Quick Hotfix 1.111111111111

Ok, actually just 1.111.
Plantballs were unobtainable in the 1.110 version, fixed and uploaded HERE.


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11 Responses to Quick Hotfix 1.111111111111

  1. Aecnoril says:

    I don’t think that’s the rigth link ^^
    (I’m still getting the 1.10 version)

  2. Killra says:

    that is one huge change log!
    It’s really good that you are making hotfixes thanks 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    Thank you my lord into fixing this so far I am loving your work this really enhances minecraft!

  4. Revelations! says:

    Dear Alblaka,

    I always loved your mod but; nuclear reaktions does not produce any electricity. It produces HEAT, some noutrons, some new elements or an isotope of the reactant element with some gamma-ray light ofcourse..

    Sadly, only think dat we can use to create energy is the heat but; again sadly in your mod heat is a bad think dat Only melts/destroys/explodes/eg.. your stuff.

    I think you already understand what i want. So go ahead and add a way to convert dat heat into some EU pls. 🙂

    Also adding some plutonium and lead to mod would be great too.

    plutonium is a nuclear element like uranium and it can be produced by breeding uranium-238 and guess what? It’s a better fuel than uranium-238

    and lead is pretty much final product of nuclear fission reactions and it is the best metarial for isolating radiation!


    • MonkeysInSpace says:

      Just assume that the steam turbines are internal, or that it uses thermopiles. As for the excess heat, all reactors create that, which is why the cooling systems of a reactor are it’s most critical parts, watch “The China Syndrome” for a good example, or look at the Fukashima reactor incident.

      While I would like reactors to become a modular multiblock machine, it would also “nerf” them somewhat by making them feasible only for those with a very large amounts of resources.

      If you would like something similar to what you described in a current version, look at the Gregtech addon. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7156 Main Download is in Important Stuff/Installation

      PS, please spell and grammar check your posts

    • ArsenicAlchemist says:

      If you use your imagination a little bit maybe that’s how it already does. Though, even a nuclear reactor gives off so much heat that with out proper cooling it would have a melt down or in the minecraft realm lagplode.

  5. Zach says:


    I realize most people dislike tekkit or whatever i do too, but this video is pretty good and funny

  6. Abidos says:

    If you look carefully the config file you can see that you can change the output of the reactor to steam form eu if you install Railcraft. But the current form (size) of the reactor are not too good for that purpose. I tried and the max eu output in steam mode is around 130 eu/t (because the pipes capacity and the reactor surface) So i think this steam stuff not going to work until the ic2 staff make it big like the blast furnace or add pipes with bigger capacity. (nobody want to trade the 1200 eu/t output to 130 for just to be more realistic)

    • Abidos says:

      Sorry my bad if you use the thermalexpansion mod you can produce any amount of eu (thermalexpansion liquiducts can transport around 16* of the golden waterproof pipe’s amount) (there is a little bug with them: the liquiducts what connected to the reactor are filled with steam eve if the reactor is offline)

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