Minecraftia (and SPAM)

First of all, I’ve just received word about a quite interesting and ambigious project of a few fellow Minecraftians:

Minecraftia (>Link to their Kickstarter<)
The team of Minecraftia essentially strives to capture the evolution of Minecraft and exspecially it’s community, it’s achievements and the modding scene.
Feel free to support those guys by whatever means you see useful, and if it’s just moral support, a low pledge, an idea or a text.


PS: Daheck did just happen to my blog, I had to disposal near two dozen spambosts that were literally OVERFLOWING with advertisment and… ‘doubtworthy’ keywords. Weren’t we supposed to have a spam-detection? o.o

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18 Responses to Minecraftia (and SPAM)

  1. Kane Hart says:

    Since no one has comment I’m going to make one. The book is utter shit. Gives credit to people who cheated Minecraft with a paint brush and creative mod and many tools. I have hardly seen anyone do some of the things I seen on Godcraft by hand and yet the only people who get credited is the cheater.

    That felt better 😉 Back to playing with the new obscurator thanks to player 🙂

    • mattkab2 says:

      I disagree. Just because it was made in creative mode with some plugins, or other help doesn’t mean it isn’t noteworthy, or unimportant. Even if they did, it still required a substantial amount of effort and creativity.

      Personally, I can’t wait to see some of the other screenshots they came up with.

      • JoshuaT says:

        I agree with Mattkab2, Creative mod and mods to assist building is not the same as cheating. At some point, someone had to have built the structures and made them unique. I would be happy to purchase this book. It looks awesome.

  2. JoneK says:

    Maybe they can credit ppl who had to get the resources first..

    But I have to agree with Kane here… Ppl who spend hours or ppl who spend months realicing their vision…

    and Natzi spelling time, be my quest =D My grammar sucks.

    • SgtLemonhead says:

      Will do, sir.
      Your grammar actually isn’t that bad. And all I’m saying is, to be fair, you invited me. 😛

  3. Dooble says:

    Perhaps it’s because I just recently started reading your blog, but from what I’ve come to understand is industrial craft has been abandoned… Is this true? I sincerely hope that I’ll be able to build massive ic2 factories in technic again someday

    • bbqroast says:

      IC2 has not been abandoned, with regular beta releases for the latest MC versions.

      Technic on the other hand is suffering a slow and painful, but well deserved, death.

  4. Warrior_Weth says:

    Dear Alblaka,

    I would like to know your email for I have some questions for a current mod for ic2 my friend and I are developing, please respond as soon as possible


  5. Samuel J Ciraulo says:

    Hey Ablaka, Are we gonna get an update to 1.7 + anytime soon or is IC dead? I Don’t know how to program or id offer to do it =P

  6. Samuel J Ciraulo says:

    Industrial Craft is my favorite mod, I won’t even play MC without it anymore, But for some reason 1.4.5 is now screwy, Forge doesn’t for for the 6.1.428 version, I can barely find any more 1.4.5 mods to keep that version alive, Java has been massively updated causing me to get freaking errors no matter what I do, The exception world tick crashes from hell that I cant get rid of even with a Mod editor. I just don’t want this mod to bite the dust, Nuclear reactors are the most fun thing ive done in this game, Would be a damn shame to not have them. We all love you Ablaka!

  7. Hello developers of the best minecraft mod i have ever known. I would like to say something about the experimental builds i saw on Jenkins. I was greatly dissapointed.
    Not because there was Gregtech content in it (i love gregtech) but i thought that things like crushed or purrified ores dont belong in Industrial craft. I learned that the basic items in industrialcraft and gregtech where cells, ingots, plates, dust’s, but no crushed ores. I also would like to mention that in a game there has to be a balance between fun and realism. I think that in a game like minecraft, you have to be able to ignite a nuke with flint and steel and have a bang. If you would implement the items of Gregtech, i think this mod would become even more popular.
    P.S: Dont start using hd textures, because thats so annoying when making a modpack and suddenly you see that you got some mods with hd textures and some dont

  8. JoneK says:

    Still here =D

  9. Luke says:

    Is player dead? XD

    The beta builds are avaiable at their jenkins server:

    But you must \ALWAYS\ use the latest version of Forge.

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