1.2.5 incoming

I excuse for all broken F5-keys in advance.
We’re about ready to go and merely checking on a few last reported bugs.

And nomming cookies. At least I am. I love cookies :3

edit: Done nomming.
It’s dangerous out there, take this: FREE COOKIE (and totally not the 1.95 release thread link)

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56 Responses to 1.2.5 incoming

  1. Suliman Ayad says:

    Cookies and industrial craft! The perfect way to start the day! This also ensures I will do ZERO studying for finals this week <_<

  2. tbsman says:

    YAY Alblaka is nomming cookies, that should mean there is not much to get done.

  3. Arjun says:

    Hurray 😀

  4. SkyWolf says:

    Yep *-* i’m waiting, tell me it’s today so i can stop destroying my F5 😀

  5. CCCode says:

    Great news! Looking forward to it

  6. Shalashalska says:

    I think we should start a counter for how many f5 keys have been broken.

  7. Stefan says:

    DOSing the server… 🙂

  8. Mine is about to break xD.
    Come on! Release! xD

  9. Mapcep says:

    I tried pressing F13, not working. +1 to Alblaka

  10. Ryan says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on this….to everyone involved!

  11. PsiQss says:

    Bon appetit, Alblaka!
    After releasing the update you’ll have enough cookies to build a house out of them :3

  12. kipkoei says:

    meh wants cookies too!!!!
    and YAY!!! Finally I can stop swapping my minecraft.jars!

  13. Termt says:

    Cookies ftw.

    Haven’t actually played minecraft or industrialcraft lately, are cocoa beans still rare as hell? Do cookies still require cocoa beans?

  14. Fakerick says:

    Alblaka, Every minute you don’t update IndustrialCraft² to v 1.95. A cookie dies ):

  15. manikyath says:

    cant wait for the update,
    reading the above comments about cookies i got an idea. (for future update)
    aren’t cookies boring when they are always the same?
    it would be great if u can add different recipes/different cookies so they don’t need one of the most expansive items in the game.
    (making cookies that expansive always seemed a bad idea to me)
    and i think this fits in with agriculture quite well.

  16. Fakerick says:

    YES! that was only 10 Minutes (:

  17. Rycr says:

    Yay! Thanks for the cookie that totally wasn’t a new release of IC2!

    In all seriousness, I’m glad this has updated. It was the last mod holding me back from updating to 1.2.5. Now it’s time to update MC and my mods!

  18. Streetwalker says:

    (LOL spamming keys is fun)

  19. ghost2027 says:

    i wanted a cookie 🙁

  20. Skiewolve says:

    COOKIES!!!!…..I need a Canner to keep these fresh….

  21. jaf says:

    I started my world and now I’m being followed by an army of ocelots! I didn’t even tame them they just teleport to me! I think they want my cookies!

  22. Sirbrandino says:

    Very Glad it has been released. I didn’t want to update ANYTHING, until IC2 was updated. Just hope we won’t run into too many hotfixes…

  23. Gumili says:

    Hey, were water mills nerfed (from 2EU/t to 1EU/t in manned mode) in this or earlier updates? I checked change logs on forums and couldn’t find an answer.

    • Alblaka says:

      Afaik WaterMills didn’t get nerfed in IC², ever. Quite the opposite, but evne that is quite a few patches ago.

      • Gumili says:

        Ah yeah, my bad 🙁

        Seems that copper cables doesn’t allow me to get more than 1EU/t, or the distance to the batbox (more than 5 blocks) decreased that value.

        Probably the second guess is correct.

        Anyways, thanks for you answer and sorry for me being stupid 🙁

        Oh and also, thank you very much for this update and work and time you spent on this mod 🙂

  24. Endelt says:

    500% MOAR! WUB WUB!

  25. Endelt says:

    Uhm, i may ask stupid, but i cant find the Forge MPmodloader… any help?

  26. Jivix says:

    I stopped using F5 a long time ago. I just set one of the macro keys on my keyboard to repeat F5 every 0.2s when held down. Plop a paperweight on it, problem solved.

  27. AJ says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeet! Now I can finally migrate to 1.2.5! Excellent work as always Alblaka!

  28. Minecrafter says:

    can someone please explain me what is nomming? xD

    • Alblaka says:

      “nomming” is a slang term for “eating”. Most commonly used if people eat something in noisy ways.
      Nomming cookies.
      TF2 Heavy nomming his sandwich.

      • Minecrafter says:

        thaaanks!! xD, so is IC2 already finished?

        • Alblaka says:

          Sort of no, never.

          • Alex says:

            Good answer! One of the reasons I like minecraft mods like IC2 is because there is always something to add and always improvements being made. Even when it already is good enough the IC2 team always wants to make it better!

  29. Abidos says:

    Jeaahh Thx the 1.95 you are great Alblaka But block id issue on number 250 249 247 248 with Redpower frames once I can fix that my fun can begun Finally

  30. DarkMagix says:

    Where are the cookies? All i found was this jar file?

  31. Minecraft4455 says:

    UM escuse me for being a dumbass but everytime i load minecraft it crashes saying this Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream

  32. It said free cookie so i pressed it, I’m still waiting for mah cookie :[

  33. Motion_Flex says:

    Ha ha. Love the troll

  34. Gamma7897 says:

    Finally something to prove i wasnt stupid updating to 1.2.5

  35. Erik says:

    So I’ve hit a weird bug:

    When I connect to my server, I cannot see projectiles:

    Arrows fired from bow, Throw Ender Eyes, potions, etc…

    Has anyone encountered this before and if so, do you know how to fix it? I am using the April 20th build (recommended build) from forge, IC2 1.9.5.

    This bug does NOT occur on single player

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