IC² v1.90 released

As well, April FOOLS! Please leave a comment if you barely survived a hearth attack after viewing that fake takedown pic. Credits go to Fean for creating/editing the picture, Imer for implementing it as enforced pre-site.

Grab the 1.90 download from here:

Changelog added to release thread, as well added a Boozeception guide as well as a small post on the Agriculture Guide, both regarding the new content.

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40 Responses to IC² v1.90 released

  1. Hakonwar says:

    LOL awesome

  2. Exinferis says:

    Well damn you!

    I got fooled 🙁 Frantically trying to search for somewhere that has any news about the take down!

    w00t 1.90, bring on ze bier!

  3. nou says:


  4. BuIlDaLiBlE says:

    LOL! I was led to the April Fool’s joke! XD

  5. MrJohnnZ says:

    Haha! Good one!

    Though it isn’t Aprils here just yet!

    Gotta say though, I think im waiting for 1.2.5 atm.

    Either way, the beer/coffee stuff looks interesting, and the auto fertilizer/weeder thing looks great! I shall probably use it!

  6. MiK3gamer says:

    i LOLed ^^
    at the first second i was confused.
    then i read the text, and started laughing ^^ i though: “nice fake. looks pretty realistic”

    but now i am curous.
    “issued by a german district court”
    i am wondering if you guys are german ^^ well, i am german. and it would be awesome if this great mod is a german quality product too 🙂

    and if you are not german, why did you use the german district court in your april fools message? :-O

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, Feanturi and me are German… I actually would have preferred to leave the US court thingy there… FBI and German Court just doesn’t match.

  7. BuIlDaLiBlE says:

    “German Distric Court” XD

  8. alexander says:

    youl’ve got me!!!
    I forgot it’s 1st april. )))
    Long live the king!!!!!

  9. Sander798 says:

    I thought the site had gone down from downloads or something. 😛

    Never occurred to me that it might be an april fools joke.

  10. ghost2027 says:

    oh thank god. good one. only short sentences. don’t scare us like that. also i don’t think this matters but there may or may not be a law against impersonating a federal mandate or something. there is no way you will actually get in trouble for that especially being in Germany and such, just don’t leave it up too long, for the sake of all of our hearts.

  11. killra says:

    After having a smaller heart attack i linked it to a friend so i could see him having on too. Great start of 1 April^^

    Is there a change log?

  12. jppk1 says:

    Haha, awesome!
    Got a bit scared at first but as I read trough it I noticed that FBI and German District Court dont really match.

  13. idc43 says:

    Conspiracy to commit HAYO 😀
    I loled irl. Awesome job

  14. TekRaptor says:

    That Completley Freaked me out

    i didnt want what happend to megaupload to happen to you

  15. DisableMe says:

    o my god, my heart literally skipped a beat. At first i thought it was a warning for my computer, then i calmed down and that it was industrial-craft and held my breath again

  16. Ar_pharzion says:


  17. Selenite says:

    I was about to rage…Then I thought to myself…Why would this happen, So I read the cert, and was like..??WTF?? Why would FBI write something like that and I LOLed.

    But great job on the 1.90 update.

  18. Austragus says:

    You almost killed me…

    A second later I was searching for “Industrial Craft Shot Down” in Google. Then, I clicked on this website again…

    F*** You got me so worried…

    • Alblaka says:

      How big’s the chance of Goolge iniatiating a shutdown like on Micheal Jacksons Death because too many people google for the same thing at once? :3

  19. TH3ATOMICMAN says:

    X.x *picks self up off floor* dam that was a good one ^-^

  20. Meduax says:

    April, April würde ich da doch mal sagen. Gute Arbeit, auch wenn FBI und deutsche Gerichte nicht so sehr zusammenpassen wollen. 😉

  21. Bizzycola says:

    I looked at it then thought it was interesting.
    Then I read it and I actually said, out loud, “god damn april….” and started laughing.
    I didn’t expect it to disappear until tomorrow, thankfully it is on some kind of timer.
    Time to download the new release!

    • Alblaka says:

      I insisted on it not blocking access. Asked for something like a hidden link, but Imer coded it with a much more simple timer mechanism :3 Why not.

  22. Harmony says:

    *is caught up in the wave of posts*

    Albaka, help me! Toss me a jetpack! Im drowning!!! D:

    The waves of excited people are too much!!!

  23. sid the sloth says:

    sweet babies, freaked out there for a second. have fun committing hayo tho.

  24. poiz says:

    I refreshed instinctively. Give me the image please.

  25. MorganIsCewl says:

    You trolling bastards. Well done! You actually had me going for a bit there. Then I saw the bottom bit, and thought “Silly April Fools.”

    Oh, and new IC2 release! Happyness!

  26. Minerkat says:

    I was like oww noes what has Alblaka been up too before I read it all. I now understand awesomeness is against the law 🙁

  27. NexCruentus says:

    Wtf lol it pops up the first time I click with a removed (expected for this day) then I click it again and it pulls up a post lol.

  28. The_Scary_One says:

    You are down right cruel… was sitting down af my browser opened up (your bloc was on the last fan i had open in my last session) i litterly fell down my chair (or rather missed it -.-‘)

    Glad next version is up 😀

  29. Aetris says:

    My first reaction: WhaaAAAT?! /heartrace
    Final reaction: … “Conspiracy to Commit Awesomeness” — Oh, okay.

  30. Christian says:

    great loved it

  31. Drstrangest awesome xD says:

    …^^’ love the rum i’ll admit though spontanious death was not expected, luckily i was in my home(yes5-7 i admit is not safe)

  32. bbqroast says:

    I was like WTF?
    Then I read “Conspiracy to commit Hayoness”, typical Alblaka.

  33. seiji007 says:

    What happen to me:
    WTF, why why why???!!!!
    *read the Conspiracy to commit Hayoness*
    thx god

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