For those, who don’t know that we got a IRC-Channel on espernet, here the informations:

IndustrialCraft-Channel: #Industrial-Craft

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  1. Rick Clark says:

    I have set up a Minecraft server that includes IC2 as one of the mods. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for the Minecraft community. It has come to my attention that the installation of the multitude of mods required for my server doesn’t come easily for some within the community which is why I am requesting your consent to redistribute IC2 in its entirety, unmodified, as part of a “Minecraft Install Package” so to speak. Full credit would be given to you as the creator of IC2. I would be more than happy to follow any reasonable instruction on how you would prefer this to occur (i.e. download link only available to server members). Thank you in advance for your consideration on this matter.

  2. Ahmet094 says:

    I’ve a quick question. Would be really nice, if you’d answer.
    Is it possible to change the amount of EU a mass fabricator consumes to produce 1 UU-Matter? If so or you’ve an idea, it would be really nice, if you could explain it with some pseudo-code.
    Thanks in advance!

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