Open for Commissions

Didn’t want it to come out like this, but I can’t deny it anymore: I, or rather my family, is probably running slightly low on money.  It’s nothing critical (yet) but I would strongly like to support them and thus decided to start accepting commissions for mods. As well, “working” for money comforts me more then solely relying on and asking for donations…

Sort of a pilot project, I can’t remember anyone trying this before. Double-checked Mojangs ToS, it’s definitely permitted. Question is whether people will actually pay to get their Mod Wish fullfilled (of course in high quality).

Check out the official thread in this regard, over on MCF (*shakes*).
In case you got a vast surplus of money, please feel free to commision stuff or drop me some donations. ^^’

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  1. Makray says:

    You, sir, are about to receive a torrential flood. Good luck.
    Seriously though, I’m sorry you’re experiencing possible financial difficulties.
    I’m sure the commissions will cover it, due to your body of quality work and reputation.
    I think I have an idea for a commission, actually….

  2. Jacoo says:

    Awesome idea 😀

  3. Taranis says:

    Maybe you should have a look at Kickstarter or try to fund your projects in a similar way. Minecraft The Story of Mojang raised $210k.

    • Daredevil says:

      I thought of kickstarter, too. Even suggesting it on the MC-forums.
      But kickstarter doesn’t support paypal, so I guess its a bad choice. (“Sorry, Kickstarter only supports credit card payments through Amazon Payments.”)
      The idea itself howere is quite appealing to me never the less. I don’t have the money to fund a whole IC-topic on my own but with say 20 people we could easily afford 10 hours of work.
      And 20 people is a low estimate i guess…^^

      • Daredevil says:

        Sorry for the repost, but I cannot find any edit button.
        I did a bit of research and found that this sites perhaps would be more fitting than kickstarter ( fees in the brackets ): ( 5% after paypal fee ) ( only paypal fee )

        (ChipIn looks surprisingly easy to set up and has a funding-meter [don’t know the name^^] in html for web-implementation)

        As said: I really like the idea…Let’s fund Spaceships! 😛

  4. BrickedKeyboard says:

    How about a refactoring of IC2 with performance increase as the primary goal, so that it is more suitable for large servers?

  5. Sunny says:

    if you add your BitCoin wallet adress I would donate one or two $ buck every now and then

    • Alblaka says:

      Is BitCoin some sort of Paypal?

      • Sunny says:

        no it’s a new currency worth around 4.65$ ~ at the moment, you can freely exchange it for real cash or buy services (mostly, tho real trade is done with it too)
        but it’s kind of an open source currency and I don’t like giving paypal money, also it’s possible to make your own BitCoins (tho these days it’s really hard to get lucky, see “pooled bitcoin mining”
        if you ever want to know how to set up a wallet (which is anonymous, everyone can send you BitCoins without any fee whatsoever)

        also there’s NameCoins (they’re worth relatively little, but also they’re not intended as a standalone currency, but it’s a kind of credit for a free (opensourcish) DNS and registrar)
        if you’re interested and also in an explanation about mining and possibilities to still mine coins send me a mail

        (Setting up a wallet is easy, you just get the BC program, create a wallet, it connects itself and you will get a lengthy key which will be your wallet number this for example is my public (and empty wallet) 14LyLsJkaKavBxeinPL5MFAvnuzKjEFDed

        anyway, you could even plead that people pool mine for you they give some of their energy (literally if they use a good gpu) and that would net you multiple times their energy cost in bitcoins which you again could either trade for services (mostly domain and server host stuff, but the market is growing rapidly as BC is getting more and more stable)

        I would go more into detail in an email conversation

        gruesse aus Berlin

        • Sunny says:

          forgot one half sentence: trade in for euro or dollar

          • DV8FromTheWorld says:

            He forgot the mention that the person who “created” Bitcoin is unknown and refuses to release his identity. So basically there is 1 person who can control what happens with bitcoin. Its a stupid decision to get into bitcoin from an economic view. Stick with paypal.

          • Sunny says:

            well, what a bad argument lacking any knowledge whatsoever @ DV8FromTheWorld

            how it’s controlled and why no single person can have the control over it is explained quite well, you can find many good sources on the internet, even scientific ones from engineers, mathmatecians and crypto/it scientists, loads of papers on that subject

          • Artrimil says:

            In other words…it’s almost exactly like the Federal Reserve in the United States of America? It’s privately owned and they control everything that deals with the American dollar form of currency. Use logic next time please.

  6. Lasergut says:

    Dang, the One time I’m short on money is the one time a big name modder shows up and will make mods for people. Al, I wish you the best of luck with your financial issues.

    • NexCruentus says:

      Im with Laser here lol the one time I’m low is the one time I get a chance to get more crops lol.

  7. Stefan says:

    im myself on hartz4.. so no money from me.. i hope ic2 keeps free? :-S

    • Sunny says:

      Judging from what he wrote I doubt IC2 will ever cost money or require money,
      BUT if he gets good jobs for good money, it’s clear to me he would prioritize them,
      so for people with a little money to share the intelligent thing to do would be donate for IC2 or something very IC2 specific as topic/project for him to prioritize.

    • Alblaka says:

      Of course! IC² is and will be free forever. At worst I will eventually consider to priorize suggestions according to donators at some point. But the mod itself will continue being free.

      (However, P2P servers using IC² are still permitted)

  8. nou says:

    you mention ModLoader, MCForge and so on. i suggest you double check theirs condtions too as you are going to use it too.

    • Alblaka says:

      Valid point. MCForge is OpenSource and thus I can freely use their code (and accordingly do whatever I want with the modificated code), not entirely sure about ModLoader.

      In worst case this merely means I’m not permitted to modify those classes, though.

  9. 32767 says:

    would it be possible to put payment methods on the MFC post? I would prefer not to get my hopes up if I can’t even pay for it.

    [insert obligatory ic2 is great]

  10. None says:

    Gonna give this a try, you got mail.

  11. RJReed67 says:

    Sorry to hear about the hard times. Donation for all your great work has been sent.

  12. Jivix says:

    Whats… What’s up with the IC2 1.90 download? Everyone seems to be playing it, but the download is not available on your site. Am I failing to connect the dots?

    • Alblaka says:

      Release thread definitely has a download link.

      • Jivix says:

        Ah, I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before, it was just taking me to the main page of the file hosting site. It’s working great now, thanks!

        • Alblaka says:

          Now, noone was avaible for putting the files onto the webspace and Mediafire suddenly wants me to create an account for uploading files.. thus i randomly picked a new filehost, dunno about it’s consistency and performance.

  13. AJ says:

    Hmmm, might be a stupid question, and it’s cool if you say no. But can we commission a feature we want to add to IC2 and have it put into the mod?

    • Alblaka says:

      No, that’s one of the exceptions. You mad request an addon to IC basing of it’s API, but otherwise you’re meant to put it into the Suggestion forum.

      • AJ says:

        That’s actually a fantastic idea, it means not everybody is forced to use the same ideas I might want. I might do this later when I can save up some scratch. Thank you for the reply!

  14. Howl_Jenkins says:


    Thank you Alblaka for all the work you’ve done so far. Everything you’ve done to add to minecraft is awesome! Sorry to hear money is tight for your family. I myself am conquering school loan payments. I actually planned on sending you a donation soon anyway because I use your mod so much. I’m very happy that all the modders out there do so much for the community for free. So I see no problem with making donations or commissioning some finely sculpted mod work.

    Furthermore I have a commission in mind for you. I’ve just started building a modded bukkit server and have been putting all the features I’d like it to have together. One piece I’m very interested in adding to it is Force Fields or Field Generators. I know that Field Generators have been in IC before and I’m not sure if you planned on adding them back in or not. Regardless I’d like to commission you to have this work done. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


    Howl Jenkins

    • Alblaka says:

      As mentioned here: , i’m not taking commissions for IC² stuff.
      And if you want a good ForceField/addon, you can always use the ForceField Addon of the Addon section of this websites forum. It’s as official as it can get.

      Be advised I’m not doing bukkit mods at all, given I don’t have the time to work into Bukkits structure.

  15. Harmony says:

    Damnit, i sort of wished i could trust online paying (other then Amazon and Gamestop) now……

    Then i would totally commision a Mass Effect Mod xD

    FemSheps for the win <3

    Anyways, i must go Harmonize some crops.

    And Albaka, i suggest you keep this on the blog….

  16. Withmyself64 says:

    Ho boy. That really sucks Al. The only good thing is that some good ideas can now be turned into mods. 😀

    A bad thing is that he won’t be able to focus on IC if he is working on. I think donations are a better idea than commissions so that IC2 is developed at a better rate.

  17. punker180 says:

    Would u be willing to do commissions to change someone else’s mod for my personal use? saaaay have you get finite liquid to work properly with BC IC2 and RP? or zep mod to be able to fly around with your machines still attached in its moving phase? you know other compatibility fixes?

    • Alblaka says:

      Only if the creator permits me working on the mod and provides the source code.

      • Withmyself64 says:

        Wait, why wouldn’t you be allowed to create an add-on or a patch to an existing mod?

        • FenixR says:

          Its some weird magic called “copyrights” or “author rights” or “License” or “Terms of use”

          • Skiewolve says:

            However, I do believe that Eloraam might allow it….just ask….the worst she can say is no….

  18. trevor Rogers says:

    I would gladly throw in some cash for a mo creasture smp update, it has been pretty much abandoned, or a ground up new extra mob mod. A variety of mobs is the only thing minecraft is missing. I would pay 30 bucks, and its more work than that but if we can get 30 bucks from 100 people…

  19. punker180 says:

    Alblaka because email address is required to send a message you should be able to see my email lol so if you could please email me i have a few ideas i want to run by you and get a guess on how much time it might take for you to create and such. i would like to utilize your commissioning. ty for your time!

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