We’re Top #1 Terror :3


IC²’s nuke is the official Top #1 Technological Tekkit Terror :3

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  1. The_Scary_One says:

    That is freakin awesome!!

  2. sky_demon says:

    Thats so badass ;D

  3. Grendich says:

    nice one 🙂

  4. Sirbrandino says:

    I’m guessing the strength was set at max? I’ve set off a nuke before, but it wasn’t THAT destructive.

  5. PsiQss says:

    I have been experimenting with nuke recently. Seriously guys, be careful with this stuff… I placed 9 nukes in 3×3 area and activated the middle one. The hole reached the bedrock but I cannot tell you how exactly it looked like, because the world renderer took offense and decided to take a holiday 😛 And I had to delete the map because of massive lag (FPS dropped below 1 (Waiting for over 1 hour didn’t help, the renderer still hadn’t got back from his holiday)

    So yeah, nuke is truly Top #1 Terror 😀

    • SilvaDreams says:

      Yup nukes can cause quite the hole in your world but most of the lag isn’t from the nuke itself but the blocks it leaves behind.. Specially if you stack them like you did as they multiply each other making more block drop due to a larger blast.

      Your best bet is to run far away then quit the game then log back in to force the dropped items to despawn

    • Omnignorance says:

      If you have NEI you could disable item drops when playing with explosives, worked like a charm for me.

  6. Skiewolve says:

    And we feared creepers?

  7. Elsion says:

    So… You’re saying that you approve of IC2’s participation in Tekkit?

  8. Ongy says:

    We played around a bit on a SMP server, setting nuke to 100 (35 is base, 4 ist TNt) and going in the Nether. BOOOM a big hole, down to Bedrock but it was a Ball… Looked kinda impressive, but damaged our Nether-House

    So we we’re bored and wanted to Restart, Mate said: PAck everything I placed two Nukes
    What i told him afterwards: Nuke strengh was 1000
    two Nukes with 1000 it was a hole to bedrock everywhere. It only stoped if there was a unloaded chunk everything else went BOOOOOOOOM

  9. Withmyself64 says:

    I built a three by three pillar of Nukes all the way down to bedrock on creative mode. It lagged for hours! When it was over, the crater was insane!

  10. mikeeldiablos says:

    I’m surprised the ic2 dynamite didn’t make it on Sjin’s top ten.

  11. seiji007 says:

    This video title should be:How to nuke a house like a boss
    BTW, dont nuke your house on a server 😛

  12. Harmony says:

    Heh. The only reason i can think of for a nuke…..is to blow those Squidward faces out of da freakin planet >:3

    Well, that and making huge holes in the ground to make secret underground lairs….. >:3

  13. Ricars says:

    USA USA USA…..
    …er..isnt alblaka german?…

  14. Michael says:

    Now all we need is an Iridium+Uranium modified nuke design to build an H-bomb which refuses to drop any items at all…

    • taiashi says:

      ooooh i like that one good for blowing one hell of a crater in the surface and mining what you see in the crater i do that with nukes XD

    • mikeeldiablos says:

      There is one like that in the Rocket Science add on called a thermonuclear missile which obliterates a god knows what area.

    • TheDireLynx says:

      what we really need is plutonium to make a bigger nuke, then they can be renamed the “Littleboy” and the “Fatman” after the 2 nukes dropped on Japan to end WWII in the pacific.

  15. Cisco says:

    Well, the Nuke is absolutely the number 1 tech terror for sure! We blew up our Tekkit world a few nights ago using about 50+ of the “secret” Nukes hehe. It was an ABSOLUTE blast! Best part, the only two things that survived were a nuke chamber I created and an enchanting table lol.



  16. Skiewolve says:

    Now I only need a 1.2.5 IC2 nuke for there is a griefer town on my server that needs erasing…

  17. Silwing says:

    We placed a few nukes on our server just to show off for a friend not playing Minecraft… Luckily we had a backup of the world from just before….. Maaaasssive lag and our spawn building we just used a week to build was completely gone xD auch… One big hole down to bedrock.

  18. Maximax says:

    Sag mal Alblaka,
    wie wärs mit Abgasen in Industrialcraft? ^^ Ich finde das wäre auch mal ein wichtiger Aspekt der unter Industrie läuft und wäre sicher auch mal ne idee zum implementieren. Vieleicht so mit Schornsteinen an Generatoren mit Filter etc um der Umwelt nicht zu schaden. Man könnte dann noch so extra ein Biom einfügen mit Kaputten Pflanzen (Die verdrockneten Wüstenpflanzen zb), sehr dunklem Grass und Bäume ohne Blätter. Diesen erhält man dann in der Umgebung wenn man zuviel Umweltverschmutzung betrieben hat… Klar, wäre wieder n heiden Arbeit, aber war jetzt auch nur mal so ne Idee.

    Trozdem möchte ich dir mal für deine überragende Arbeit danken! Einfach nur geil was du hier ablieferst. Minecraft ohne Industrialcraft²? Kann ich mir persönlich gar nicht mehr vorstellen!

  19. Skiewolve says:

    I wonder how the FML conversion is going….Good luck Alblaka

  20. Shalashalska says:

    Can you add a config option to make nukes not drop items so that they don’t lag so freakin bad?

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