Mostly website related stuff

1. will migrate to a new server within the next days. Imer warns there could be occasional downtimes of multiple hours. Just telling you it won’t be anything to worry about.

2. Imer as well figured out why spambots could post as unregistered, some of the forums had individual settings turned on and ignored the fact unregistered’s weren’t supposed to be able to post. Should be fixed now.

3. I wanted to say a third thing, too, but forgot what it was whilst typing… will edit it in once I remember ^^’ Oh right, IC beta vor 1.4.5 is online. I wish we would have suitable time to un-beta releases into an official version (aka a version with low bug count), but Mojang’s update policy is a slight issue in that regard.

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Nothing new here…

… well except for Mojang throwing around more and more pre-versions, delaying any sort of official release.

Oh, and somehow the forum now permits unregistered users to post without moderation again, welcome a load of new bots.

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Mantis Bugtracker

Everybody knows you fight fire with fire. That’s why we fight bugs with a bug:

Our new Mantis bugtracker

Check it out, sign up, post issues, see their progress and discuss them.


Whoops, sry for messing up the link and thanks to Imer for repairing it ^^’

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1.4.2 Open Beta

… can be downloaded from HERE

Keep in mind, all bugs/reports related to the new OB build do EXCLUSIVELY belong into the OB thread. Until we launch the bugtracker that is.

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… University started up again, I’m busy playing DwarfFortress learning, managing my sacre finances (once more) and other stuff…

Oh, and RG doodled around with some IC stuff you can see here: LINK to STUFF

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Still hunting little insects…

…known as bugs in the 1.107 Open Beta.

Not much more to report, but since we know people start to complain if they don’t get these sorts of regular ‘status updates’ 😛

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Overhaul time

Don’t worry, IC² itself was left untouched 😛

I’ve taken a few hours to give the Forum and the whole around-IC some really-needed love. To sum up a few more or less important things:
– Restructured Addon and Bug sections
– Fixed right issues permitting people to start threads in the Addon main-section
– Wrote up a set of new and polished “HOW TO” guides, replacing the 100word thingys Feanturi had spread across the sections.
– Set up an application thread for Forum Janitors
– Cleaned up old/outdated stickys
– Are showing quite an efficience at preventing myself from actually learning for the upcoming exam ^^’

edit: Oh right, forgot mentioning that you currently can lay your hands on IC² 1.107 Open Beta

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Requiring your honest oppinion

in regards to this thread.
Feel free to express your oppinion either on this blog or in the thread itself, as long as you don’t flame someone (or ask for a release date :P) I can promise not to ban anyone.

Current resumê from my side: LINK

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…resolved my writer’s blockage and working on TDC again. 3-1 is already out, new parts are going to come soon.

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Stories and Kindle and stuff…

I recently read into the way Kindle works and are considering to start publishing my stories there (as well). It seems more suitable then (failed) attempts to publish books ^^’

In this regard I wanted two questions to you (as you’re 95% of my potential readers either way):
1. Do you have any experiences with Kindle (as author or reader), recommendations or important things to be noted?
2. Would you even be paying the casual 0.99$/€/BP for a story of mine? F.e. Bronze Bonds (length-wise).

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