1.2.5 in Closed beta

We finally got our Jenkins-troubles sorted out and the automated MCP is happyly fabricating new 1.2.5-compatible IC² versions.

Currently the betas are checking through the new 1.95 version to ensure the whole MLMP>FML porting went successfull.

Won’t give out any statement regarding release dates, solely depends on how many bugs we need to trample before the version is clean.

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  1. Fallen_dead says:

    Sounds promising 🙂
    But please keep us updated further.
    An informed community is a happy(ier) community.

  2. AJ says:

    Good luck with the beta testing guys! I’ll be waiting excitedly with all my fingers, toes, and wires crossed!

  3. Sliman says:

    Yes, its true, Fallen_dead.
    I thought, the project was sleeping or the modder rise to a unknown place, where nobody can find him to ask: “When are the release of 1.2.5?”
    RedPower2 released today and now a heartbeat of IC. Very happy day =).

    • jaf says:

      oh any one can find him to ask that he is in the dragon lair up the hill over there *points at forums* its just anyone who goes up there to ask that doesn’t make it out alive to tell the rest of us (turns out lightning rod impaled noobs are a dragons favorite treat) and the cultists that reside in the cave too seem more than happy to help feed the dragon.(lol)

  4. Drunken says:

    Finally, been waiting for it quite a bit and inside of me knew it was going to come around as eloramm finished

  5. Woodwalker says:

    Ah, this is one of the best days in a long time! New RP2 release AND news on IC2 updates? Can’t… handle… the happyness… 😀 Great job, guys, we will be eagerly and patiently waiting for the next update of awesomeness!

  6. Psychocrafter says:

    Can anyone please explain what MLMP>FML means? What are those two things?
    I guess that it means ModLoaderMP is replaced by the few Forge features?

    • Alblaka says:

      Exactly that.

    • Michael says:

      Mostly that. MLMP was an SMP ModLoader like thing; Forge needed in it to support SMP. MLMP was not updated by either of the authors who had made versions of it in the past. Someone felt the need, and and the time and skills, to make an API compatible replacement of ML for SMP; with the bonus that this time it’s opensource; which means Forge could ship it directly and everyone can be happier.

      • cpw says:

        You’re welcome 🙂 Seriously, such an important piece of infrastructure shouldn’t be closed source. Lex agreed..

  7. RobotWithinMe says:

    God, finally! IC is the only reason everytime i start my 1.2.3 Minecraft i click “Not Now” when it asks me if i want to dl update. Hopefully i could finally update those loads of mods i have to 1.2.5. Thanks Alblaka and the rest of the team!

  8. TheClaus says:

    Hears to hoping for a quick and not buggy closed beta.

  9. Sander798 says:


    Wait for IC2…or play with all the other mods…wait for IC2…or play with all the other mods…can’t pick…

    • Michael says:

      Just play with the other mods for the time being. My current 1.2.5 world is throw away while I wait for IC2 to be ready.

      • Michael says:

        Not an option for this Michael. My world will be an import from 1.1… though I might test the seed in 1.2.5 if IC2 takes long enough.

      • Sander798 says:


        But then I wont want to play on the temp world, because it’s, well, temporary.

    • Misticblade7 says:

      wait for IC2 and play with all the other mods, in that order.

  10. Sintinium says:

    I can not wait for i to be out for 1.2.5!!! it’s all i need to start a modded word!! hope it gets updated very soon!!

  11. Michael says:

    I wonder how long initial review typically takes; it would be nice to know (for example) ‘not before X’ (so I can Sleep() until then).

  12. Alex says:

    Amazing! I wake up every morning and check if IC2 for 1.2.5 is underway. Go to work with a little less chipper. Get home from work and check for IC2 updates. Go to bed defeated… I go to work today working a 10 hr shift. Work was hecktic and intense and we make record sales for the year. Get home tired exhausted and dont want to do anything. I decide to check for IC2 before I go to bed… And theres an update on the progress! I wont ask when it comes out because I know I will be checking everyday anyways:D But now I’m to excited to sleep!
    Great progress guys! And thanks for the update it is very appreiated! Tomorrow I may skip to work with a smile on my face! Keep up the GREAT work!

  13. sbromz says:

    I have been so upset from the 1.2.4 when i saw on there that work on ic2 had stopped

    but now seeing this and all the other loving mods being updated im so happy glad to know till be firing my mining lasers at creepers again in 1.2.5 <3 you guys

    i do hope that ic2 will work with bc+rp2+railcraft all these's mods work with each other its what i think the game sould be like .

    thank you Ic2 team and Alblaka for bring the best part of minecraft back .

  14. sbromz says:

    1 thing i would like to see those iron fences have a way to turn into high voltage fencing stuiped spiders need to die teach them to jump over my fences

  15. Fakerick says:

    Thanks for the update Alblaka! I hope there aren’t a lot of bugs because i want to play 😀

  16. Rolf says:

    Wow! Can direwolf20 finally start s4?

    • mine_craft14 says:

      YES! one of two reasons i have waited for this.

      the second being i want to use this and railcraft together.

  17. Kane says:

    Open Beta is the new thing 😉

    • foxxx0 says:

      Probably not that useful for such a “small” project, cause the flood of bug-reports wouldn’t possibly be checked in a decent amount of time.
      It’s much better to distribute the beta version to a small group of qualified testers which can submit high-quality bug-reports, so that these bugs can be found and fixed much faster.
      You can’t compare IC2 to a big Game with a huge development team, like Battlefield3 or Diablo3, that’s for sure.

      • Kane says:

        IDK, Since SMP is always beyond broken in almost all cases I have to disagree. Better organization and your set. A actual vote bug system would work wonders. A few of us be more then happy to moderate it to clean out false reports and etc.

        But like always most the testers play SSP and even the ones run servers usually don’t bother testing SMP because they use bukkit and they just don’t bother.

        Always ends up causing problems for SMP users and sometimes were lucky and they do an update and sometimes were not where we actually have to wait till MC get updated or their next major release comes out.

        Nothing new I have spoke up about this a few times but it seems overall SMP is hated by most people out there lol

        • Alblaka says:

          Now, you’re free to drop IC² for any other SMP compatible mod, your pick.

          • Kane says:

            Hey, I never said I hated IC or would Drop IC or said IC is crap. Just saying IC when it comes to SMP not tested as well as SSP. My point is you just don’t have as many SMP Testers as you have SSP testers.

            So expected quality is down when it comes to SMP.

            And you know damn well I love IC and would not drop it 😛

          • Alblaka says:

            Now, you should probably not randomly rant about something you got no valid informations about. You’re free to ask KB whether he ever missed out setting up our private test server for every single beta build.

            We’re not testing SMP less. The issue is SMP-bugs aren’t as obvious as SSP once and can easyly slip by.

  18. Johny says:

    Thanks for telling us very bad news. We were expecting IC2 is about to port MC 1.2.5 version. But it just moved to closed beta testings. And we can not even ask approximate timing to finalize. Anyway best of luck and hoping to hear good news soon!

  19. MorganIsCewl says:

    Good luck with releasing the new version, guys! I look forward to it with great anticipation.

  20. Withmyself64 says:

    Ah, finally Direwolf’s let’s play shall begin!

  21. lol28 says:

    18 days for release a ported version and not counting more than 1 week of the snapshot, :S

  22. Rycr says:

    I hope it comes out soon. Of all the mods I’m running, IC2 is the only one that isn’t updated for 1.2.5 yet.

    Of course, I’d rather have less bugs than a quicker release, so take your time!

  23. Aeth|r says:

    considering that I’m still using IC2 v1.23 (ok, so I’m a solarwhore, and I’m not done making cheap panels yet) – I think I can handle another couple of days before the leap into trying to remember how do all this! adjust to the 1.2.5 way of things… keep up the awesome work guys/gals!

    Without IC there IS no MC.

  24. theprofesional says:

    I love this mod i check the site every day to see its updated. I figured out a solution for all of you who get upset about mods not being updated on time. Do what i do and run previous versions of mine craft and don’t update till the new updates are out. I use IC2 Build craft rail craft forestry red power and a couple others and they don’t always update right away cause there usually waiting on something else. Alblaka and the others working on ic2 do a lot for the community and id like to see then continue this project cause i enjoy it. Nothing makes me happy then going to my buddies house and nuking it. Ive done it so many times now he actually hides in a hole hoping i wont find the place.

  25. slimjimjimmy says:

    Though the port is keeping me awake at night don’t let the impatient people get under your skin your mod is among the must have and it is always worth the wait, And for the people that demand a update don’t make the one person mad that can delay the release.
    Thank you for making and maintaining this Mod.

  26. SgtChuckle says:


    All that needs to be said. I’ll spend the waiting time working on my configs from my 1.2.3 mod set to get IC and TC to not conflict in block-IDs almost exactly. It’s almost like Azanor doesn’t want the two to work together. Meh.
    Also, fantasizing about RP Control+my factories. The automation potential is strong in this one… Might even pick up Forestry for the first time.

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