Overhaul time

Don’t worry, IC² itself was left untouched 😛

I’ve taken a few hours to give the Forum and the whole around-IC some really-needed love. To sum up a few more or less important things:
– Restructured Addon and Bug sections
– Fixed right issues permitting people to start threads in the Addon main-section
– Wrote up a set of new and polished “HOW TO” guides, replacing the 100word thingys Feanturi had spread across the sections.
– Set up an application thread for Forum Janitors
– Cleaned up old/outdated stickys
– Are showing quite an efficience at preventing myself from actually learning for the upcoming exam ^^’

edit: Oh right, forgot mentioning that you currently can lay your hands on IC² 1.107 Open Beta

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16 Responses to Overhaul time

  1. Minnymin3 says:

    Changelog for IC2 1.107?

  2. _Joostb says:

    Can you update the wiki soon? I need to know how to craft those new reactor components, but I can’t find it anywhere :c

    • Alblaka says:

      Wiki is community-based.
      YOU people update it, I’ve never written a single letter into it (nor any other dev did).

      • Unnamed User says:

        Do you have a crafting sheet somewhere?
        It’s a bit hard for the wiki contributors to updated the wiki if they don’t know how to craft the new items.
        Just do some simple text diagrams.

        • Alblaka says:

          Isn’t NEI default by now?

          If you’re referring to new Reactor components, I even linked the ‘blueprint’ sheet on the blog a few posts ago.

          • _Joostb says:

            okay, those are the real reactor thingys. The vents are mentioned on the wiki too, but the images are broken. No problem with that, you can still see what item should be there. But what about the neutron reflectors?

          • Alblaka says:

            On the blueprint as well. As I’ve said, ALL recipes are there. (Except for the Reactor itself :P)

        • 1xTime says:

          Use NEi poepl come on

  3. Punker180 says:

    Thank You for taking in all that was voiced by the community and allowing the beta, its a great idea you guys rock!

  4. 1xTime says:

    I love your work alblaka thank you for listening even tho most people are pushing you alot thinking you have nothing else to do. i appreciate your work i dont care if it has bug it was said to be an alpha release people should complain so much <333

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