… is a celebration of famility, genorousity and other useless stuff.
Nontheless we will go by the traditions and accordingly NOT give you an IC update for christmas, as this would obviously ruin your mood by forcing you to spend time with your family whilst thinking about the awesome new version.

That’s why you get the version NOW and HERE. Enjoy.

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22 Responses to Christmas

  1. Killra says:


  2. Zorbaq says:

    Hooray! 🙂

  3. The_Scary_One says:

    Luckily we have a 11 days to explore the awesomeness before the tedious time with the family starts!

  4. Termt says:

    Ugh… family… don’t remind me, please.
    In the meantime, I wonder what delicious goodies this new update contains.

  5. John says:

    I love you papa Al you made my Xmas special!

  6. Major Cooke says:

    Changelog for 1.109 -> 1.110 please?

  7. Goldern says:

    Yay now we just need a changelog!! AWE

  8. Michael says:

    Haha, such a trollish(I suppose) post. But never the less yay for the update! Also Happy Holidays to you Albaka and everyone on the IC2 Team

  9. Lightholder says:

    Hooray… Guess I’m starting a new world tonight.

  10. RODLON says:

    Great news for great mod, thanks!
    PD: I like your posts xD

  11. Kane Hart says:

    Thanks, And I also want to thank you for putting in the effort to reshaping the way IC does things like new beta builds and a nice bug reporting system. I really feel like IC is a better place!

  12. Aquilamo says:

    Early Christmas present. Yay!

  13. Dr Hax says:

    Seriously, this mod is awesome and you should feel awesome.

  14. Killra says:
    finally when almost all mods have updated a new version appears. I thought that we would have one version where all mods had one version working on it.
    thanks mojang 🙂
    but if you ignore the modding part i really like what they are doing with minecraft( except fireworks i see no reason for them).

  15. Daxx367 says:

    I may seem like a bit of an idiot and have missed some thing important so if so rather then yelling at me point me in the right direction thanks. 🙂

    There doesn’t seem to be a working download link for the API for 1.110!
    I’m interested in possibly making an addon to IC2 but can’t download the API…

    P.S. Do I need to ask permission or do something to get the API or publish the addon? I don’t know as I’m new to the whole making mods thing.

  16. Opulous says:

    Awesome, thanks for all the hard work from you and your team Alblaka! IC2 is still my favorite mod of all time.

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