Random mix of status updates

Let’s scrape together everything in a quick summary:

  • IC² 1.103 (haha @ messing with version-perception) is in closed beta test. Changelog is to long to fit into this summary…
  • We didn’t decide, yet, whether we will release 1.10x or directly move to a MC1.3.1-version of IC²
  • Passed my first verbal exam with A- (HELL YEAH, A GRENADE LAUNCHER)
  • Preparing for the other two exam’s yet to come -.-
  • Spent some nights writing up a new ‘short novel’ which already surpassed the 50-pages mark. Will start releasing it once it’s done, needs some overall re-formulating,  fleshing out and spellchecks, etc
  • Don’t worry, I’m not exactly a CS-fan and CSGO pretty much passed by without bothering me. Though it was fun to have my brother constantly complaining about the repeated delays of the release 😛
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  1. Xelanthol says:

    OH you are lovely. Have been checking the blog feverishly for updates. Will keep checking for this changelog! If it’s that big then I am excited.

    Congratulations on the verbal exam you smart man, I wish you the best on your last two.

    • Alblaka says:

      Well, don’t exspect many new features, it’s mainly a load of tweaks and fixes.

      • Xelanthol says:

        Hah alright. Any under-the-hood fixes to make things run smoother are always appreciated as well. The SMP jetpack fix last patch was fantastic in it’s own right.

  2. 1234 says:

    closed beta test

    ok we will expect uncraftable items due invalid recipes crop trampling and other issues related to closed beta test

  3. Andrew says:

    How big is the change to 1.3.1? Will it at least make SMP support a breeze?

  4. darthhose says:

    NICE!!! i did not expect a new version this fast…. (for me) it would be awesome if you would release it because i will not upgrade to 1.3.1 in the next few weeks.

    btw… are there some news about the third chapter of TDC?

    • Alblaka says:

      @TDC: Not really. I’ve currently got a blockade because I can’t figure out a good plotline containing those events I’ve already planned for the story.

  5. Killra Stealer says:

    great to have some updates about IC²! i have been away from minecraft completely for dome months and decided that i’m starting up my server again when IC² and BC is released for 1.3.1. As there was nothing mentions at all about it in blog post i was just a little worried.

  6. reaper45693 says:

    Good to hear about the progress, and congrats on your exam 🙂
    Also FORGE FOR 1.3.1 IS OUT!! Well a test version anyway…
    Check it here http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net:7070/job/forge/

  7. mrgreaper says:

    first off, congrats on the exam and good luck on the future ones!

    as for 1.10x i would say most of us are waiting and hoping for 1.3.1(2?) personly we cant update the server till we have redpower buildcraft ic2 and forestry at 1.3.1(2?) it would proberly be a waste of time to code it for 1.2.5 to only have to recode it for 1.3.1(2?) specialy since the current build is perfectly stable and good on 1.2.5 🙂

    ps. a change list would be nice to look through and thank you for updating the blog as said by some one else, lack of updates worry people 🙂

    • Alblaka says:

      t would proberly be a waste of time to code it for 1.2.5 to only have to recode it for 1.3.1

      Nope. This doesn’t apply if only minor changes are made, because whether we port 200 or 201 lines to the new version won’t make a difference.

  8. IC2 fan says:

    Do you think you could post a list of any new content to look forward to?

    I’ve been looking forward to having SDK guns+buildcraft+IC2 for 1.3.1 for weeks and the anticipation is killing me lol.

    • mrgreaper says:

      know the feeling, were not aloud to ask about progress so we have to just check dialy
      ic2 bc3 and redpower are all i need to start our servers new world, thing is from alblaka`s responses im not even sure if he is porting to 1.3.2 yet
      so far the only “big” mod to update is forestry and thats a beta version.
      oh well i got 20 other threads to check 🙁

  9. Offboss says:

    Hello! I have a question regarding porting. How difficult is it? Would it be possible to teach someone who knows very little about coding and programming how to do it? I am pretty sure you have an army of people who would be willing to pick up the grunt work if it meant a quicker update!

  10. 123 says:

    you simply recompile mod with new version of minecraft\forge and then resolve compilation errors if any popup.

    Then you check every use of direct method invocations, reflection usage and other direct calls to minecraft functions to evoid problems due unexpected method signature changes.

    Then testrun your mod.

    If you use little to none blackmagic you will only need to resolve changed forge methods and nothing more.

  11. DZCreeper says:

    ^^ No chance, working with Java is hard to do for newbies, it gets easier as time passes and you work with it more. ( Personal experience, I have been learning Java for a year almost) 1.25 to 1.3 is a major update due to the new way of how clients and servers are handled. Minor updates, such as 1.1 to 1.25 could be accomplished by less experienced people, if you had the full IC2 src. That however is not publicily available.

  12. Aidan says:

    You’re amazing. I don’t know any other modders who both keep their mods updated, AND respond to the questions their users ask. I support development of your mods 100%, and expect a donation in the coming days. Just curious, is ‘Alblaka’s Mod Shop’ still in action?


  13. XFmax-o-l says:

    Personally I wouldn’t mind waiting some extra weeks for IC2 for 1.3 to come out ^^
    Fleshes out the bugs with such an experimental phase and allows for a bigger impact ones it releases.

    Don’t take my words, you just do what you think is right Big Al 🙂

  14. Rgamer says:

    Idle curiosity, what class was the verbal exam for?

    • Alblaka says:

      “Rechnernetze”, which would probably translate into “Network Science”. All about interaction between remote locations, bandwithd modulation, transmissing protocols, OSI and similar stuff.

  15. bbqroast says:

    I have heard rumors that JetPacks will be working in SMP? IS IT TRUE!?! When I say working I have a few specifications:
    Don’t cause unfair amounts of damage when landing.
    Hover mode actually activates.
    They actually use energy (I haven’t charged my JetPack in a month and it still has a full bar- it goes down but eventually finds its way back up).

    • Alblaka says:

      Yes, yes, yes.
      Though, OCCASIONALLY, you will receive SLIGHT fall damage (1-2 hearts) when you do not slow down early enough (read: If you try to let yourself fall and brake down JUST before hitting the ground, you will probably not receive damage in SSP, but in SMP (> ping delay)).

      Usually it works all fine though and if you’re wearing Rubber Boots, it’s the new #1 of Transportation… for now.

  16. Thecaffiend says:

    I suspect that this will be awesome: I am waiting for a wide variety of mods to update to 1.3, especially including IC, which is pretty much my go to workhorse for starting worlds, and processing materials. Really looking forward to mysterious changelog.

  17. Glitch says:

    You should release 1.103 or whatever version it is for 1.2.5, so all the true SSPers can use an up to date version, without all of Notch’s and Jeb’s retarded netcode issues, and not feel left out until MC 1.4, when Mojang hopefully finds some intelligence and rewrites or fixes the netcode.

    • mrgreaper says:

      have you tried bukkit with mods?
      the 1.4 netcode is liable to be a disaster. had they of hired the forge team then things would be different

      just personal opinion from over a year of minecraft server hosting

      • Glitch says:

        Bukkit was also terrible too. I used to make it a full-time hobby to break minecraft, and actually made money off of ads on YT. Bukkit was bad, Mojang was/is not far behind though. You’re right, if they hired the Forge Team, or the canarymod devs, it wouldn’t be bad at all. As far as I’m concerned they copy&pasted TF2’s netcode, and adapted it to an already laggy minecraft.

        • mrgreaper says:

          I still renember joining my mates vanila server ages back and then falling upon craft book (needed this wierd thing called hmod…) begged my mate to add it, in the end he said you want it you add it…been running a minecraft server (in one form or another) ever since lol
          bukkit got ok but once you add mods to it *shudder* (im talking mcportal not itemcraft (which was much much much worse lol “precouse stones cannot relate to entity.bunny x10000 in your 1gig log file))

          I think our saving grace will be that forge may become the api that sits between the good mods and the 1.4 mod api while at the same time latching into the raw minecraft code that the 1.4 api misses hooks for

  18. Stefan says:

    please jump straight to a 1.3.2 version of ic2. thx

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