Men, this is it…

The enemy front has advanced. Our flanks have fallen. The communication to HQ was lost three hours ago.
THIS is the last supply drop our glorious 125th MC division will get. Use your ammo wisely and show them what you’ve got.


edit: Oh well, please standby, I eventually should have posted the CORRECT download links in that thread… edit: Download up and running again.

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29 Responses to Men, this is it…

  1. sirbrandino says:

    Thanks again!

  2. Xelanthol says:

    Looks awesome! Looking forward to the 1.3.2 port whenever that’ll be coming. Thank you for this speedy update.

    My favourite thing about this section of the modding scene is how you guys work together. Thank you for working with RedPower/Buildcraft/Forestry/Railcraft in order to make sure they work together and enhance each others experience.

    Newest member of the party in my modding collection is ICBM mod, integrates so well, and adds a really fun layer to PvP.

    Mods are sooooo good.

    • Alblaka says:

      … I’m corrupted to the core, when you said “Layer”, I instinctively tried to create a Model-Diagram containing the various mods in an organized hirarchy with designated protocols and…

      Doesn’t appear to leave my head…

      • Micha says:

        Also know the layer 8 of the Iso-Osi ? 🙂

        99% of all errors on a computer come from layer 8 😉

        • Alblaka says:

          Hahaha, that’s probably not the official ISO’d version, but I do agree :3

          Though, actually Layer 8 would consist of actual process’ using Layer 7 applications… which means you should be referring to Layer 9.

          • Xelanthol says:

            Oh man. I’d know what this meant if I had continued on with computer science instead of genetics, BUT ALAS.

            I’ll just nod politely and go “Mmhmm, Mhmm, I know some of these words.”

            I’m glad your brain works like that though. Must be helpful in things like this!

          • Alblaka says:

            😛 ComputerScience beats Genetics, because at some point robots will terminate all life and take over, either way… and then Genetics are utterly useless.

            Well, admittedly I won’t get anything from knowing ComputerScience either… but meh…

  3. Apropos says:

    Thanks, Alb. Is there a server jar someplace?

  4. Xellzul says:

    Downloading… installing to my minecraft 1.3 …. ERROR Hmm.. its still 1.2.5 :O 🙁

    • Alblaka says:

      Now, we rarely upload a 1.3 version and name it [1.2.5], you know…

      • imer says:

        You should totally do that. 😀

      • John says:

        Hi Alblaka! I love your mod…well to be honest, I am absolutely addicted to it and think ALL of your additions to this great game should be added in officially.

        I am probably ignorant to these sort of programming things, and I REALLY don’t mean to come off as sounding snide/ungrateful/12 years old, but I have a honest curiosity that I would love to have satisfied…

        This mod takes up a lot of your time I’m sure, and you have a ton going on in your life which constrains the amount of time you decide you want to dedicate to the mod. That being said, why would you use your energy updating your mod to a version that is nearly a month old, and a majority of MC players have moved on from?

        1.3.2 is a huge leap in terms of the way the game is coded in regards to Singleplayer–staying at 1.2.5 seems the programming equivalent to making VHS players when DVD has already long pushed it into irrelevance.

        tl;dr: I was aware of this update being planned for 1.2.5 but never saw your reasoning behind it and I am curious.

        • Alblaka says:

          It’s not like I say, “Hey, let’s update IC from 1.97 to 1.103”, then sit down and spent a few hours working.
          IC² is constantly being developed and changed. Thus the only question you can ask is “Why did you RELEASE a 1.2.5 version”. Answer: Because the 1.3 port may take a while and we would rather want users to have the bugfixes now.

  5. Mitchell says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks a lot! Anyways just wondering do you have any amazing big plans that are circulating through your mind of what you want to do next with Industrialcraft?:) Thanks again, and good luck on those exams if you still have them!

  6. mrgreaper says:

    thank you! was worried that the update would take a lot longer!

    • mrgreaper says:

      ah umm 1.2.5 🙁
      back to waiting i guess (had my hopes up there for a while)

      im guessing if your still coding for the old version we wont get an uptodate version for a long time ?

      • Pokenar says:

        they didn’t just code this for an hour and throw it up, this version has probably been worked on since before forge was updated to 1.3.

  7. JoneK says:

    YES! power grid performance improvements.

  8. Gaxx says:

    omg “- Miners output to RedPower relays and other smaller inventories” my dreams have finally come true! now i can die as a happy man!
    but maybe i should use it first before dying

    • OldSedan says:

      Oh noes! Maybe I’m hella dumb, but I just set up a massive miner array with relays and the miners aren’t outputting to them!

  9. melis256 says:

    Aww… did the nano sabre bug get fixed in SMP?? I don’t see it on the changelist for 1.103 and it is present in 1.97.

  10. Mercilessj says:

    did you manage to fix the bug with windmills, in the last release, they would work in smp for a little bit, then refused to work until the server was restarted

  11. DmitriyD says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  12. DanielPSP says:

    Hi there!

    Love this mod!
    whenerever I play with mods I can’t play without IC!

    And now you guys came with a new update! And I really don’t care that it is made for 1.2.5 because I do think that you and your team do make the right choises!
    Thanks for e wonderful mods and a stable stream of updates :))

  13. Firepizza9110 says:

    Gah! This was so obvious. Why did I not get it until now?

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