1 Good, 1 Bad


The good message, version 1.106 is finished for release.
The bad message, dropbox is 404’ing on us and right now nobody online has access to the actual compiled files XD

Stay tuned, release will be scheduled within the next few hours.

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12 Responses to 1 Good, 1 Bad

  1. Kane Hart says:

    I’m not excited anymore. It’s not the bugs I only troll you guys about that but I just feel like maybe its not even IC2 but everything in total feels slow these days. You don’t see a lot of features these days. With IC2 you get to end game and the end game is to make more EU for what? To make solar panels and why? To make more EU 😛

    I guess we almost need a totally new mod called like IC2 Monsters or hell a new dimension or something because once you get up there and i mean up with a full suit and factories and such there is just nothing to do but start over again.

    I am excited about the rewrite with the reactors though. And one question… I fear even asking this one hehe.. Q Boots get a working fall hook added into forge yet lol?

  2. GLa207702 says:

    Oh wow it is just amazing good news!
    I am now unavailable to play minecraft without IC2 mod

  3. Kingrunes says:

    Does anyone have the source? You said no one has the compiled files…

    • Alblaka says:

      Every dev. But we’re using a few more-complicated building scripts, which only run for Linux. Only Player and Richard can automatically generate the correct jars. Would take way too much effort for me to do it manually 😛

  4. agonija says:

    You get to endgame of IC2 to use it with other mods, to build complicate constructions and machines without have to mine hours for hours…

    Use it with forestry, to have never to farm again..

    Use it with railcraft, build a whole railway-system with your friends…

    Later use Trains and Zeppelin on your railway…

    You will be glad, that you have EU like hell…

    …For me, I hope that computercraft will get a hook-in for IC2, to get power from it…
    grml.. running computers with coal…

  5. Omg says:

    Are you kidding me ? Looking forward soo much

  6. Omg says:

    Kane Hart you are right. Ive made sooo much solar pannels and big roof because of that and then… for what reason.. Maybe for mass fabricator to make some diamonds but still.. something is missing all the mods I know what you talking about. All the mod is pretty much end-game and you build this crazy machines and so but we need i think even more “why”.

  7. RichardG says:

    Keep on blaming it on me guys, I posted the wrong link.

  8. SuperEesti says:

    if dropbox isn’t working use mediafire maybe and RichardG we are not blaming on you

  9. Killra says:

    this is awesome!!

  10. mrgreaper says:

    thank you times infinity+1

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