Just set up a sort-of-official contest for complex machines consisting of Redpower Frames + Industrial Machines.


Everyone is free to participate in “The Industrial Frames Engineering Challenge”, you can win an awesome secret prize!
Contests themese are:
-An automated SolarPanel-spamming factory
-A flying Miner-Spaceship

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  1. Sirbrandino says:

    Whoa. Although I don’t have time to participate, I’m definitely interested in seeing some of the entries.

    • Alblaka says:

      Exactly that’s my motivation for the contest :3

      • Lasergut says:

        So you came up with some elaborate competition just to see the awesome things people come up with? Thats… actually awesome.

        • Alblaka says:

          Sort of. I want a huge awesome epic machinery thingy. Just seeing a ultimate moving IC fortress would be awesome.

          As I don’t have the time to do it myself, this contest will create such a thing :3
          AND I can drop in some sneak promo 8)

  2. Hadesadun says:

    great idea but…

    after moving a miner with frames it doesnt recive power until its replaced 🙁


  3. Peter James Davidowicz says:

    We’ll use crystals!!!

  4. Offboss says:

    You could use a block breaker/deployer?

  5. Shroo says:

    it affects most machines I have tested, including power storage and transformers, but a quick save/exit, reload and its as good as new…

  6. Shalashalska says:

    I just thought of a new idea for a theme. A theoretically infinitely expanding block-breaker wall. It digs more space for itself, converts junk into scrap, and builds itself. And uses UUM for some extra stuff.

    Mark DCLXVI Planetary Annihilator

    A wall (just above top layer of bedrock to 64, minimum) of block breakers
    A sorter+refinery for the stuff the breakers put out
    A system to make the wall bigger (size increase does not have to happen every forwards move)
    Has to move itself, but only in one direction, does not need a reverse. (No source-based frames)
    Must be able to expand itself sideways theoretically infinitely (Until you reach max frame limit at one time)
    Must be able to add more frame motors in order to move an additional 200 blocks.
    Needs a large power source capable of having no energy starvation (must also be expandable)
    The sorter/refinery must also be expandable
    Must have a Mass Fab, which may be your source of wood/rubber, HOWEVER, it does not need to be the source of wood/rubber
    Cannot have any external material input other than the block breakers. (So all resource generation is self-contained bar the block breakers)

    • Shroo says:

      there are limits, the solar array machine is nice and simple, because it only has to move in one direction, so the engine is basic, involving only 2 engines and I think I’ve seen it built with as few as 7 frame blocks, which is good, because the limit that frames can move is default 1000 blocks max, so that leaves you with a lot of space to build your block breaker wall, your mass fab and some system to create and deploy solar panels… the flying miner spaceship is much harder, the movement system will require at least 12 engines, and my current set up requires 28, (and more frames than I can count) and barely leaves enough blocks for your controls, which in my current set up are basic levers… but still no miners (or other means of resource collection), or any form of processing can be achieved… so any attempt to build something that has to build in one direction, dig in another direction at the same time and process all the materials it digs out would almost certainly be theoretically impossible… (the block limit can be increased but it can crash your client when you try to move too many blocks)

      i’m looking forwards to seeing the winning entries, i’d love to see how the engine(s) in them work… so far that’s my biggest hurdle…

  7. AJ says:

    Oh wow, can’t wait to see how awesome some of the entries in this contest will look. I would enter but finals are coming up soon.

    Been playing IC2 a ton ever since 1.9 was released, and it works like a charm. Felt like tossing you a little extra thanks for your amazing work Alblaka.

  8. sansko1337 says:

    Hay Alblaka when the Minecraft mod API is released, will you port industrial craft to it or will you stick with forge?

  9. Shalashalska says:

    I’m thinking that the official API will probably be full 4096 block id support, integration of many API’s into the default game, possibly including forge.

    • Alblaka says:

      You’re thinking wrong. They already announced official API being Bukkit(-like). Thus, quite no change on SSP.

      • Shalashalska says:

        So it’s not really very helpful then, is it?

        • Alblaka says:

          Given the information we have to judge the API from our current point of view. Not for us. Though ofc it will make any sort of serverhosting with some plugins easier.

  10. Jorgen19981 says:

    Just for some days ago i actually made a fully working mining ship for the mining ship mark xvvvv or somewhat contest currently am the only contestant :p check out the commentary field page 10 for video and pictures.

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