaka says:

      1. I don’t remember anyone flaming me like that actually… Mind linking me? Could be amusing to read 😛
      2. The first few machine’s code DOES suck, is unnecessary complicated, infunctional, buggy AND wasting IDs xD

    • ~DaBombSniggity says:

      Heh, I play with a guy named brickedkeyboard on a SMP server that he admins, hes a pretty cool guy and honestly i believe him.

  2. Ranakastrasz says:

    EPIC! Good luck, And take your time, and I love the way you broke the news in this post, and the decision to 0nly say you are discontinuing it on the forums was a good one as well i think.

  3. CVL says:

    evil trick :p

    well, at certain point, recoding is better than patching everywhere afterall. I hope you do not change certain game logic too much to the point that I can no longer recognize. Other than that, good luck.

    • Alblaka says:

      I will attempt to keep it as much IC-ish as possible. But i can’t even guarantuee old maps will be load-able, as i don’t know how exactly MC would interpret a sudden change of most of it’s code.
      I assume most critical part will be ID-transfer, as i intend to reduce all machine-IDs to single ones only.. which means either all Off-State or all On-State machines would disappear.
      Luckyly, most wiring applications, such as Cables and MFE’s run without states and won’t be affected.. but some workshop machines may disappear.

      As well, i’ll extend the usage of NBT-Tags within the machines. I’m unsure how Minecraft will handle it, eventually i will need to add some special catches to prevent crashes. We’ll see.

  4. Skruffy says:

    Your sadistic! You made me drop a tear when i read the msg in the forums, and then when i read your blog i was full of joy again!

    • J4ckkuz says:

      I almost turned into a creeper when I read you had stopped! If I wasn’t using my new laptop, I would have diamondaxed the screen! Lol jokes! But it did give me a laugh when I read this. By the way, how are you going with IC2, and is it pronounced IC two or IC squared?

      • Alblaka says:

        That wasn’t yet officially decided. I would go for IC Two, but many others claim IC Squared sounds better and is more fitting.

  5. Die Harke says:

    Nice to read it in the comments that you try to make the old maps loadable. That was the only thing I was afraid of. Now I can sleep well.
    And keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Germany!

  6. Yetione says:

    Good work Alblaka, been a massive long time supporter of IC (think i was there near the start, last numbered pack i own is 1.32 i think….)
    Understandable that you might feel the need for a reboot, hope you don’t get too much stick off the mindless trolls….

    Good luck, know you wont need it mate but really looking forward to your new project……


  7. Walrus1999 says:

    I love how you broke the news, you are sadistic, but damn that was great. Good luck and will be waiting for Breaking News that IC2 has been released.

  8. Whikton says:

    You scared the crap out of me you amazing person 😛

  9. Masterhand0000 says:

    You scared me to death!
    Anyways, i’ve got an idea: What about adding Superconductor-Cables which have none or at least less energy loss, but can’t transport much energy at once?

  10. Yobs9874 says:

    An evil lie as exquisitely crafted as your mods lol.
    Great work!

  11. Keyalha says:

    Boah, you nearly gave me an heart attack albaka! Evil Genius you ! :p
    Looking forward to IC² 🙂
    You said that you already startet some stuff of it if i got your post right.
    Any idea how big is this going to be in terms of codebase?

    Are you doing any testing SSP / SMP wise?

    Are infos postet only at the Blog or in the IC forums too?
    Just want to be up to date in terms of IC² devlopment

    greets and best of wishes


    • Alblaka says:

      Currently, quite 0% of the new mod is written, if you exclude the ElectricCurrent (which should be done shortly) and the stuff recently coded (which doesnt need to be changed).
      I assume this re-modification will take me quite some time, i would dare to say a few weeks. I’ve got two weeks of Vacation starting in early August and i assume this will be my anti-boredome emergency bad-weather activity.

      As i intend to include other developers into the coding, at least for bits, these will probably do the tests as well. Currently i’ve 3-4 people intended for the coder time, i doubt we’ll need many new sprite(r)s.
      Probably i will provide a pre-release in this blog/forum before going to MCF, though. I assume i’ve got a much better testing environment here ^^

      I will, most likely drop some information regarding the current progress, either in blogs or in the live ticker to the right.. eventually i will bug Feanturi to create a seperate sticky for this in the forum we’ll see.

  12. Keyalha says:

    thanks for the info albaka, great to see you got new people on bord, im pretty pumped about it to be honest 🙂 i will check back now and then to see how it goes and wish you the best of luck and fun while doing it, really appreciate it and will kill time with IC meanwhile 😉

  13. warbaque says:

    Great news.

    I do agree that some of your code really sucks, wastes cpu-cycles and memory or just doesn’t do things very intelligently, but one of the great aspects of IC for me has been following and seeing how much your code and functionality of the mod has improved during this project.

    But IC does need a rework, and it can be much more.

    One thing that I would like to see is current grid system completely redone:
    Instead of sending packets from one cable to another, splitting etc., multiple cables would combine into single grid entity.
    Load(machine) requests EU from grid, which in turn requests EU from Source(generator/storage)

    For example, cube made of cable (1,1,1) -> (9,9,9)
    Generator0: (0,1,1) 5EU/tick
    Generator1: (0,1,9) 5EU/tick

    Machine0: (10,1,1) 20EU/operation
    Machine1: (10,9,1) 10EU/operation

    Generators send EU packets to a grid.
    Grid sends EU to first Machine in queue (M0), and machine is moved to the end of queue. M0 receives 8EU after distance loss is calculated.

    Generators send EU packets to a grid.
    Grid sends EU to first Machine in queue (M1), and machine is moved to the end of queue. M1 receives 3EU after distance loss is calculated (another packet is lost completely due to bad wiring).

    repeat frame0&1

    Generators send EU packets to a grid.
    Grid sends EU to first Machine in queue (M0). M0 receives 4EU from G0 and rest of EU is returned to the Grid. M0 removes itself from queue.
    Grid sends EU to next Machine in queue (M1). M1 receives 0EU since all is lost due to distance.

    Generators send EU packets to a grid.
    Grid sends EU to first Machine in queue (M1). M1 receives 3EU.

    Generators send EU packets to a grid.
    Grid sends EU to first Machine in queue (M1). M0 receives 1EU from G0 and rest of EU is returned to the Grid. M0 removes itself from queue.
    Since queue is now empty and Generators don’t take EU back, excess EU is lost (2EU packet from G0 and 5EU packet from G1).

    • Alblaka says:

      We’ve got a different for Electrics already being coded. It will reduce the CPU-usage by theoretically infinite (best case is a reduction to 1/all frames )while still containing all functions of the old system. Your’s would require a major overhault ^^

      • warbaque says:

        Didn’t you say you were doing a major overhaul? ^^

        Problem with functionality of the old system is splitting:
        Let’s say that we would like to build 100block long defence line with teslacoils. Easiest way to wire would be line of cable with teslacoils on top, but last one wouldn’t get any EU due all the splits and voltage would drop really fast. Because of splitting, I use switch cables and redstone circuitry to send complete packet to single machine at time, but I do think that grids should be smart enough to do this by themselves.

        If EU was grid/load based all the machines would get even amount of current. Thus if source was sending 5000EU/s for 5 machines, then instead of each machine receiving 2500/1250/625/312/312 EU/s, each would receive 5000EU/5s or even more frequently if some of the machines weren’t requesting EU.

        If you want, need or accept help with coding or modding this kind of functionality in general, I’m willing to help you. But since I code currently Java for work, I’d prefer not to spend too much of my spare time on such 🙂
        (I like to do electronics, assembly and C for fun and hobby)

        • Alblaka says:

          I’m not 100% sure how sfPlayer is doing the implementation, but if i’m not mistaken, his code will distribute energy accurately to all machines whilst ignoring those who aren’t in need.
          And even if not, the way it’s going to be implemented shouldn’t be hard to change into this regard ^^

          • warbaque says:

            Sounds good.

            Anyway, my offer still stands 🙂
            I can help with coding, spriting(I’ve done some 64x replacements for IC) and testing.

            Easiest way to contact me is either through irc(ircnet, quakenet or esper) or email.

            I’m interested to see how things turn out

          • Maeyanie says:

            I was actually thinking about rewriting this for my own server, treating a whole connection as a single bus and having each source split equally across loads (limited by their demand), and calculating distance loss after that. Idea was to try to be realistic. Would have been a fair bit of work, though, so now that you’re rewriting things I’m kinda glad I never got around to it. 🙂

  14. cheapRoc says:

    Epic post man… lots of things that I’ve been hoping you’d say for awhile now. I really hope you also consider open source and building a core team. Suck in some help from the community thats sitting around waiting to help. You have a lot of people that love your mod and think its really raised the level of gameplay.

    Before the Aether there was IndustrialCraft… and it was great.

  15. Ogamaga says:

    Greetings from New England. I would like to say a couple things.
    1. best of luck with IC2.
    2. I offer any assistance I can provide (would mostly be looking at how other mods could be relevent to different aspects and testing stuff)
    Again, best of luck, and if I can help in any way, just let me know

  16. The_Scary_One says:

    Please don’t do that again.. I’m not sure i could survive THAT one more time xD
    Looking forward to IC2!

  17. bartios says:

    well, if you say it is needed…

    good luck alblaka (and team)

    Ps: well, i think you just found the way to reach the ‘core’ player of your mod

  18. Phil says:

    I was bummed reading the Minecraft forums about the IC shutdown, but I’m happy to see that I was trolled (no offense :P) and there is a IC2 in the work.

    I saw your planned changes and I can see that the code will be much better to expand and manage from what you said. I also do coding in C++/Java and other crap by profession and hobby, and one of the things that I can’t stand is when my code is messed up, like redundancy or useless/un-optimal things. Especially when I learn while coding, and you realize half-way that the stuff I started working on is utter crap, and I’m stuck in a dilemma between scrapping the whole thing or keep developing with the crap stuff in my face.

  19. Mads says:

    I was very sad when I read the news on MC Forum. I was looking forward to you integrating the almost limitless sprite code 😀

    However, I love the way you broke this news! You’re right, if people are too lazy to read your blog, they don’t deserve this amazing news!

    I have never played IC (I know, very bad of me) but I am looking forward to this! I have only recently started to mod my Minecraft, and IC2 will be TOP of my list when it comes out! Please take your time. If IC2 is as good as I hear IC is (and I’m sure it will be a lot better) we can wait for this to be ready.

    Good luck with the new project 🙂 Looking forward to this release.

    • Aizen/Kaiba says:

      I just have to agree: having only just begun to mod after seeing several videos of good mods in action, I was disappointed to see that IC would not be updated to 1.8, but pleased to note that IC2 is being made. I can’t wait to try it out for myself!

  20. Maeyanie says:

    I love the ideas, all of them. The ItemSprite API thing I actually retrofitted in on my own server, needed it to combine IC with the other mods we’re using. It’s pretty simple and straightforward to do, and works well.

    The gap between IC’s ending and IC2’s release is going to be hard though. 😉

    • Alblaka says:

      Luckyly MC 1.8 isn’t coming within the next month, an important criteria to start developing a bigger version of IC ^^

  21. Brethern says:

    I’m glad to hear about IC2, can I make a suggestion as to a new way for gunpowder?
    Instead of the way it is could it require macerated charcoal and plant matter? That way it makes at least a little bit of sense.

    • Relmitos says:

      The plant matter would have to be decomposed though. If you want to make it even more realistic you would have to turn it on a daily base, and keep it moist with urine. For aprox a year or more.

  22. scotch18 says:

    My favorite new feature:

    A IC-intern banlist preventing users, who previously bugged me too often or plainly pissed me off, from playing IC at all.

    Plz, Plz, plz, implement thisssss, i cant wait to sssssee MCF buttheads ssssquirmsss.

  23. Dureiken says:

    Good luck Alblaka for IC² ! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the post on MCF !

    If you want some SMP testers, we are 20 people on a IC server, we could do that as we did before ! don’t hesitate to ask some help for testing 🙂

    Thanks for your job

  24. Regelneef says:

    I was totally devastated when I read the minecraftforum about you stopping IC development.
    And I was thinking of a way to tell the users of my server that IC was going to removed in the future…….

    Then I read you blog and I felt very very happy!!! Looking forward to IC²! Me and my minecraftbuddies are really happy with your work!


  25. Dan Netwalker says:

    You sir are the most malevolous, machiavelic, twistedly brilliant character I’ve meet lately. I salute you. 🙂

    ( You scared me for a minute with that one… and yes, fu** the bastards that doesn’t care enough to come here and read about this! )

    Now that you are on it… may I ask for a “feature”? Most of us people use your mod in combination with others. BuildCraft, Better than Wolfes, PlasticCraft… and when you work with multiple mods, you end up crashing head on with the block ids limit and the sprite limits. When I started using your mod MC block limit was 127 as default, and with another mod it could be pushed up to 254, enough room for your mod, plasticcraft and some “minor” mods (rope blocks, piston mod and trapdoor mod in my case). I think I speak for all us players if I ask you to make IC2 extra compatible with other mods. I’m sure some of us have wild dreams of “interfacing” blocks and machines in IC2 with BTW gearbox systems (windmill generator connected to BTW windmills!), or finite liquids features, as an example.

    And following with this, I don’t know if the limitless sprite system is a creation of yours or not, but if it is… lots of mods are bound to get improved with it. If you could make it so other mod makers can use it too, maybe as a separate utility api, you would do a service to the MC mod comunity far beyond the creation of IC and IC2.

    Thanks a lot for the hard work, and greets from Spain.

    • Alblaka says:

      1. I will save a few ID’s in the rewriting progess. I can’t tell whether this will be enough for other mods to work better, since i, in redo, will implent new stuff ^^’
      2. Usage of MCForge (upcoming super-API) is intended. I’ll even get my own hook for the nanosuit.
      3. With the new ZZuperICElectricAlBI, it should be easy to create interfacing machines using energy of IC. I will code it to be easyly implementable via MCP for other modders, without even having IC installed.

      • Ithkul says:

        .. when i started reading this I was like wow… Thoughts like maybe I can try to update to 1.8. But the announcement of IC² was just awesome. So happy that you dont give up your original ideas, just want to do a complete overhaul with some new ideas and algorythms. May you sleep good every night and have fresh new ideas in the morning.

        Im esp. thrilled about your new Metadata ideas and ZZuperICElectricAlBI. LoL 😀
        I might even have a go at adding some content.

        keep up the good work!

        -Best regards,
        developer from Norway

        • Dan Netwalker says:

          “I might even have a go at adding some content.”

          Me too, even if I haven’t touched java since university. Electric heater for FiniteWater, or dinamo for windmills and watermills and an electrical motor pulley systems in Better Than Wolfes may be tempting enough to give it a try… 😛

  26. HaemoGoblin says:


    I had a 50/50 split of thinking you were recoding IC and that you had really stopped!

    I’ve wanted to start modding that integrates with IC since the early versions, I’m so glad you’ve decided to start working towards this 😀

    I’ve got some experience in sound engineering so, when the time comes, if you need custom sounds for machinery etc. I would be happy to provide. Just drop me a line by e-mail or a PM on MCF 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work so far, I look forward to the evolution of the greatest mod created to date!

  27. Blackrain says:

    I think you should wait with your development until the official mod support was released!

  28. Eastborn says:

    wow, how evil are you!!

    but if you need any coders, im gladly to help. im a co-developer at MineColony. i worked on the Models of the settlers. but i also see a lot of code where i learned a lot from.
    it is that Minecolony is not really something that i code a lot in. Ralphscot666 is our main dev at the moment.

    u can send me an email if you want.

    • Alblaka says:

      I will consider it, can’t hurt someone who can do models and such-related stuff ^^

      • Eastborn says:

        its not that i cant do other things you know 😛 i made apis for school that did background movement calculations for an airplane simulation 😛

  29. Jaxuhe says:

    Sporadic reading of Something Awful website and forums has left me with a great admiration for certain forms of trolling. Your turn to the Dark Side would have been complete had you not mentioned the blog!
    On that note, I was always impressed with the mod, even if it wasn’t optimized enough – the amount of features, how they come together into a working whole. IC2 is really something to look forward to.
    As for map compatibility, it should be possible to write a program, whether external or integrated, that can convert IC1 maps to IC2, if given both versions’ ID config files. On one hand, you’re the one who knows best how to convert everything to work, and what shortcuts can be taken. On the other, it’s likely to be long, boring and slowing your work on the project…

    • Alblaka says:

      The issue is i will rewrite a few of the NBT tags of machine to remove some minor bugs. Which again, COULD cause problems with minecraft, i’m not 100% sure.

      • Dan Netwalker says:

        Ok, don’t worry for those potential problems. Make a dash for IC2. If those creepy black boys are coming to town, we will be needing science to fight back soon!

        • Jaxuhe says:

          SCIENCE! It solves everything. With lasers, and combustible lemons. In the current situation, I agree a dash is more important. Compatibility can wait ;p

          • powert00l says:

            Add combustible lemons! Like you farm a lemon tree and process it in some way.(Macerator? Compressor? Lemon-burn-a-rator?)
            That would be FUNNY!!! Especially when someone makes one and tries to eat it .____.

  30. Supersting says:

    Release IC2 in secret, on your blog. Actually that could cause a mass of spam posts saying “please update IC!”. But at least it’d be funny to watch in the knowledge that you have a newer IC and they’re to lazy to notice, and are now tearing their hair out at the loss of their beloved mod.

  31. Warg says:

    You are awesome man! Keep up the good work!

  32. Techmago says:

    Hey, just some suggestions.

    Did you see the mod api that let you use item metadata in the smelting source?
    You could implement a lot of new minerals, with one block ID, and every mineral could be smelted into different stuff.
    So you could add some more trick circuits to the new machines, using tungsten, titanium, etc, without overloading blocks IDs list. Since it seen that the new thingy will get ride of the sprites problems and we got way too much of free itens ID, this could be implemented.

    • Alblaka says:

      Sounds like a neat idea. I will take a look into this.

      • Techmago says:

        Its a shame i fail to find the thread a second time. I will keep searching. The only issue is if it work or not in SMP, and if need other components. I haven’t payed that much attention.

        • Techmago says:

          Well, another thing come up, even easier to implement.
          Instead of the block (cooper ore for example) drop a coper ore block, it could drop “raw copper.” This could be smelted, put in the macerator, etc. Since the id range for items is pretty big, missing item ids wont be an issue. If the workaround to get rid of the sprite limit work nicely, you will be able to implement up to 14 (15?) ores in the same block, without much codding.

  33. osy says:

    “-You are e-vil!”
    Evey to V. In “V for Vendetta”.

  34. necans says:

    Hey Albalka!I tought you were tired of trolls and kids that spammed IC thread with QQ and whine!But i guess your personality and mentality is stronger than i expected..i was there for quite a while,my first post was on 50 or something page…it was an amasing experience to see this mod and your coding skill growing from upgraded furnace,to teleporters and whole new electricity system!

    Now,i don’t know if you know this,but SpaceToad is doing second version of his mod (BuildCraft) too,its called BuildCraft 2.0,and hes done a preview on his channel.


    I know you are amasing person and coder,so i just have to ask…can you make IC2 with his stuff in mind?It would be awesome if IC2 and BC2 could intergrate much more than IC and BC was,so we could have gigantic mod that many will enyoj,not just BC fans and IC fans seperately.Thanks if you read this,and respond especially!

    Proud user of IC and BC,

    • Alblaka says:

      With the planned ZZuperICElectricAlBI, creating crossovers linking into IC won’t be hard. I will probably code a submod implementing Energy-Engines for BC, myself ^^ Or electric-pipes accelerating stuff to hyper-speed… or something.

      • KillerInc says:

        BC also includes Flowing Oil… You also want to implement “Real Oil” just wanted to know how this will work with both mods trying to spawn oil on map generation… or will you both be working on it so both mods use the same code for oil.

      • Mads says:

        Electric pipes do sound nice!

  35. Artist says:

    Kudos to that brave decision, Alblaka! I know the problems with trial&error-coding and the ugly code that can come out of that. Usually I dont have the balls to start a project from Tabula Rasa.

    I have just one question – why dont you decide to build your mod against bukkit? Personally I wouldnt mind to have bukkit client-modded for that (and its comming sooner or later anyway) but I thought it would be so helpful to have some of the bukkit plugins under the hood for our IC-server (especially certain permissions and administration plugins).

    Beside that Im looking forward to the future of IC²!
    Thanks for your dedication and good luck!

  36. Gd119 says:

    OMG Alblaka seriously you freaking scare me with that joke lol :O. i was like NO! don’t tell me the better mods of minecraft going to be end now ?! So im really happy that you are doing to remake a better structure of the code ! Good work Alblaka !

    P.S: im interesting to work on codding (mods) so if u want to make some tutorial i will be maybe really happy to participate to the projects:) sry for my bad english im french.

  37. Bloody says:

    please make the wrench not wreck your machines anymore or add a material version of it that doesn’t do it, like a steel wrench (coal + refined iron?) or something like that :3
    that machine wrecking wrench is currently the thing I hate most if not only at all about IC ._. everything else is just great :O

    *loves building factories and be bored cause they work on their own* XD

  38. bartios says:

    this part is not so clear for me so i will just ask it you: does ic² add any new content or will it just be a major cleanup?

    good luck and greatz from Holland

    Ps: if it does add new content, will it be a bunch of stuff or just one or two new things?

    • Alblaka says:

      IC² will mainly be a patched and upgraded version of IC, which will get extended with some more content afterwards, of course.

  39. Sukasa says:

    While I support most of the ideas of IC², I will say this: A banlist for the MOD will never work. I know this because I actually defeated something similar in the past (As a proof such a banlist would not work; it was agreed I would try to defeat it and was not a screw-you move). All it will do, IMO, is generate negative sentiment and waste your time. Just my two cents.
    (And if I completely missed sarcasm there, I apologize; I haven’t properly identified any in months apparently)

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, as the banlist is hardcoded, it will prevent people from playing IC² with their main accounts. Ofc everyone can just use OffLineMode or a NameChanger, but in both cases they wouldn’t be able to connect to Servers anymore.

      Considering it barely takes me 3 lines of code to implemen (5 if you count in the actual banlist definition) i think it’s worth it.

      • Rob says:

        Or the users could just decompile it, get rid of the ban list, and rehost it. Hell, that’ll probably be the first thing I do when it comes out, and I’ve never played IC. “GET YOUR BANLIST FREE, NON RETARD VERSION OF IC HERE”.

        Imagine if real companies just told people they didn’t like they weren’t allowed in.

        I’ll be sure to get rid of this feature and spread the banlist free version so people you don’t like can still play it. umad? You can decompile the minecraft source, I can decompile your source. Whiny bitch.

        • Alblaka says:

          Gj on failing to read the previous discussion regarding this 😛 It’s a server-sided banlist, the clientside is merely a C&P i will probably include because i feel like doing so.

          • Rebelwithanewcause1 says:

            You can mask your panic with humor all you want. The walls are closing in now you Nazi fuck. How does it feel to know that my grandfather could have very well killed yours? LAWL. Must suck to be a German. How’s it feel to have to work till 70 to pay for a bunch of Greeks to retire at 50? Do tell.

          • Alblaka says:

            I consider this a win, you dropped into trolling, probably indicating you ran out of arguments 😀
            Be aware i will now do NOT take you seriously anymore and probably even spread links to this convo for publicy-amusement reasons.

            PS: As well, going down the racist route is a bad choice. It proves of low intelligence to attempt flaming somebody as “racist” while reasoning it with his orign, because you’re actually doing exactly what you’re trying to accuse me for :3 (Under the assumptions of Nazi:=racist:=person discriminating people based on origin)

  40. MrColFos says:

    Welcome to the dark-side Ablaka!
    I applaud you and your mod.

  41. MrOmega says:

    Holy… Gave me a near heart attack with the top lines…. Can’t wait for IC2.

    If, and I stress the IF, you or one of your spriters decide to create a hi-res version and need testing for it in SSP, I would be more than glad to test it. You can find me on the MCF: Ultimate_omega.

    And I know where you’re coming from on that one, I dabble in programming and know that it is, sometimes, better to tear everything down and start fresh once more.

  42. Lahrmid says:

    Damnit, I was the first to say how sad it was to see you leave the development of IC, and here you are announcing the development of IC2, you bastard! 😀

    P.S. I love you for this, so very very much.

  43. Xelanthol says:

    You sir, YOU ARE EVIL! This is fantastic news! I came over to your blog to see what your new project was, and i’m glad to hear it was IC2. That’s hilarious.

    I’m going to bookmark this page now, are you going to show us content from IC2 along its development? I’m also guessing the first running version will be sometime around 1.8 release or after?

    Goodluck Alblaka, honestly I only play MC because of Industrialcraft. (And buildcraft, ever made a almost completely automated production line using pipes, autocrafting tables, and compressors/extractors? feels SO good.)

  44. Legoras says:

    Because IC doesnt working correctly with Bukkit (modsaver crash when i try to disassemble any machine), so… can you make machine which allows to disable or change weather ? (disable or change this stiupid rain!) of course for hmmm 100 000 energy? 😀
    Please 🙂
    This machine of course in IC2 🙂

  45. This is exciting as hell, almost as exciting when Aether finally came out. This is great news to see, If I had any great knowledge to bestow to you I would but I know I don’t so I wont.

    I love the internal ban list, as a server mod I would almost want every ban list from every server placed on this internal, so if you ever got banned, you will never get to play on a IC2 server.

    Also, when you do finish and release IC2, the one thing I didn’t like about IC1 is how I needed to turn on the NanoSuit and Industrial Pixaxe files, It may be better to include the “turn it off” file rather then “turn it on” but I get why you did it, I never had a problem installing and getting to work after my first attempt of failure back in… I think it was CoCoSmackdowns first video when I turned to this mod and Never turned back…

    Good memories.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, for obvious reasons i will only add confirmed buggers on the list.
      Currrently it contains 4 guys whom i’d choosen personally and everyone who got banned from IR (which aren’t many, because it’s a P2P server.. thus these guys actually paid and then proceeded to grief the server).

      As well, you don’t need to know the list (and actually won’t, unless you decompile the source files). It’s impossible to circumvent the feature except for using OffLine Mode or a namechanger.. which, in both cases, disables playing on legit servers.
      Thus, anyone on the blacklist cannot join SMP-servers (at least not without constantl insta-dying).

      As this project is done with close cooperation to MCForge, i’ve got 2 personal hooks for both features.
      Thus, Nanosuit will be installed like any other part of IC, by default. The only downside is IC still requires MCForge ^^.

  46. AmbigramMan says:

    Wow. For a second there Alblaka I thought you went and pulled a Doku on us! Hopefully IC2 will be more optimized than IC1. I tried playing IC and gave up when my computer, led by Minecraft, tried to kill me ;).

    Also, I doubt that a IC ban list will work, as somebody will just decompile the code and “fix” it, similar to what someone did for the Aether mod, to allow TMI to give you dungeon stuff. If you do try to make it, watch the forums very carefully!

    Anyway, I wish you luck on IC2!

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, ofc , EVERYTHING can be hacked. But most people & griefers will already despair on hacking IC²’s code, thus i would consider it somewhat safe/useful.

  47. FunkDooBiesT says:

    This is great that you’ve desided to optimize and strengthen your code, I have one question tho about combining your mod with Buildcraft, 2 things has been added to Buildcraft:
    1st Engines: to drive his pipes & not sure what else.
    2nd is Oil.
    Now I can understand this method of generating power with in these engines but I’d really like to have an Electrical motor (engine) from IC that would be able to drive these things as well.

    I’ve also assed in the BC thread if you guys ever talk about your mods with each other about how to combine them?, so i recon is only fair to ask the question here too.

    • Alblaka says:

      The idea of Electric Engines was my main reason to aim for the creation of an Electric-API. I probably won’t code the Engine myself, but every java-n00b with access to BC’s source will be able to do it. Probably SpaceToad will do it himself, who knows 😛

  48. Morozow says:

    It’s great that You didn’t drop IC. I just can’t play minecraft without it.

    btw: there is a leak about IC2 on MC forums in buildcraft thread p.234 Author-xXMineFabiXx:

  49. s02mike says:

    So I pooped my pants when I saw the post that the DEV was full stop. My heart literally dropped in my stomach (for reasons that you will read about below) and I was about to cry.
    For some reason I’m dumb and could not find your blog anywhere, and I’m old when it comes to technology.
    It took me over 2 weeks to figure out how to install the mod. I read over and over the steps to see what exactly I was missing. I didn’t want to post in the forums with the other people that didn’t read how it is supposed to be done because I did.
    Turns out I cant read all that well. I was finally able to install it over the weekend, and for a victory dance I dry humped my friend SCREAMING ” I AM THE DOMINANT ONE!!! I AM THE DOMINANT ONE!!!” (This is why. I just read the bad news now after you posted on the 28th, when I figured it out my issue on the 31st)
    Now that I have found your blog and read the AWESOME news, I can now relay the good news to my friend since I jumped the gun with texting him about the bad news. And my wife can still be baffled on why I insist on hammering away at blocks in a game.

  50. Aleksandr says:

    I hate you, so much.

    I was like, NO, MY FAVORITE MOD IS ENDING, then I read this and facepalmed.

    Sir, you are a troll, but I love your mods.

  51. incrjaysen says:

    love your mod
    ergo love you
    ergo will love IC²


    (im hetero, so NO THANKS to any offers)

    please keep up the great work

  52. Jeremy says:

    I was so upset when i saw on the MCF that you were dropping IC, so i checked your blog to see if i was having a nightmare and it turns out, i was actually having a wet-dream o.O i can not wait for IC2, this is going to be epic

  53. Mariodude says:

    The enitre forum of Facepunch hates you due to the ban feature.

    • Alblaka says:

      ^^ Don’t exactly care.
      They should watch their profile info, though, otherwise they will end up on said banlist as well (if they start bugging me, they’re free to ragerant in some random forum i never heard of before).

  54. Alblaka says:

    The whole idea behind this is to give a punch to all the spammers sitting in MCForum and never reading anything but “Download”.
    Anyone who is actually a fair user of IC with a minimal part of brain, WILL check the blog as i asked in MCForum. Everyone else… 😛

    I will probably drop the curtain in a few min in MCForum though, 4 weeks is enough imho.

    Once i’ve ran through all comments, PMs and Emails, that is o.o

    • DethReaper says:

      for some reason I cant see my last comment o.o so if this is a double post Id like to say im sorry in advance. First off, I love IC! I admit that I am not a long time devoted person of IC, ive only recently gotten into it. Anyway, more to the point. Im not trying to bug you or anything but would you happen to know of a time frame in which we can expect IC2 to be released? I was in the process of starting a “Lets play” series on youtube of minecraft on a BC+IC server (that I have just (attempted to) make today.) The main reason I am asking (other than being excited for IC2) is so that I know when I will be able to add BC back into the server, for the time being I will just do IC. Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant on lol, good luck coding and take your time 😛 but just a headsup ona possible time frame for the release would be nice, since I noticed that since you made this blog, you havent really made any updates (unless it was to the OP :P). Later

  55. rebel_with_a_newer_cause says:

    I will be outting your ban list on every forum that is even remotely related to minecraft. I will also release patch’s so the banned players can disable the feature. This banlist is really a childish and futile notion. People are going to be coming out of the woodwork just to take potshots at you over this. You probably are going to have people posting your fixed mod at other websites, taking revenue away from you. But hey, don’t let me stop you from shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Alblaka says:

      You’re still not aware of what the “banlist” is doing, are you?
      It’s a feature you don’t even need “hacks” to avoid. Just log in in offline mode and i can’t possibly detect the player.

      However, any valid IC Server will use the real IC version… and you can’t log in to online servers with faked nicks, neither will the banlist allow you to play on IC servers if your not using a faked nick.
      This IS the sole purpouse of the banlist. Anything else is a bonus granted by people incapable of understanding how to evade basic name detection ^^

      Feel free to attempt spreading a “hacked” IC version… you can’t hack the servers hosting the in-code banlist, thus your attempt will be near pointless… Except for youself picking a fight with Alexia upon evading Bans (since i assume you will of course be capable of spamming the MCForum with your attempts, evading every permban issue’d) XD

      Yes, you can hack the server version as well and set up a hacked server for yourself. Cheers. I don’t care, i just want to keep the real IC servers clean ^^

      I will probably release a guide “how to hack IC²’s banlist” by myself, just to piss guys like you off, showing up your limits, the obvious stuff you can do and the stuff you can’t XD

      • rebel_with_the_newest_cause says:

        “It’s a feature you don’t even need “hacks” to avoid. Just log in in offline mode and i can’t possibly detect the player.”

        Who said anything about hacks? This is just java programming. Are you getting lost in translation? And “just log in on offline mode” is not acceptable. Some people would like to log in using the name they paid for, maybe a concept an unprincipled person such as yourself cannot comprehend.

        “However, any valid IC Server will use the real IC version… and you can’t log in to online servers with faked nicks, neither will the banlist allow you to playon IC servers.”

        So, your basically running it as a hard coded server side ban list that admins, short of rewriting code, have no control over.
        This already exists its called a white list and its a txt file not hard coded in for a reason (to prevent ARBITRARY and FRIVOLOUS bans). If you in your infinite wisdom think you know better than server administrators who ought to be banned from their own servers then you truly are an arrogant, pompous little facist.

        “Feel free to attempt spreading a “hacked” IC version… you can’t hack the servers hosting the in-code banlist, thus your attempt will be near pointless… Except for youself picking a fight with Alexia upon evading Bans XD”

        There is no attempt there is only do. Those guys on the facepunch forums are just the tip of the iceberg. You can be sure that for every vocal critic there are ten silent ones waiting in the wings for even the slightest chance of dicking you. And no, I dont think any of your co-horts running the big name servers would be downloading my patch, I’m beligerent not naive. Thats not my perogative anyway. I truly don’t care about industrial rage or wherever else all the cool kids go to. My agenda is to prevent (a) paying customers and (b) innocent bystanders from being denied access to a server just ’cause you dont like em.

        And by the way, none of this really even involves me. LOL I pirated the game. I just can’t let an injustice like this stand. Information wants to be free and you or no one else can stop it.

        Took the freedome to merge your two posts

        “I will probably release a guide “how to hack IC²’s banlist” by myself, just to piss guys like you off, showing up your limits, the obvious stuff you can do and the stuff you can’t XD”

        Better yet you could not incorporate your banlist from the start, that way neither of us have to waste our time on this tempest in a teapot. And who the fuck are “guys like me”? I think you have me confused with some computer expert or some such shit. Im not trying to get into some digital pissing contest with some nobody from Germany. I don’t care about my or your ego. What makes my blood boil is when people try to play gatekeeper with information. My rage alone could power me through to the end. I don’t need “hacker” hubris or whatever you think my motivation is.

        • Alblaka says:

          Hoped for you to answer 😀 Are actually meant to study and love every sort of distraction, exspecially near-pointless pseudo-discussions.

          “Are you getting lost in translation? ”
          Dunno, my English isn’t that great. However, afaik “hack” refers to anything modfying key aspects of software against the way they were intended by it’s developer. In this case, the banlist is a feature intended by me (developer), thus disabling it would be a “hack”. Of course, i may be referring to an incorrect definition. Let’s call it “unwanted modification” from now on.

          *graps leo.org to translate “unprincipled”*
          Ow, that one hurt :O I actually claim to have a quite distinct character. It’s the reason i’m always using the same nick to be recognized ^^
          However, of course “just log in on offline mode” is not acceptable. It’s a way of evading this mods original implementation, by “faking” your accountname into Player. Keep in mind, i’ve said that anything past “clean main IC servers” is a neat bonus ^^ If people insist on getting into the banlist by playing wannabe-troll or griefer, their choice.

          Yes, it’s exactly that. A hard coded banlist, (current implementation: Repeatedly killing players of a listed name, that’s easier to code then an actual ban and equal efficient), applied to both server and client (though as mentioned before, client-sided isn’t exactly safe).
          I don’t have infinite wisdom (and seriously, only idiots would like to have.. knowing everything would take the challenge out of life). But i preserve the right to remove unliked people from the giant pool of players i’m dedicating this big project to. Feel free to call me arrogant for sharing something i’m doing without any revenue only to 99% of possible users. I can live with that :3 (And actually, i think i AM somewhat arrogant… not as much as some other known persons of history, but enough for me to recognize it by myself).
          Still, why do you call my “pompous little facist”. Don’t exactly see a relation here.
          Ok, eventuall pompous… slightly… but actually not the latter two ^^

          Mind specifying “dicking you”? Appears to be a slang term, don’t get a translation off my E-Book for translations. I will, in further, assume it’s similar to “bugging you”:
          You say for everyone complaining there are 10 guys going to bug me? Hmmm… i managed to handle hundreds of support request from valid people. And now i got a mediocre sized team (including a little child loving to ban people who say a single bad word, hosting this site and handling the most support requests) to handle a couple dozens of guys bugging me? I think unless you launch a broadside of spambots at me, i won’t exactly care ^^ (Let’s hope your’re not someone with access to spambots and therelike, i would dislike moving IC² back to the safe, but incredible overcrowded habour of MCForum)

          I’m fine with your “agenda”. I look forward to visit your server once set up. Would be an interesting experiment to see whether griefers grief other griefers on a server meant for griefers to play normal XD Feel free to point me at “But may you added people to your list who aren’t griefers”, won’t answer that one in this post, don’t want to take your arguments up ahead… AS i’ve mentioned this discussion is a welcome’d distraction, don’t want to shorten it unnecessary.

          Sad to hear you pirate’d the game. Even if Notch is an slowpoke regarding new content, one should support him for creating Minecrafts idea and engine.

          Wait, you don’T have an account? Lol, then you can’t probably set up a server with any sort of protection against peole joining with “unwantedly modified” nicks griefing your server XD This is quite amusing. Be glad this discussion is on a post way below what people actually read, the more… “shorttemepered” fans of my mod would jump on and ruin your entire gameplay ravantly.

          Yes, noone can stop informations (actually, a group of dedicated hackers could easyly ruin global economy, destroy anything linked to the internet and launch a 3rd (and nuclear) WW, either way…). But i can still set up challenges for those attempting to break the limits i decide to set for usage of my mod ^^
          And you see, if the banlist wouldn’t be a challenge of some sort, people wouldn’t start complaining about it, would they 😀

          “tempest in a teapot”?
          Sorry, what does that term mean?
          As well, don’t mistake this … uhm… how do you say it… *checks dictionary* “concern”
          For me, implementation of the list is about 10 minutes of work. At max.
          It’s not a big concern, just a small addition of myself. And conversations like this one, referrin to this concern, are merely a fun time-spender 😀
          Don’t mistake this, i’m neither attempting to troll you off, nor making fun of you. I’m just discussing with someone i consider on an equal level of mine, about a minor concern.

          Sorry for mistakening you, i actually exspected you to be a (at least) proficisicent programmer, based on my Golden Rule #2 “Always assume the other one to be flawless and highly skilled”. Wasn’t meant to offense you or push you into a stereotype.

          I don’t get why you get upset about somebody claiming the right to not make his own, free work avaible to everyone. I could as well be an entire dick and limit IC to paying people.. or only hand it to people i personally like.
          I think the discussion regarding “freedome of information” is as old as the first PC itself. I’m not much into history in this relation, feel free to drop me some more arguments why i should change my oppinion.

          Please feel free to continue this discussion, but don’t drop into unreasoned arguments or semi-insults like you did above once (referring to the facists thingy). It turns amusing discussions (like this one, currently) into boring trolltalk 😉

          PS: Is there a letter-limit or something? Or why did you doublepost instead of writing a single one?

        • Brethern says:

          I can’t help but lol at the irony of your post.

          You only replyed after Alblaka announced on the MCF of the new mod.

  56. Traceurwill says:

    You just gave me a mini heart attack! :/ I read the forum post and wasn’t happy lol, then i read this, can’t wait for the new version to come out! 😀 Best mod made so far 🙂

  57. AllAboutTheCock says:

    Fell for it too… glad to hear you’re keeping up the excellent work!

    Kudos on your tough decision to do an agonising reappraisal of IC’s code for efficiency’s sake; the exta headroom will feed my obsession for overly large and complicated community-scale projects (once you start adding service risers in buildings and using Excel and AutoCAD to design maps there’s no going back!)

    Being somewhat of a total geek (MSci. Comp. Sci.), who happens to work as a M&E consultant (go figure), I look forward to further details on the new power system.

    My humble suggesiton for an addition would be a fibre/data cable to enable the long distance transmission (perhaps something like 64 or 128 blocks) of up to 4 redstone inputs via an end termination cube (switch/hub/multiplexer), which has separate redstone inputs and outputs on all horizontal facing sides and cable entry/exits at the top and bottom, or perhaps a “2D” arrangement like the relay, with only 3 redstone IOs.

    If you go for fibre (fiber in US), it could possibly be made with glass/rubber arranged like cable but in a lower ratio output to balance it. If you were also to add the ability to tack multiple nodes onto said fibre/data cable or branch/splice it, I would probably make a mess in my pants! 😀

    Thanks for all the hard work and best of luck with both your studies and IC² 🙂

    • Alblaka says:

      Are you asking for “data”, EU or redstone transmission? :O Kinda unclear in the text XD
      @Redstone isn’t content of this mod, you would be better off grapping Elorams RSmod… i’m not going to attempt copying features of her… for once because it wouldn’t be exactly for, for second because she’s probably a more advanced coder then me and most of the IC² team XD
      @Data: Wait, what?
      @EU: The new system supports implementation of different “Tier”s of cables. Something like fiber has a good chance of being implemented.

      • AllAboutTheCock says:

        I was referring to sending redstone signals, I’m so used to your mod I stopped looking for others! ;D

        Thanks for the reply and info, will check it out for comatibility; apologies for the distraction!

        • Alblaka says:

          Je, if you want to mess with redstone, i can warmly suggest Eloraam. It will run via MCForge as well and is a neat supplement for IC/BC constructions operating with redstone mechanisms (used the mod for it’s timers in my Refinery).

  58. James says:

    I liked the first IndustrialCraft and am pumped for the second XD
    if its better than the first id say it will be one of the best mods out there.

  59. Khorne says:

    Take your time to complete IC2 … thanks for this wonderfull mod ^^

  60. ryan says:

    thanks for IC just started playing it few days i wotn stop unilt 1.8 cant wait for IC2

    wish i knew codeing to help out but i just cad person

  61. Wolfechu says:

    Was inclined to try your mod, till I saw you were one of these tiresome individuals who have gone to the trouble of adding banlist code to your mod.

    Feel free to add me to whatever shitlists you have, at least I know this is another mod whose creator has a overdeveloped sense of self-importance that I needn’t bother with.

  62. Traceurwill says:

    Can’t wait till the new IC is finished, Would it be possible if the solar collectors used a less expensive recipe, such as it doesn’t take a whole generator to create one, maybe a mini machine of 2×2 refined iron and would it be possible to make water mills like those in better than wolves because the ones in IC are pretty much useless :/ 0.5 EU/s doesn’t go very far at all 🙁

  63. Flame1280 says:

    Best of luck on the next IC cant wait for it you should consider adding fusion generators into the game once of the things I always wanted in IC 😀

  64. TWF says:

    Yesssssss, Yessssssss….. I would like to place a ssssssssssuggessstion regarding nuclear energy… Perhapssssssssss, the nuclear reactorssss and sssssuch could be a little more… Realisssstic. Not graphic-wissse… Rather, the reactorssss sssshould require management… For exxxample, control rod options… Temperature monitoring… And, might I dare sssssuggesssst…. cooling towerssss…?

  65. Zombie Of Logic says:

    I look forward to this new IC mod, as well as the people that play on my server adn well run their own when one of us can’t. I just hope it’ll SMP ready out of the box. That’s one of the few things about minecraft mods that drives me mad is there are some epic ones, however…….the mod creators seem to ASSUME no one plays on a server or would liek to play with them mods on it. XD that being said, I Think a mod like this is what alot of players I know have been looking for so keep up the good work.

  66. J4ckkuz says:

    If you need a spriter, I’d be happy to help.

  67. J4ckkuz says:

    My other post got blocked because I TALKED IN CAPITAL LETTERS SAYING HOW AWESOME YOUR MOD IS, HAYO! How much have you finished of IC2? I wish I could help but I can’t mod 🙁

  68. J4ckkuz says:

    I had the fibre optic cable thingy idea too!
    Holy crap, that is a long post and you are epic for making this mod I’m so excited HAYO
    Sorry if it looks like I’m spamming, I’m just super excited and all my posts seem to go in the same spot

  69. Nathan Ringo says:

    If you make the ids change from (example)

    202 - Windmill (on)
    203 - Windmill (off)
    204 - Iron Furnace (on)
    205 - Iron Furnace (off)


    202 - Windmill
    203 - Iron Furnace

    wouldn’t I have to use mIDas or a similar tool to fix my world?

    • Alblaka says:

      The problem is, we moved up to 16 machines into a single block ID. If this mIDas can handle creating and editing TileEntitys, you could fix your world, yes.

  70. Misacorp says:

    Best mod in existance. Keep it up!

  71. xxx.514 says:

    Industrial Craft… great idea, i miss it in 1.8 and i cant wait for IC^2. Lucky winds!

  72. Niels1189 says:

    When I read the part when you said your code sucks. I was like DUDE if that is basic then what could be advanced…. One thing, I think some things should need more energy.

    IC(2) FTW

    • Alblaka says:

      I would like to quote a funny compare i’ve heard:
      “Comparing IC to IC² is like comparing an old rusty WW1-tankette to a half-automized, modern high-tek battletank. Same content, same functions, but plainly more awesome.”

  73. Wolfman_123_ says:

    Can’t wait for this
    But would it be possible to make a patched version of the original IC or a custom map editor that would change all the old id’s to IC2 id’s whilst keeping the physics that would apply ingame (direction, connection etc)

  74. Calvissuperman says:

    So 1.8 comming lol? So far all I’m waiting for is you to update, I just can’t stand wainting! Just remember to take messages like these as positive reminders, I’m not mad at you, and I don’t mean to nag. I just really REALLY love your mod a lot so I want you to know I’m waiting :3 Thanks for the epicness!

  75. Calkhi says:

    Alblaka I was about to LOL slap you! You made me /cry man, you made me /cry!

  76. Michael says:

    I am unsure of what IC is yet; I’ve heard it’s a modpack containing RedPower, Buildcraft, Better Than Wolves, and more. I myself keep a 1.7.3 folder backed up for SSP using these mods but my server forces me to run at 1.8.1 and if your mod does integrate all these mods (and more) I would like to request integration of OptiFine for HD texture support and better game performance. It works wonders and is the only HD texture mod my GF’s computer can use, decent system for hardware but XP 32-bit is a curse and then some. OptiFine is the only HD support that works on her system, and I want to introduce her to all the above mods any way I can. Again this is presuming IC is what I’ve been told, I apologize if I am mistaken and will keep checking the info in your forum regarding this to make sure it is what I expect it to be if not something better. 🙂

    • Alblaka says:

      Afaik Optifine isn’t yet MCForge compatible. As such, you would need to bug SpaceToad, or, even better, the creater of Opti to use MCForge as basemod as well.

      • Michael says:

        True enough as my continued digging discovered. Would seem a lot of players have beaten me to it but the creator of OptiFine has created Forge compatible 1.8.1 variants. Now I eagerly anticipate your IC2 and came back just now to check on the availability. 🙂

  77. Russian Mario says:

    Thank you!!!! At first I thought it was actually being cancelled, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO! But then I saw IC2 and I’m pretty sure it’ll be awesome. Just please try to make it compatible with buildcraft and when will this awesome mod come out?

    • Ferrelas says:

      It’s been out for quite a while, accually, the 1.8.1 version is even due soon. 🙂

  78. TheSuperCreeper says:

    After reading the first part I about throw my laptop out the window. Lol, Nice trick bro.
    Well good luck to you and keep up the awesome work!

  79. Nekronuke says:

    Woo, Gold Cable! I mean, you probably would’ve added it any way, but it gives me warm fuzzies when i use it 😀

  80. Edisn says:

    IC was one of my faforite mods. (Used it in combination with RedPower)

    I hope the new version gets a graph based algorithm for power instead of a
    block based. Because such a algorithm only needs the information that two blocks are konnekted and the length of the connection instead of calculating every block.

  81. mine_killer14 says:

    just a quick post,

    u mentioned using oil. would be be able to intergrate this with the Oil from Build craft.

    Or create a Mechine that could convert Build Craft Oil To EC oil and vice versa

  82. Ian West says:

    I’m a little worried about having any new ores if they only spawn in new chunks. I don’t want to have to make a new map or start over on my really nice one. Is this being taken into consideration? Will there be a solution for this?

  83. Scalpinock says:

    Alblaka , you are the only person who made me want to learn coding Java .

    Like other ones said before , a compatibility somehow with Buildcraft would be great , as this other mod has the things IC doesnt have .

    IC mk I was great , IC II will be pure awesome (well I think)

    Please forgive my english , not native language

  84. Taplin says:

    Hey i would just like to say, that i love ic2, amazing mod.
    However after just building the mining lazer….. wtf bro power hungry much.
    please change that. or increase its storage or something… its almost useless to me.

  85. flex says:

    so has this guy disappeared, or has IC2 been released and i just dont know it. Ive looked on google but only found the 1st version

    • Alblaka says:

      So much win :3 *sarcasm*

      • Fesquera says:

        yikes, the pain of seeing these fellows.

        Anyway, IMO, take as much time as you need even though it pains me to wait, but I know what we`re waiting for, and its definitly worth it.

        Keep it up!

        ~ Fesquera

  86. Foxy_Gnome says:

    =D brillant, was reading about all the idiots complaining about the banlist, was quite comical, loved the way you kept your composure whist giving a logical responce

    • nohuye says:

      If you mean “logical” as in total non-sense, then yes little lady, you are correct. Fascism is not racism, it’s fascism: a system of control where a govt maintains de facto power over all institutions, atomizes social relationships by means of state sponsered terror, and has implied control over an economy. The national socialist party was a facist political party with a racist ideology expounded in “mein-kampf”. Many fascist govt’s are racist, but not necessarily all [source: Juan Linz on authoritarian and totalitarian regimes]. I know politics are not most peoples strong suit, but at least try to google some stuff once in a while guys, especially when its part of your history, because usually layman understandings of “isms” are way off.

      Whatever happened to the internal ban list anyway? Was it replaced by the AGC?

  87. Herobrine says:

    It should be PS PPS PPPS because P stands for Post = after, so after writing after after writing etc

  88. Germanyxx3 says:

    and where is IC3? =D (oh I’m a bit late for 1st April? :D)

  89. Gabriel232467 says:

    hello sorry for the inconvenience, if something is not understood because I’m using a translator, my question is: how did you program the machines like the recipes in them, please I need you to tell me and thank you very much in advance…….

  90. Ron Anderson says:

    Hello dear Alblaka,

    I just heard of your mod today, when i asked in a forum, how one would programm and data structure to simulate circuitry in a tile based game. I was amazed about the complexity, capabilities and performance of your mod.

    In started searching through this site, but couldnt find the information i was searching for, so i’ll ask directly, where the right info seems be 🙂
    Could you please refer to a documentation, that explains how your mod works, programatically and what data structures/algorithms/techniques are used in your mod, since i am programming my first serious game, and i want to simulate circuits similar to the mod.

    I hope you have a secret page, with everything explained for programmers :), and if not could you please point me in the right direction, to get a system like this working?
    You would help me very, very much, and instead of grinding the internet and my brain for another month, i could finally get on coding my game 🙂

    Thank you very much in advance, and, you gained a big fan and supporter!

    Greetings and all the best!

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