Regarding storys and stuff…

Just finished spellchecking a short novel named “Dark Wings” and put it up in my lil’ story section.
TDC will probably have to wait for 1-2 days (luckily I’ve got a bolster of 2 finished chapters ready to be deployed :P), as I had a second inspiration to another short story (though probably 20-30 pages), which I would prefer to drop in first (after all, mixing things up is the spice of life).
The new story “Bronze Bonds” will be interesting for fans of TDC, probably, because it takes place at the same location then TDC itself… though playing milennia afterwards. Stay tuned Read now, if you want to get a glimpse of the world left after… Wuups, nearly would have spoiled TDC’s 3rd chapter 😛

PS: TDC is running again, btw.

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9 Responses to Regarding storys and stuff…

  1. XFmax-o-l says:

    Thanks, really liking it so far.

    Keep the creativity flowing.

  2. Makray says:

    I’ve been looking forward to reading your work for a long time. When you first started posting about it, I think i was finishing my second run-thru of the dark tower series in preparation for wind through the keyhole. Very excited to pick up yours.

  3. NameNotFound says:

    First i started reading you stories, because of waiting for the next ic² release. Now im sitting here and can’t wait for the next part of TDC. Really nice story. ( both short stories are nice too.. i really enjoyed “Dark Wings”. i think the ending totally fits to the story)

    • Alblaka says:

      Thanks a lot. Btw, just uploaded 2-XIII of TDC ^^ And fixed the missing parts, now all chapters up to 2-XXVII are correct again. Going to start writing 3-I tomorrow, probably :3

  4. Shalashalska says:

    And now also the Shadow Warden story thingy.

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