Nothing new here…

… well except for Mojang throwing around more and more pre-versions, delaying any sort of official release.

Oh, and somehow the forum now permits unregistered users to post without moderation again, welcome a load of new bots.

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21 Responses to Nothing new here…

  1. Anthony says:

    According to Mojang, 1.4.5 should work perfectly with 1.4.4 mods, so why would the release be delayed?

  2. ArsenicAlchemist says:

    Yeah I think Mojang is pissing a lot of people off right now. Shame they can’t get one release out without derping a pre-release for the next version. For what it is worth, my opinion (not that that means anything) you guys are awesome and have taken Mojang’s recent derpdom fairly well. At least you aren’t publicizing any rage toward them. At least, not blatantly.

  3. MasterJV says:

    More Bots huh? Get your mining laser out!

  4. Mr. Man098 says:

    Albalka, the IC2 team have put a huge amount of work into not only creating new, interesting, and enjoyable content, but in getting out timely releases and bugfixes, and listening to the community, even when they had criticisms. The Mojang team should take a page from you guys.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Major Cooke says:

    You really aught to leave the second part OUT of your blog post. If anyone whose been banned knows a thing or two about bots, you’re just asking them to come.

    • Alblaka says:

      I highly doubt someone’s going to bother with that… as well, he would need to figure out the gap those bots are using. I’m still putting my bet on Feanturi accidentally messing up settings.

      • imer says:

        I just changed some group settings, none related to posting though
        Lets see if that helps

        • Alblaka says:

          Did you alter something that contained the terms ‘moderation’ or ‘enabled’? The option was something like ‘Does need to have his posts enabled/moderated’ or something like that.

  6. Opulous says:

    Hey Alblaka, I’m not sure if your forum software supports it, but have you considered IP range banning the addresses that the most common bot posts come from? If it works, it could save you and your mod team a lot of headaches.

  7. Killra says:

    You don’t feel like getting an 1.3 update out? i think most mod user still uses it.
    I’m not requesting anything just asking as i want to know.

  8. AuToFiRE says:

    Good Luck Comrades, you are good devs to keep us up-to-date. I have never used this before, but I desire to. If you need someone to help you test a newer version, im pretty good with bug reporting. Can’t wait to try it out, if I like it, I will also donate. 🙂

  9. Aquilamo says:

    Which ones are better; worthless posts or bot posts?

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