2 Good

1.106 is finished.

RichardG fixed the links.

Enjoy Minecraft 1.3.2 with IC!

Redownload the new version if you encounter issues with sidedInventorys (pipes/tupes putting stuff into wrong inventory slots).


BTW, I relized that my ‘leaked’ blueprints lack the new recipes for the reactor itself. Quoting from the upcoming new Reactor Guide:

First of all, you will need to craft a Nuclear Reactor itself. Of course you can’t just summon a complex Reactor out of some iron and other stuff! That would be unrealistic. Instead, you first need to craft Nuclear Chambers. These chambers are, duh, CHAMBERS. Accordingly, you merely need a Machine Block and a half’o’stack of Copper. How to craft 33 elements together? Well, use your head, it’s all about compressing numbers into quality.
(Be advised, I do not take any responsibility to injuries taken due attempts to compress Coppy by hammering it with your head.)
After you successfully crafted three, not two, not four, but three, to be spelled, 3, which is the number following after the 2 and going before 4, chambers, you can now easyly create a Nuclear Reactor, by combining the side-wards aligned Chambers with a Generator below and an advanced Circuit above.
You say that’s much easier then before? Well, I say HAYO.

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1 Good, 1 Bad


The good message, version 1.106 is finished for release.
The bad message, dropbox is 404’ing on us and right now nobody online has access to the actual compiled files XD

Stay tuned, release will be scheduled within the next few hours.

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Anime just got real

Vocaloid Concert of ‘Hatsune Miko’

Usually I wouldn’t just throw random links around on my blog, but whilst I’m not a fan of that music style and trivially didn’t understand a single word, I’m simply amazed by the technology behind it… and since IC is a technology-focussed mod, I suspect some of you could be interested in this as well.

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1.3.2 version in CLOSED beta

Just to inform you, we got a sort-of-running version of IC² for MC 1.3.2.

It’s currently in closed beta testing, release will be somewhen across the next few weeks, depending on when we consider the 1.105 stable enough for a release.


PS: Did I mention the Nuclear Reactor is getting a complete rework, both gameplay- and code-wise? :3

PSPS: Quick sneak-peek at the new Reactor components : IMAGE HERE  (Of course most textures are mere placeholders)

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Men, this is it…

The enemy front has advanced. Our flanks have fallen. The communication to HQ was lost three hours ago.
THIS is the last supply drop our glorious 125th MC division will get. Use your ammo wisely and show them what you’ve got.


edit: Oh well, please standby, I eventually should have posted the CORRECT download links in that thread… edit: Download up and running again.

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Random mix of status updates

Let’s scrape together everything in a quick summary:

  • IC² 1.103 (haha @ messing with version-perception) is in closed beta test. Changelog is to long to fit into this summary…
  • We didn’t decide, yet, whether we will release 1.10x or directly move to a MC1.3.1-version of IC²
  • Passed my first verbal exam with A- (HELL YEAH, A GRENADE LAUNCHER)
  • Preparing for the other two exam’s yet to come -.-
  • Spent some nights writing up a new ‘short novel’ which already surpassed the 50-pages mark. Will start releasing it once it’s done, needs some overall re-formulating,  fleshing out and spellchecks, etc
  • Don’t worry, I’m not exactly a CS-fan and CSGO pretty much passed by without bothering me. Though it was fun to have my brother constantly complaining about the repeated delays of the release 😛
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How to kill a GUV virus

-Realise it’s a fake message
-Restart the PC in safe mode
-Clear the whole autostart and ignore the “you’re not administrator” message
-Restart the PC in safe mode
-Virus is deactivated, proceed with re-enabling the correct autostart-options and kill it with fire/Anti-Malware tools

But I admit, the first 20 seconds I thought it was the real deal :O

FYI: GUV-Virus is a virus imitating some random German government association, launching itself via autostart on PC boot. It kills TaskManager whenever you open it, attempts to disable adminright for any user and whenever your internet is active, it will display a large white window explaining child porn has been found on your harddrive and you may unlock your PC by paying them 100€ via PaySafe.
Seriously, PaySafe? Everyone stupid enough to fall for that thing is probably too stupid to use PaySafe in first place :O

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Regarding storys and stuff…

Just finished spellchecking a short novel named “Dark Wings” and put it up in my lil’ story section.
TDC will probably have to wait for 1-2 days (luckily I’ve got a bolster of 2 finished chapters ready to be deployed :P), as I had a second inspiration to another short story (though probably 20-30 pages), which I would prefer to drop in first (after all, mixing things up is the spice of life).
The new story “Bronze Bonds” will be interesting for fans of TDC, probably, because it takes place at the same location then TDC itself… though playing milennia afterwards. Stay tuned Read now, if you want to get a glimpse of the world left after… Wuups, nearly would have spoiled TDC’s 3rd chapter 😛

PS: TDC is running again, btw.

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With the power of Ninja-ism


Grab IC² 1.97 before it turns cold!

So, let’s put up a full sitrep:

  • Sorry for the ridicolous large waiting time since last update. You know, busy, demotivated, Diablo III, DayZ… stuffs…
  • The update contains fixes and slight changes, nothing dramatical.
  • Looking forward to code new content for the 2.00 update.
  • No space, damnit! We’re still getting suggestions after my April’s joke.
  • Re-started working on TDC.
  • Currently listing up random facts on my blog.
  • dito
  • Sort of tired… should probably consider sleeping, instead of typing random phrases.

PS: Changelog online in the release thread.

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Status update on TDC and IC

Two news for you:

1. First chapter of TDC is completed. I’ll upload the remaining parts on a regular basis, it would be boring if I just give you the whole story at once, wouldn’t it? 😛

2. IC² 1.96 is coming out soon-ish. You don’t need to start mashing your F5 Keys yet (for those who still have functional ones), could take a few more days.

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