Some sort of bad news…

Now, let’s start with the good ones:
We’ve discovered a way similar to Eloraam’s one to reduce the ID usage of blocks to 1/16th (and even 1/32th for duble-ID machines).

As well, you will be capable of entering a whole new world with IC² 😀

Which actually is the disadvantage, IC² will NOT be compatible with IC-Worlds. Me and the current coder team (to be specific: Player) did wage the options against each other, but it’s just impossible to implement most of the new features without overhauling the old ones. Which again will make IC-Worlds hate IC².

Probably we will create a World Converter IC->IC² , but per se IC-Worlds just won’t run with IC².
The excessively good part about this decision is, we can vastly reduce block ID usage and freely rework the whole mod.

As the blockID was the sole limit remaining (sprites aren’t an issue and 32000 Item ID’s seemed sufficient, too), this means IC can now implement 16 times more stuff with unlimited amounts of sprites. Sounds utopic, but is real. Welcome to the Future of Industrial Minecrafting.

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  1. G0rni says:

    Well a restart ain’t always a bad thing. Make ic2 good (and im sure you will) and most people won’t have a big problem with it.

  2. bartios says:

    Bad news? i don’t see it. As long as you make a converter ,i don’t think that anybody will start complaining.

    Keep up the good work!

    • imer says:

      they will..
      at least those who are not smart enough to use the converter before they update & “crash” their worlds

      • Alblaka says:

        No need to use ”
        This time there WILL be crashes. It’s not solely an ID thingy which will deletes a few blocks ;P

  3. Gauban says:

    Actually that was one of the things that came to my mind, when I read about the IC2. I think, it must have been obvious to most ppl. (even without programming skills), that if you do a complete overhaul of something, including core functions, it can’t be compatible with the old version.
    It quite often happens with retail programs / games, that if major patch is release previous saves or configs doesn’t work anymore and ppl are used to it.
    If it would be possible to create a converter, than it would be awesome and no one will have any valid reason to complain.

  4. Setzer says:

    Once again, your headline had me scared for a moment, stop doing that! 😛

    Good to hear you’re making excellent progress on the mod 🙂

  5. DrashianDiatamis says:

    Yay! I suspected it might not be compatible with old saves as soon as you announced there would be a version 2, so I was prepared for that bad news. A converter would be awesome for folks with giant factories already laid out. Me, I’m far more excited about the reduced block ID footprint (and the elimination of terrain sprite usage, of course). I, uh, run a lot of mods. *blush*

    Now I was about to ask if there was any way I could help, but then I looked back and saw your link to the recruitment thread. Perfect!

  6. CVL says:

    I will go for full revolution. It is better to do it now or never. Especially when users are more likely to use other mods along, especially decorative ID-hungry mods, it is better if IC2 is not part of the problems in long run.

  7. Witmoca says:

    Nice that you’re redoing the code. Gonna be easier for u guys to fix bugs and implement new stuff. To all people who don’t like the IC² idea: Bugs/minecraft updates will be fixed a lot faster and new stuff will be implemented a lot faster (and less buggy probably :P). Nice for the block limit to be raised (16x more means 16x machines, ore,etc… :D). When it works there won’t be any limits anymore 😀 (unless u are able to use all those block spaces 😀 wich i doubt).

    • Alblaka says:

      Exactly this. I already reduced code redundancy by about 20% with a mere small fixes. To be more exact: If Notch starts randomizing methods again, i will need 12x less time to change my files accordingly XD

  8. Lahrmid says:

    lol, this is the bad news, that I have to start a new world?

    Seriously, will people just grow up and stop whining about ‘oh noes, i have to start a new world, damn you notch/mod-creator!’

    Overall, these are great news, thanks Alblaka, I’m very much looking forward to this 🙂

  9. MrOmega says:

    I never have a full out factory set out, so I probably won’t be too affected by the change, but the 16x more spots open means that I can install more mods without worrying and doing a lot of math to get everything to fit.

    Looking forwards to this, Alblaka. We all know you’ll do a great job.

  10. bartios says:

    maybe i am saying something stupid but, is this ID stuff like Mod Loader? i mean like you have mod loader compatible mods and uncompatible ones.
    i expect it to not be so but i ain’t sure so i will just ask you.

    Ps: are you already getting tired of me asking you stuff ? :p

    • CVL says:

      Here is thing in nutshell.

      Modloader is the manager, he takes care of stuff including which mods get which IDs. It stops the minecraft when some IDs are shared in a wrong way. For most (small mods), incompatibility arise when there are no more IDs available for everyone. So, if a big mod like IC can reduce the ID-comsumption, it means more mods can be put together. Meanwhile, big mods vs big mods like aether vs ICs are beyond modloader capability.

  11. Scrs says:

    Yes! I love the idea of IC2, and the full recode, and when (not if) the conversion system comes out, so many people are going to be HAPPY! (Me included! Despite crashing every 3rd world I’ve made on average.) Can’t wait, great work.

  12. Brethern says:

    Quick question regarding IC2. Will there be a way for us to use mods like strat ore gen? Or will those be a forever no go. I really want a reason to need teleportation. Not just because it’s cool

    • Alblaka says:

      Hmmm… IC will fully relay on MinecraftForge for everything out of it’s own files. This will make it theoretically omni-compatible…
      As long as the other mods don’t conflict with MinecraftForge as well. And unless that stratore thingy was written with MCForge, i doubt it’s compatible.

  13. Spottedpath says:

    this is great news!, I don’t really have a factory or anything, besides losing a world temporarily untill u make a converter is a small price for more open IDs and sprites. and more items 😀

  14. Union says:

    The bad news is really bad news from some of us that have really “old” projects/saves that we would like to keep and revisit every so often… it will be a bit of a hassle starting fresh again in SSP and rebuilding those memorable sites again.
    But I still welcome this change. Took me 4 weeks in vanilla to create my first Minecraft castle. Recently, it took 3.5 days to build a hydro power plant on a map to power factories with (and it’s already at max MSFU power, lol). So I can only image how quick it’ll be to reshape the landscape with x8 the number of mods I normally run… lol

    So yeah… disheartening, but still approve… lol

    • FunkDooBiesT says:

      He’s already in the list 😛

      • Alblaka says:

        Nah, not exactly. I removed the mod, but didn’t take much other action. He even send a PM telling me about his mod…
        But he still didn’t ASK BEFORE posting the mod :/

        As well, i don’t want IC to be MCForge compatible… because it could, in it’s awesomeness, eventually rival IC² :O

  15. Xelanthol says:

    I’m freaking out already. I’d trade my old worlds for vast new content anyday. Keep up the awesome work Alblaka.

  16. DrSquick says:

    Hey Alblaka, we have a company IC server and are avid followers of IC! I just wanted to throw another vote in for not putting much time into a conversion tool, and certainly not backwards comparability.

    We are excited to start another world, and the idea that IC could grow to encompass more and more things.

  17. Klopero says:

    Well i hope everything will go by plan and not crash. But Alblaka coding experience from IC makes me believe in this whole thing.

  18. Rayraka says:

    I really enjoyed playing IC1 and thanks for developing it for such a long time but sometimes it’s time to move on and i will defiantly try IC2 the moment it will come out.
    About your coding skills, even thought you are not the best, you keep learning from experience because that’s the way java is meant to be learned, from experience.
    You are, in my opinion the best modder in minecraft because you have innovative ideas and you put them in code.
    Cheers and good luck with IC2

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