1.3.2 version in CLOSED beta

Just to inform you, we got a sort-of-running version of ICΒ² for MC 1.3.2.

It’s currently in closed beta testing, release will be somewhen across the next few weeks, depending on when we consider the 1.105 stable enough for a release.


PS: Did I mention the Nuclear Reactor is getting a complete rework, both gameplay- and code-wise? :3

PSPS: Quick sneak-peek at the new Reactor components : IMAGE HEREΒ  (Of course most textures are mere placeholders)

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122 Responses to 1.3.2 version in CLOSED beta

  1. Viper283 says:

    i guess this will be on the pahicraft server

  2. Killra says:

    !!! i thought that this would take waaay longer. this is awesome news!

    • Alblaka says:

      Admittedly we didn’t exspect such a quick transition either. But in fact merely some stuff got REMOVED (client world-handling), the server side wasn’t altered that much.

      • Konstantin says:

        I also visit ic homepage twice or more every day =) cannot wait =/

      • Zerix says:

        Definitely not. I’ve been checking everyday as well. IC2 is the one mod that I need before I’m willing to update minecraft.

      • Erik says:

        So you’re saying that mostly some stuff just got removed on minecraft.jar and so there’s no more code you have to add in to the mod to make it work with the new version?

        I know you probably can’t say, but shouldn’t this make updating mods a lot easier for everybody that mods?

      • Jerry says:

        True. It starts feeling like more than a “few” weeks.
        Please tell us how it is going, so we can stop visiting this blog every 30 minutes. If you tell us, we can reduce this to once every two hours πŸ™‚

  3. Max-o-l says:

    Good news Al, Test long and good and all will be well πŸ™‚

  4. Ninetailed says:

    Good luck to you and your testers. May your bugs be quick to fix, or interesting enough that you don’t mind.

  5. Jacoo says:

    I love those updates πŸ™‚

    It helps a lot for us lurker and seems a lot more friendly and helpfull than a angry “It will be done when it is done” message.

    Keep up the good work, I love the work you are doing ^^

  6. Luke says:

    Nice! This is great news I found out that SphaxBD has a patch for IC2 and all add-ons but there is no mcpatcher that will go back to 1.2.5 grr.

  7. mrgreaper says:

    fantastic news!
    much better then the “it will be done when its done” approach some mods take!
    good luck with the testing

  8. Lole says:

    So, no IC 2.0 in 1.3.2 ;/

  9. mrgreaper says:

    Alblaka do you guys have access to the 1.3.2 closed beta of mystcraft? just curious if the issues with ic2 when added to mystcraft server are fixed (machines facing down and powernet failure) ?

    • ninta says:

      that happends when your using a forge version higher then what mystcraft is meant for. try downgrading forge to the version it has been made for. that fixed it for me.

      i think its forge 152 off the top of my head.

  10. 123 says:

    glhf with testing

  11. Xelanthol says:


    Oh god yes.

    Looking forward to it!

  12. DanielPSP says:

    awesome news, this just made my day πŸ˜€

    Have fun testing it, haha : )

  13. Moetrix says:

    Not considering doing an open beta, like sengir does with forestry? πŸ™‚

    • Alblaka says:

      The issue is, ICΒ² got an incredibly large audience. If we throw out a buggy beta, the forum WILL be clustered with obscene amount of repeating errors/crashes. Would merely cause us to spent more time moderating the threads then simply fixing the bugs.

    • SirSengir says:

      Actually 1.4.9.x will have been the last truly open beta I did. The next ones will be more “private” (i.e. for the IRC crowd only).

      The open betas have become more trouble than they are worth. Too many people reporting “bugs” that are just installation issues due to (Forge) requirements changing rapidly and other mods and addons not being compatible with a beta published a few minutes ago. Not to mention people upgrading their main saves to a beta even if it says “use throw-away worlds with this only!” in big bold letters right above the download and then complaining when stuff changes and that world suddenly ends up useless.

      Tl;dr: Signal to noise ratio of an open beta is just not worth it.

      • Xelanthol says:

        Sorry people are dumb hah. Love your work, I can understand why you go for release instead of open betas. Keep it up!

  14. Maximized says:

    Very, very cool. You guys sure are quick; 1.3.2 has only be out for such a short while and here’s yet another update.

    May your exceptions be ever caught, and your syntax errors scarce. Or something like that. πŸ™‚

  15. Erindalcuthalion says:

    made my day πŸ™‚

  16. jkelley2 says:

    Wow I was just thinking after messing with the 1.3 mod code for a while(with forge) the isnt all that different from 1.2 just a few things chaged name and/or moved, that it shouldnt take long for the mods to update. Then I check here and there is this post.

    Wish i could beta test because i want another mod that uses the OreDictionary to test and see if my use of the OreDictionary is working.

  17. Aidan says:

    N…n-nuclear r-r-r-reactor REWORK? Wow, that’s exciting. Keep up the great work!


  18. Andrew says:

    Sweet, was there anything significant changed about SMP to make it less buggy? Also, is the reactor rework already done in the closed beta?

    • Alblaka says:

      It’s being developed parallel. The ‘rework’ itself is done, making the Reactor more organized and as well fully API-interactable.
      Right now I’m designing and implementing the tons of new reactor components.

  19. 1234 says:

    let few nonteam testers and addon devs to access beta, if you wont post it on forum noone will spam with stupid bug reports.

    use http://www.bugzilla.org/ it really helps

    • Alblaka says:

      I’m considering to invite Addon devs into the beta-tester team.

      • mrgreaper says:

        Add the mystcraft dev, that way those bugs can be squashed before release πŸ™‚

      • Withmyself64 says:

        That is a great idea. They know about code, care about Industrialcraft, and would love to be involved in the process. It would help them know what features are coming out (so they don’t make add-ons for them.) and would help them release their add-ons quickly after the new IC version gets public. And it would be a great way to work with you and possibly get their add-ons integrated into vanilla IC. (Which would be amazing. Some of them really do deserve it.)

      • quantumleaf7895 says:

        As an addon-dev myself, I’m intrigued as to which devs you’re considering. . .

  20. Ryan says:

    Good news, I’m excited to see this updated for 1.3.2.

    FYI – I’m sitting at work right now thinking about cross breeding my plants when I get home. Darn you Alblaka…I want hops! =)

  21. Dima says:

    You and your dev team are like one giant minecraft “better-than-Santa” being. You bring us so much joy and you do so more than once a year)))))
    Love you all!!!

  22. Pokenar says:

    And of course when i finally get around to learning little of how reactors work, they get redone.

  23. Aceman4521 says:

    Hazah!!! More Reactor parts is what i always wanted πŸ˜€

  24. Xelanthol says:

    ERMAGERD! Way more new reactor components then I thought Double/Triple uranium slots? How will they react with eachother? EU output? NEAT!

  25. Gaxx says:

    will we still be able to build stable nuclear reactors that can melt a HV-cable?

    • Withmyself64 says:

      Hopefully we will have insanely expensive superconductor cables that can take any amount of energy without frying and never lose energy! THE FUTURE IS NOW πŸ˜€

  26. ForcedToMine says:

    Is it inappropriate to orgasm when you think of how much fun nuclear reactor designing will be now?….. too late

  27. I don't now says:

    Did anyone yet notice the personal safes in the background? The aren’t large cubes anymore! (I think)

  28. Lieywe says:

    The new personal safes are looking great πŸ˜€ I love them!

    • Aceman4521 says:

      I know right! They look like Safes now and not like Chests

      • Withmyself64 says:

        I hope they become password controlled instead of personal. That would make things both cool and realistic. (Plus fun for multiplayer, which is where personal chests are really supposed to be used.)

  29. Aceman4521 says:

    ooooo, I have a question, what inspired you to rework the Reactor code?

  30. Matt says:

    Looking forward to the next update and hope the testing process goes smoothly (and quickly!). Just a quick cropmatron question, in future versions will there be any options to have your cropmatron stop or slow using resources (fertilizer and so forth) once affected plants are fully grown?

    • Fallen_dead says:

      Cropmatrons only use what is required to keep plants at full values:
      Hydration, Fertilizer, (and if you choose) Weed-Ex.

      • Matt says:

        Sorry, I’m not sure if you answered my question exactly. I know that cropmatrons will keep spending fertilizer and so forth in order to keep the fertilization value high, it just seems wasteful for it to keep fertilizing a plant after it’s fully grown. The version of IC I’d been using, Cropmatrons would keep spending fertilizer on fully grown plants. I don’t know if there’s been an update that changed that or if that’s just the way it’ll be forever.

  31. JoneK says:

    I hope that Ice will corrode that nuclear chamber! So ppl can’t use ice to cool it Anymore! πŸ˜›

    Yeah in your face ice coolers!

  32. Nerfnerf123 says:

    Oh noes… The new reactors look soo much more complicated, are we still gonna have CASUC support? πŸ˜€ Hope this will come out soon! Thank you for your hard work for us to enjoy!

  33. Nerfnerf123 says:

    *edit on my last post

    Oh, and I mean water cooled CASUC, ice are for noobs πŸ˜€

  34. Scors says:

    A reason to use a nuclear reactor! Alas!
    Never been a fan of non-renewable, but if it surpasses previous designes, I might just have to build a new factor room.

  35. Aceman4521 says:

    Oh, will the reactor have a similar GUI or will it be completely different, OR do you not want to say and keep it a surprise πŸ˜‰

  36. Withmyself64 says:

    Whoo-WHAT? As if nuclear engineering wasn’t complicated enough! Is that red criss cross panel a heater? Not needing to use only lava buckets would be pretty nice.

    • Withmyself64 says:

      And I am sure there will be more uses for breeder reactors and the like that if that mystery object is a heater.

  37. Deathguise says:

    man i sure hope there will be an actual water tank on the new reactors that are Buildcraft compatable! πŸ™‚

  38. paul says:

    well i think that you need to modify the blog, add an (plead button) for ask you to give it to us, haha the changes are really intriguing, keep up the work.
    i’m a fan too, of your work.

  39. Guilherme Tsiftzoglou says:

    I’m very anxious, because I can’t play MC without ICΒ² anymore… i’m stuck on MC 1.2.5, thank you guys for the development!

    • tiba666 says:

      i think we all know you problem :/ im stuck with ic2 + redpower :/ it just not the same with out ic2 and redpower πŸ™‚

    • Xelanthol says:

      I know that feel bro. I know that feel.

      IC2+BC+RP+Forestry+Railcraft+ICBM means I really have to wait awhile before I can get my full minecrafting experience. ;-;

  40. paul says:

    yeah i know minecraft with a giant pizza, isn’t the same, i’m eating one from the pizzeria in front of my shop, and i can’t really like to play mc without ic2, my customer updatet, it.

    pizza and pizza with gorgonzola and sausage? i can’t really eat a pizza without topping anymore.
    same with mc

  41. Sightper444 says:

    Are more plants going to be added to the crossbreed list?
    It would be cool to have more crossbreeding options.
    Also, no one I know has ever gotten hops to crossbreed.
    Makes it impossible to brew good beers.

    Love the mod. Thanks for the hard work you put into it. πŸ™‚

  42. DmitriyD says:

    Al, it might be a bold request but anyway: could you please post the specs for new reactor components so we can start figuring out designs?

    • Alblaka says:

      Considered it. But while the recipes and actualy components probably won’T change much (and I’ve already leaked info according to that), the values are still subject to testing and tweaking. I can’t tell you values I don’t yet know πŸ˜‰

      • Xelanthol says:

        Awwwwwww. So will there be new actual components? I see the new “tiers” so I’m assuming we’ll get more compact cells and methods of heat dispersion… But vut else!

  43. Sightper444 says:

    I just have a question for you Alblaka. Do you do the entire mod by yourself or do you have people helping you?

  44. Cirrus0 says:

    Since i’ve been thinking a lot about the transition between versions i’ve had an idea:

    What about a tiny-sized mod, that creates the ores and the resources for IC, that is fast and easy to update (because it does nothing else than create the resources) and that can later be replaced with IC?
    That way we could start to play with a new version, set up with the mods that already updated and when IC is ready we just replace the mod and keep the world (because we already have the resources).

    Feedback is appreciated πŸ˜‰

    • Clearshot says:

      I have some alternatives,
      1: Use mystcraft, then you can get the new ores in another dimension
      2: use MCedit to delete all the chunks you dont have your house on, then install IC2, then you can play and the chunks regenerate with the new ores

  45. Jack says:

    I have a small question, My players like to build community ICΒ² reactors, as such, a main plant containing reactors/generators, going out to houses and work shops within the area. But the longer the cable goes, and the more storage that is stacked, the more glitches and problems arise.

    So my question is this, are there any planed changes to storage or wires? I know my players and I and many reactor enthusiasts would appreciate a larger mass storage, and/or transmission lines. To store, and transport extremely high voltage that can branch out to many homes, workshops and bases, making a power plant more of a viable option for servers.

    • Alblaka says:

      There are no reworks or new components for Enet planned right now.

      But if you start hunting down and describing the glitches, we are may able to fix them.

    • FenixR says:

      Too long cables with no players around means that the chunks could unload messing your network, especially in SMP where chunk stay load in a smaller range than SSP. Maybe the same issue affects the storage units i dunno.

    • Clearshot says:

      Maybe you could try adding a mod that gives a world anchor, then just place them along the cables, unless your grid is massive this shouldn’t bother the server too much

  46. nou says:

    Alblaka did you implemented neutron reflector item?

  47. paul says:

    no, i’ll ask as cirruso, a mod only for the resources
    i think that’ll be better

  48. DarkDestry says:

    Is the Gravatron suit out this release ??

  49. mrgreaper says:

    how goes the bug fixing?

  50. PotatOS55 says:

    Wait..is that what I think it is? FINALLY! BUNDLED CELLS! *fistpump* HAYO!
    I <3 ICΒ² πŸ˜€

  51. Kailvin says:

    I hate to be a grammar nazi. However its PPS not PSPS. For Post-Post-Script.

  52. Nice to see one of the popular mods actually updating its fan base <3 you guys and keep up the good work

  53. DarkDestry says:

    whats the new type of safe in the background?

  54. Xelanthol says:

    Buildcraft 3.2 release is out! NOW TO REFRESH THIS PAGE CONSTANTLY

    • ArsenicAlchemist says:

      Hang on a second. It was only a stable pre-release that was just posted. SirSengir did say that it was not deserving of the 3.2.0 official yet. Though I felt that 3.2.0pre6 was very capable, *.pre7 is said to be less buggy. Hopefully it won’t be but about three days before the final version is ready to hold the 3.2.0 title in full.

  55. MinecraftCrank says:

    those nuclear reator spites / items looks ALSOME !!!!
    Can’t wait for offical release! And test those bad boys out !

  56. Darkforge07 says:

    I can’t even bear to think about playing minecraft without IC2, BC3, and RP…….

  57. mrgreaper says:

    come on guys
    3 weeks since you said how surprised you were about how quick it was to transition to 1.3.2,
    3 weeks of refreshing this page,
    3 weeks of waiting.
    Please give us an update atleast.

  58. will we still be able to build stable nuclear reactors that can melt a HV-cable?

  59. Saddex says:

    Damn it! My reactor was fully working and very safe! Now I may need to redesign it!

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