1.4.2 Open Beta

… can be downloaded from HERE

Keep in mind, all bugs/reports related to the new OB build do EXCLUSIVELY belong into the OB thread. Until we launch the bugtracker that is.

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14 Responses to 1.4.2 Open Beta

  1. LordFokas says:

    Very nice. I can’t test it right now, but will do it soon…
    Does it have any new features, or is it just a port?

  2. Saul_Goode says:

    Way to go…

    Not just on the quick update… but on the news as well. Hopefully it serves you well.

  3. Cirrus0 says:

    I really like what you guys did from the feedback we gave you!

    The bugtracker will be another great improvement 🙂

  4. PITTER says:

    I don’t like new cables ;P

  5. rada2x says:

    I just encountered a skelton with a full quantum suit.. 🙂

  6. elcpt says:

    Thanks a lot Alblaka, you’re the best!
    IC² and Forestry seem to be the only mods with an open beta..
    Well, BC is likely so slow because the devs are still rather new to the code, but RP seems to have stopped delevopment completely, since the last version is for 1.2.5 and the last blog entry was written in may…

    Anyone knows anything?

  7. Valkrye says:

    Ok then, so, I’m glad that IC2 has updated for 1.4.2, and I know it’s still an open beta, however there is one glitch where placing a water cell in an extractor created hydration cells, not coolant cells. small gripe, but it’s still one of my favourite mods out there.

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