Hotfix 1.95b

Download links of release thread got replaced. Hotfix mainly adresses the various crashing issue. Not sure whether we got all of them down, though.

Links in release thread fixed, someone/thing changed them back to the 1.95 ones.

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22 Responses to Hotfix 1.95b

  1. Deathguise says:

    Great job bro, any idea when the wiki is updated?

  2. Sirbrandino says:

    Did it happen to fix optifine crashes as well? Not sure which side it was, but I was having a ton of problems using optifine.

    • Alblaka says:

      I would recommend trying it out for yourself, I can’t tell which bugs we did squash and which not.

      • Sirbrandino says:

        Thanks, I was able to get it to work, if it happens again, I’ll post an error log to make sure it isn’t anything forge or Ic side.

  3. Keyalha says:

    I did not had any problems using optifine yet altho i dont have much stuff used in my testbed world since my computer died yesterday. What problems did you experience?

    • Sirbrandino says:

      I was getting a clash with optifine, where it would not increase fps at all, and would not work properly, ex: not actually removing fog. When trying to change advanced open gl, it would crash minecraft. I found after re-installing everything several times, and deleting all the config files, and copying the optifine folder into the jar a couple times finally got it to work, but like I said in the above post, I am still not sure if it was forge, Ic, optifine, or a combination. It works now tho, so I guess that’s all that matters. 😎

  4. Hawk777 says:

    At this thread the thread title is 1.95b, but the download links point to files ending in “_1.95.jar”. Changing the URL to end with “_1.95b.jar” leads to another file which is different from the first file. Link error?

  5. Andrew says:

    Are you sure the link was actually replaced? I checked the link and it leads to which is suspiciously the exact same size as the old copy. Also, that file exists and is slightly larger.

    • Alblaka says:

      New link was supposed to lead to Players private server… if it still pointed to the wiki with 1.95, it for some reason did not save my edit.

  6. Michael says:

    Great job Alblaka, IC2 just keeps getting better and better.
    Just wondering when albOS is coming out? or has the development been cancelled?

    • Alblaka says:

      Pretty much cancelled. We got ComputerCraft and Eloraams Computers, we don’t need a third implementation ^^

      • Sirbrandino says:

        Aw 🙁 . It would have been nice to have a computer to control nuclear rectors, handle complex wiring networks, and keep your machines running…
        Which brings up the question: What is YOUR next big thing? With red power full steam ahead with exciting new releases, I feel as tho IC2 is falling behind. I hope you have something in the works!

  7. Jesper "Zetbo" says:

    I have a bug, just gotten from 1.95b, when i use my setup ofc, mfe -> lv transformer -> batbox, when ever i unload the chunk and comes back, the lv’ setting’s goes wrong. it stops charging the batbox. The fix is I have to reset the lv and it works again… :'(

  8. Arjun says:

    I don’t know if im reporting this properly, but when I try to plant a melon seed on a crop my game crashed. Using 1.95b and various other mods.(Happens with pumpkin seeds too) haven’t tested any others tho

  9. RE says:

    Hi Alblaka,

    I would like to ask you to probably make the Quantum Boots fall damage nullification up to a very high value. (like probably 100 blocks)

    The reason being, that is in SMP, if the server is kind of lagging or whatever reason, the player will get damaged for some reason just by jumping using the Boost button. This is not really convenient when me and my friends are playing on our private server and have to jump around building tall stuffs like a tower. (Suddenly getting damaged in the middle of the leap and we fell down and had to climb all over again)

    Also, can you include a Industrial-Craft style car? (Sort of like a minecart that can traverse on normal terrain and hike 1 block, unlike a player that can only hike half block when walking) It’ll be a good addition to your mod.

    Amazing updates, keep up the good work!

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