Straight from IRC

<TheWarrior>hey, i started a really cool mod and made a trailer for it: ! Alblaka or Direwolf could you guys help me a bit with the coding? 😀
<Keyalha>uurg pvp
<Keyalha>sorry but imho pvp in minecraft is quite pointless
<Keyalha>but cool trailer ^^
<TheWarrior>thanks 🙂 well i like pvp ^^
<Alblaka>Wow, neat Trailed. “Insert awesome castle here”, lol.
<TheWarrior>ty 😀
<Alblaka>Direwolf20_, check that one out.
<Direwolf20_>Ok 😉
<Alblaka>Don’t think I’ve time to work on it though… Will put it on my blog though, looks like it has potential.

Seriously, check the YouTube-video. If the mod will turn out half as awesome as the trailer is, it will be awesome/2 !

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  1. Captainminealot says:

    That most certainly is looking awesome

  2. Snappybean says:

    Gotta say, mostly a teaser. I was not able to tell anything specific about the mod from the trailer, nor was there any actual modded content in the vid. However, the vid itself was much better in production value than most minecraft “preview” vids I’ve seen, so good job there.

  3. JoneK says:

    So this is Heroes Plugin Made StandAllone mod?

  4. Sirbrandino says:

    Sorry guys, but I must disagree with Alblaka here (shocker, I know). I actually find the trailer very uninformative, as I don’t even know the name of the mod. And the trailer was kinda boring :/ . Anyhow, I may be wrong, but am entitled to my own opinion. However, I would definitely love to have a good pvp mod, so no discouragement on that part.

    • Alblaka says:

      As fas as TheWarrior stated it, the Trailer is intentionally uninformative. It’s meant to tease people.
      Though I agree, a name couldn’t have hurt, could it?

      • Alblaka says:

        Just realised the mod could very well be named “Medium Voltage” XD

      • Sirbrandino says:

        Yeah, a name would have been nice…its hard to tease people if they have no idea what they are being teased about…

  5. FenixR says:

    And here i though Aprils fool ended 4 days ago :/

    • Alblaka says:

      Good point. But I doubt somebody would put that much effort into a video just for a delayed Apriljoke… And if he did, I hate him for fooling me 🙁

      • Harmony says:

        Albaka, you can be fooled so easily sometimes.

        Also, where the wiki be updated with how to make coffee and such? Im flying blind atm.

        …..and im totally clueless sometimes

    • TheWarrior says:

      Just to defend myself…
      this mod isn’t a joke, i’m slowly getting forward in process, but i’m working on it

  6. Keyalha says:

    Wow i made it onto Al´s Blog ^^
    And i stand to my point PVP is blargh but when this mod is half as awsome as the trailer i might try it out 🙂

  7. SilvaDreams says:

    Honestly if it didn’t mention the PvP I would have thought it was a new Kingdom’s mod (Which I would love to see)

  8. Grendich says:

    classes are pretty standard stuff.

    oh, and: Rouge =/= Rogue


    • Alblaka says:

      True dat. But I think it’s hard to come up with entirely new classes/concepts on a PvP Genre.
      Even more in Minecraft. Always wanted to have a good PvP Game with a mind-control psycho class :O But most games plainly don’t support that.

      • bbqroast says:

        Mind-control psycho class?
        What goes through your mind? :concerned-face:

        That would actually be quite cool.

  9. Withmyself64 says:

    Can you add hot chocolate? You would need cocoa powder (from grinding a cocoa bean), sugar, and water.

  10. legomaniack says:

    Looks kinda like Medieval craft… YAY!

    • Alblaka says:

      Given that BeastTalker skin I STRONGLY suspect it to be another mod basing off MedievalCraft (given I released the source code for public usage), as well.
      On a second thought, that’s probably the reason why TheWarrior wanted to hire me as coder, lol.

  11. MorganIsCewl says:

    “awesome/2” pretty much means that the mod is going to be half as awesome if it’s as awesome as the trailer. I think something like “awesome*2” is more appropriate.

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, i’ve said “if the mod is half as awesome as the trailer, it will be awesome/2”.
      This merely indicates I consider the trailer awesome.

  12. Amragoth says:

    The mod sould be awesome but i have a question for you Alblaka. Will you update the industrialcraft 2 for MC 1.2.5? just a question. sorry for my english, I’m from poland

      • killra says:

        i think the question came from that as there are a lot of small releases. you might w8 for 1.3.
        but i think(hope) that 1.2.5 will be the last on 1.2 so i counted on that you would update 🙂

    • Jason Roder says:

      I think he’s waiting for a stable Forge release. There’s also the issue of needing to convert away from ModLoader MP, since Forge has dropped it.

  13. ad says:

    From the Producer of Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2, and Transformers….MEV

  14. Ianangelo says:

    This kinda looks like the Tale Of Kingdoms mod that was discontinued

  15. DrkFiend says:

    I am near to complete the technic pack (which I run in an ordinary MC launcher) the only thing I need is IC2…hope u will update soon to 1.2.5

  16. bbqroast says:

    Wait he asked Direwolf20 to help him code? To quote:
    What have you been smoking out there?

    • Alblaka says:

      Hmmm… didn’t think about that yet. Probably he confused him with FlowerChild because of the “wolf” in his name? XD

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