Feanturi poked me at some killjoy’s constantly signing up to the wiki and removing the “HAYO”-fun facts of pages. Please stop doing that.

I can understand that seriousbuisnessplayers didn’t want random nonsense in the actual item descriptions. That’s why all the HAYO-texts go into specific HAYO-sections below the actual informations. But I do not see an argument for constantly removing those texts.

Kudos to those people who actually spent hours (re)writing those texts in the spirit of Mickey Cantor.


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9 Responses to HAYO

  1. RobotWithinMe says:

    Those filthy bastards. They are not Hayoish!

  2. Gnoccy says:

    HAYO for HAYO-texts!

  3. ExtremeMagneticPower says:

    Wait, who is Mickey Cantor?

  4. Shalashalska says:

    It just doesn’t feel like IC without the classic HAYO texts.

    Just wondering, was the first one the mining drill or the solar? Or were they released in the same update? Back when you had to use batteries for everything, and cable was supposed to carry redstone but it didn’t work. How far IC has come…

    • Alblaka says:

      Mining Drill was first. I first added Generator, batterys and Mining Drill, THEN the bunch of other generators.
      Oh yeah, I still remember my first little workshop cave with 6 Solar Panels in a glassed roof… Had to switch the batterys inside of them every day :3

  5. Mike says:

    You can’t make plantballs….

  6. Termt says:

    I always thought the HAYO! texts were amusing, they may not have added anything useful but at least they could make some people laugh a bit.

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