April Fools Jokes

People started flaming me for stealing FutureCrafts idea.

It was a goddamn April Fools Joke, get down again.

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11 Responses to April Fools Jokes

  1. Sirbrandino says:

    I’m kinda glad, as i felt a little let down with the secret being so “big”. Glad it was a joke actually.

  2. FenixR says:

    April Fools its srs bsns Al, if you do one you have to commit yourself the full 24 hours to make people rage harder the moment you announce it was a total April Fool Joke.

  3. poiz says:

    The “Space is an april fools day joke” thing is an april fools day joke.

  4. ghost2027 says:

    fool me once: shame on you. fool me twice: shame on me

  5. imer says:

    Now to cleaning up… :<

  6. Iced199 says:

    Thanks for telling us this. I don’t know if i’d update if it was true. :/

  7. Drizak says:

    It was too obvious :p

  8. Captainminealot says:


  9. NexCruentus says:

    Lol I laughed Alblaka. Not sure why everyone else is freaking out but ya got a laugh out of me 😀 It was a little easy to tell it was an AF joke but good try x3.

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