With the power of Ninja-ism


Grab IC² 1.97 before it turns cold!

So, let’s put up a full sitrep:

  • Sorry for the ridicolous large waiting time since last update. You know, busy, demotivated, Diablo III, DayZ… stuffs…
  • The update contains fixes and slight changes, nothing dramatical.
  • Looking forward to code new content for the 2.00 update.
  • No space, damnit! We’re still getting suggestions after my April’s joke.
  • Re-started working on TDC.
  • Currently listing up random facts on my blog.
  • dito
  • Sort of tired… should probably consider sleeping, instead of typing random phrases.

PS: Changelog online in the release thread.

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41 Responses to With the power of Ninja-ism

  1. muCkk says:

    Ah a new version, time to port. Nice work Alblaka.

  2. Kdl says:

    Nice =) Thank you

  3. Kaomie says:

    Woot thanks!

  4. PirateAE says:


    to much summer near you?

    tyvm for teh update

  5. Stavro says:


    Seriously though, YEAH! Now I can finally stop putting off my IC2 addon plans, and — OOH! A butterfly!

  6. dedecou says:

    Alblaka, forget IC, and go work in TDC!

    • Baronmoron says:

      You only get what you donate… Now everyone go spam the donate button!!!

  7. Andrew says:

    Does this mean that we can finally continue https://www.industrial-craft.net/?p=379 ?

    • Gaxx says:

      in theory: it does. i just checked it out and everything is working even after being moved by frames \(^o^)/

  8. IndustrialNerd says:

    HOLD THE PHONE! DayZ you say? ^-^ Can we be best friends? <3

  9. dmitiry says:

    get a vacation Al! we have the bugfixes for now and its gona be a while before 1.3
    get some rest and inspiration and come back to us with new uberindustrialization stuff!

  10. JoneK says:

    OH MY GOD!

  11. Vecna says:

    Great update, but I found a bug, I guess.
    When I restart the game, the achievements that I get in the previous session are deleted, so I have to get every achievement again and again and again and so on…

    • Alblaka says:

      The achievement system was, like quite a few other things, never fully implemented by Mojang. Even the vanilla achievements tend to reset from time to time (even more so in SMP).
      IC Achievements are just a semi-useless gimmick ^^

  12. XFmax-o-l says:

    See? The longer the wait the bigger the surprise.
    And before you bash that down with ”It contains barely anything aside of massive bug fixes and frame-support and recipe changes”.
    They are probably gearing towards 2.0. So don’t see this as a ‘new’ release, see it as a present to you so you can dick around with frames.

    Else you would have to wait until 2.0 for all of it.
    Now you wouldn’t want that now would you :>

    tl;dr Thanks for the hard work team.

    • Alblaka says:

      Be advised 2.0 will probably take quite some time. We’re currently on standby to create any hotfix for 1.97 if the necessarity arises, though

      • XFmax-o-l says:

        Patience is key 🙂
        Instead of thinking of the things you cannot do while waiting people must try to think of the things they can do.
        (If you even read Siddharta -Herman Hesse you might know.)
        Too bad this kind of wisdom isn’t attractive to the ”when it’s done” askers :/

        Anyway, best of luck with whatever you fancy 😀

  13. Kane Hart says:

    I really hope quantum fall damage gets fixed soon. Yeah I understand the whole forge thing needing hooks but at this point its derp derp mode when using the suit. It’s not enjoyable at all anymore. You can’t hop and fly through the wind in your suit because when you land and leap again you get derp slapped and then the annoying sound just adds to it.

    The Crops well clearly this is getting hot fixed but hopefully lets just stop this crap and make it so it ignores damage I mean come on their reinforced crops on sticks and they break easier then Vanilla plants 😛

    There is also that small tiny issue with removing the private chests in SMP but that is not a big deal since hardly anyone uses that now since iron chests / protection plugins 😛

  14. Kane Hart says:

    PS: Thankfully blizzard broke Diablo 3 now so bad that is a POS and we don’t have to worry about the devs playing it anymore <3

  15. Darthhose says:

    Hi Guys… i was just searching for some modstuff and found something quite familiar….

    did you know about that al?

    • Alblaka says:

      I can’t but feel offended. But at least the sprites are even more crappy then my ones :3
      They are, aren’t they?!

      • SirCB85 says:

        Crappy doesn´tt cup it for what we can see on these Screenshots, your sprites are pure art in comparisson with that uglyness.

      • Kane Hart says:

        Eh, Why not I mean it is encouraging new development out there anyways hehe.

  16. Doom says:

    Universal electricity eh? looks like a nice knockoff of the IC2 power system.

    • Doom says:

      actually, forget nice knockoff, its a horrible knockoff.

    • Alblaka says:

      Issue is, Electricity is the single item without a native interface in Vanilla.

      Item/Transports? Chests!
      Basic multi-slot-processing-TEs? Furnaces!
      Triggers/Boolean Systems? Redstone!
      Electricity? Uhm…

      A universal electricity thing is a nice idea per se… but in all honesty, no of the older mods (f.e. IC) will probably bother rewriting itself to fit into that new API. Even less Redpower, Eloraam already declined the idea of adding a simplified “vanilly energy” via Forgehooks, stating her Electricity system is too complex for that in first place (which is true, though I still don’t see the use of an over-realistic energy net, compared to those implemented by IC/BC).

      • Will Swiss says:

        I saw Universal Electricity and said, what is this… and now it shall be required for that new fangled ICBM mod by the SAME developer. Nah, sticking with IC2.

        • andrewred says:

          Well we already have a missle add-on for IC2 it even adds a new reactor

  17. EXTER says:

    There a bug with the macerators: when putting copper or tin ingots in a macerator, it gives 2 of the corresponding dust istead of just 1. This can be exploited to create infinite copper and tin.

    • Alblaka says:

      Are you sure? The last time I tried it gave 1 as intended. Are you using addons / ported versions of IC?

      • EXTER says:

        I did some more testing and found out that the lastest Railcraft (5.4.6) mod is somehow changing the macerator recipes for ingots. When only IC2 is istalled macerators return 1 dust per ingot, but with IC2 + Railcraft installed, macerators returns 2 dust per ingot.

      • Kane Hart says:

        Ported one usually has more bug fixes 😛

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