Just set up a sort-of-official contest for complex machines consisting of Redpower Frames + Industrial Machines.


Everyone is free to participate in “The Industrial Frames Engineering Challenge”, you can win an awesome secret prize!
Contests themese are:
-An automated SolarPanel-spamming factory
-A flying Miner-Spaceship

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Hotfix 1.95b

Download links of release thread got replaced. Hotfix mainly adresses the various crashing issue. Not sure whether we got all of them down, though.

Links in release thread fixed, someone/thing changed them back to the 1.95 ones.

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1.2.5 incoming

I excuse for all broken F5-keys in advance.
We’re about ready to go and merely checking on a few last reported bugs.

And nomming cookies. At least I am. I love cookies :3

edit: Done nomming.
It’s dangerous out there, take this: FREE COOKIE (and totally not the 1.95 release thread link)

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1.2.5 in Closed beta

We finally got our Jenkins-troubles sorted out and the automated MCP is happyly fabricating new 1.2.5-compatible IC² versions.

Currently the betas are checking through the new 1.95 version to ensure the whole MLMP>FML porting went successfull.

Won’t give out any statement regarding release dates, solely depends on how many bugs we need to trample before the version is clean.

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We’re Top #1 Terror :3

IC²’s nuke is the official Top #1 Technological Tekkit Terror :3

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Straight from IRC

<TheWarrior>hey, i started a really cool mod and made a trailer for it: ! Alblaka or Direwolf could you guys help me a bit with the coding? 😀
<Keyalha>uurg pvp
<Keyalha>sorry but imho pvp in minecraft is quite pointless
<Keyalha>but cool trailer ^^
<TheWarrior>thanks 🙂 well i like pvp ^^
<Alblaka>Wow, neat Trailed. “Insert awesome castle here”, lol.
<TheWarrior>ty 😀
<Alblaka>Direwolf20_, check that one out.
<Direwolf20_>Ok 😉
<Alblaka>Don’t think I’ve time to work on it though… Will put it on my blog though, looks like it has potential.

Seriously, check the YouTube-video. If the mod will turn out half as awesome as the trailer is, it will be awesome/2 !

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Open for Commissions

Didn’t want it to come out like this, but I can’t deny it anymore: I, or rather my family, is probably running slightly low on money.  It’s nothing critical (yet) but I would strongly like to support them and thus decided to start accepting commissions for mods. As well, “working” for money comforts me more then solely relying on and asking for donations…

Sort of a pilot project, I can’t remember anyone trying this before. Double-checked Mojangs ToS, it’s definitely permitted. Question is whether people will actually pay to get their Mod Wish fullfilled (of course in high quality).

Check out the official thread in this regard, over on MCF (*shakes*).
In case you got a vast surplus of money, please feel free to commision stuff or drop me some donations. ^^’

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April Fools Jokes

People started flaming me for stealing FutureCrafts idea.

It was a goddamn April Fools Joke, get down again.

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Make it up to ya

To excuse myself for that terribly evil AprilFools prank, I’ll now tell you the Secret Project’s Theme:


Currently implemented:
-Empty Black Dimenson killing players without either Quantum or Spacesuit
-Rockets or Teleporters as means of getting into space
-Set of decorative blocks associated to space
-New Radiation Gen (gather extraterrestrial radiation) as well as solars outputting 3EUt in Space

-Controlable spaceship entitys
-Alien mobs (so far we got a green-block-thingy flying straight through the space… AI lacks)
-Meteorites and similar planetoids for harvesting rare materials
-Definitely need StarTrek-ish sound effects :O

Before anyone asks, ofc the implemented stuff is NOT in the current release. It’s a seperate branch, only for devs currently.


edit: 😛

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IC² v1.90 released

As well, April FOOLS! Please leave a comment if you barely survived a hearth attack after viewing that fake takedown pic. Credits go to Fean for creating/editing the picture, Imer for implementing it as enforced pre-site.

Grab the 1.90 download from here:

Changelog added to release thread, as well added a Boozeception guide as well as a small post on the Agriculture Guide, both regarding the new content.

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