Comeon, who was it?

Somebody took Alblaka@gmail :/

Recently needed to create a googleaccount and now was forced to pick a different one (and that was not easy, even fasdasfsf and hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh were already taken o.O)

Eitherways, IC developement is affected by some soft CC and is progressing less speedy right now, nontheless working on the Beta builds. Dem bugs…

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24 Responses to Comeon, who was it?

  1. Le Razor says:

    Damn man ! That sucks ! Who would take your adress D:

    • Alblaka says:

      Somebody who’s stalking me in an attempt to take over my identity :O

      It could be you! It could be ME! It could even be… THE BLUE SPY!

      • DZCreeper says:

        Sure it wasn’t the Red Spy? He is 1 sneaky bastard, disguising as the BLUE spy before backstabbing you, that’s dedication.

  2. furrysalamander says:

    Hmm… I hope this doesn’t happen to me when I get famous someday… I like furrysalamander!

  3. Dr Hax says:

    HAAAAX! *throws a CRT monitor at the e-mail theif*


  4. Kane Hart says:

    I bet you there is well over a billion accounts used by now 😛

  5. JoneK says:

    Might have to spin up my Tape Driver to know if it was the blue spy.

  6. ArsenicAlchemist says:

    Here’s an idea. We all send messages to that email asking random stuff about IC2. Wait two days for a reply. If a reply is given about the question continue help trolling. If a reply is given about having the wrong email, reply back saying you’re sure you have the right email. If no reply is given, send another email “trying to get their attention”.
    Might end up “freeing” that email address up for Alblaka to take up. And this is how we all became freedom fighters.

  7. Darthhose says:

    Me too.

  8. umaxtu says:

    If Google Apps will still let me, I could give you

  9. SirComputer says:

    Just get your own email domain name. xD

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