2 Good

1.106 is finished.

RichardG fixed the links.

Enjoy Minecraft 1.3.2 with IC!

Redownload the new version if you encounter issues with sidedInventorys (pipes/tupes putting stuff into wrong inventory slots).


BTW, I relized that my ‘leaked’ blueprints lack the new recipes for the reactor itself. Quoting from the upcoming new Reactor Guide:

First of all, you will need to craft a Nuclear Reactor itself. Of course you can’t just summon a complex Reactor out of some iron and other stuff! That would be unrealistic. Instead, you first need to craft Nuclear Chambers. These chambers are, duh, CHAMBERS. Accordingly, you merely need a Machine Block and a half’o’stack of Copper. How to craft 33 elements together? Well, use your head, it’s all about compressing numbers into quality.
(Be advised, I do not take any responsibility to injuries taken due attempts to compress Coppy by hammering it with your head.)
After you successfully crafted three, not two, not four, but three, to be spelled, 3, which is the number following after the 2 and going before 4, chambers, you can now easyly create a Nuclear Reactor, by combining the side-wards aligned Chambers with a Generator below and an advanced Circuit above.
You say that’s much easier then before? Well, I say HAYO.

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40 Responses to 2 Good

  1. GLa207702 says:

    My God!!!!!
    Oh my god
    I feel so good!!!!!!!!!!

  2. skycraft1811 says:

    This is awesome … I can start with my let´s Play Season 2 <3

    Thanks for your awesome work.

  3. Omg says:

    Yes I know.. bug .. when you use NVGoggles (maybe only in creative) and you look at some recepies in NEI you will see messed up recepies with some NVG.. and what is worse.. it crash game. No big deal but still.. yeah

  4. GLa207702 says:

    when i was playing single play with creative mode, and gonna cheat to set time, it stopped and crashed

  5. Jacoo says:

    good work 😀

  6. Omg says:

    Sorry my bad NVG isnt implemented yet. And another unnamed blocks in NEI from IC2

  7. 7immyJ says:

    Just made my day! =) Thank you!!!

  8. DeepBrook says:

    Awsomesauce, keep up the good work.
    And gotta love the monty phyton reference 😀

  9. pazzoeo says:

    Can you update the wiki? I don’t know how to use the new Nuclear Reactor things…

    • Alblaka says:

      Wiki is community-based, I don’t do anything there. It’s your job to update it 😛
      But in regards to Nuclear Reactors, I just posted a new Guide in the forum.

  10. Killra says:

    yaay i have been waiting for this to set up my server 🙂

  11. foxxx0 says:

    Awesome work !
    Hopefully eloraam will have a first MC 1.3.2 RP release ready soon so I can test them out.

    BTW: I enjoy that Monty Python style of describing the number 3 😀

  12. 7immyJ says:

    I don’t know if this is where you want bug issues, if not point me in the right direction please. I have a bug with my rubber trees, instead of wood for the trees I have furnaces…lol I have other mods installed as well and I know nothing about coding so I’m not sure why this is happening. Any help would be awesome.

    • 7immyJ says:

      EDIT: I reinstalled all the mods in a different order and loaded the game up after each install and it works fine now. Sorry for the unnecessary posts. =x

  13. Matt says:

    AW YISS!


  14. Minnymin3 says:

    I get a crash when i put the Quantum Helmet on… Heres the pastebin for the crash:

    • Alblaka says:

      Given the errorlog contains the phrase “codechicken”, I STRONGLY assume it’s an issue related to ChickenBone’s mods. Probably some incompatibility.

  15. Dima says:

    IC is done, now I need RP to finally build my IC/RP miner:)
    thank you for all your hard work!!!!

  16. Xelanthol says:

    My…My body is ready.

    Thanks for the great work Alblaka, now I can pick up minecraft again 😉

  17. Thomas says:

    RichardG is such a troll. He is probably the one that broke the links in the first place.

  18. rocnik says:

    Thank you so much !!!

  19. Tobias says:

    Omg, i just had a dream about IC getting done for 1.3.2, and unless i’m still dreaming, it seems like my dreams are starting to become true.

    Good job alblaka!

  20. nake says:

    xD Thank you for the release!

    – What happens if you fail to create one of the Chambers?
    – Then you are cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

  21. HandsomeRansom says:

    Great work! Really appreciate the time consuming work, can’t wait to try it!

  22. Nerfnerf123 says:

    I just logged on, and BOOM! HAYO ALBLAKA (Sorry for the spelling error) YOU ARE THE BAWSSSSSSSSSS

  23. Mr. Man098 says:

    Oh dear god, the nukleur physics.
    I think I’m in love.

  24. Gaxx says:

    well then, now that we have everything ready to go we can….. a damn, still no new RP2 -.-

  25. GLa207702 says:

    Well.. achievement ‘Radioactivity’ is not working 🙁

    • GLa207702 says:

      Well, i’m korean and i patched Korean Chat, and that patch and IC2 mod crashes. I deleted that Koran Chat patch, and i think it would work 🙂

    • Stephen says:

      Let me know if you figure out a way to fix this as I am having the same issue and have not found one. Hard to even find a mention of it.

  26. 7Roses says:

    nice addition, looks like you got some ideas from the customnuclearitems mod (probably not, because it’s outdated by a lot) now I can play with the nuclear reactors like I always wanted.
    maybea ab idea but can’t there be an item that takes a bit of eu/t output and use it for supper good coolers? or maybe for an item that can control heat a bit? (ether heat or cool by some points in exchange of some eu/t)

      • 7Roses says:

        eu.. yea damn didn’t saw that.

        do your heat-exchengers also be able to exchange less than ther maximum changeble heat? because now they sometimes jump up en down (also I noted some strange behavior where a component heat exchanger got 50% more heat then the all other heat exchangers connected to it)

  27. Xbot498 says:

    Thank you.

  28. DarkDestry says:

    Not trying to be grammar nazi here but
    I believe easyly is spelled as easily

  29. Merpz says:


    I updated my server to the build that was supposed to fix the input slots on machines. It did this on some of the machines but not all. It also made sure u are unable to use Batboxes THEY EXPLODE if u tuch them with a nice wrench 🙂 Anyways awesome mod keep up the good work :>

  30. tony8128 says:

    It seems there are some bugs in this version… The leaf block of rubber tree cannot be crafted into plantballs, and when the wires are either destroyed by player or because of high EU, the EU is still transferred…
    I have installed Forge, IC2(obviously), BC, Single Player Command, Rei’s minimap, TooManyItems and Modloader.

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