Unless something annoyingly interrupts…

release of IC² 1.90 is intended to be scheduled within 24 hours.

Don’t pin me on this, if the Betas find something it may take longer.

ETA < 2 hours.
To be exact, want to schedule release BEFORE 1st April (it’s 10:30 PM here)

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IC² moved to 1.2.4

You’re free to thank Richard for that near-instant independant port.

Release should be out within the next few days, want to finish up the last stuff for Agriculture first.

Keep in mind to watch your chatting or your client will crash, 1.2.4 isn’t as neat as it looks.

New Content:
-New Crops
-WeedEx, spray the Weed off your crops
-Crop-Matron, automatized Fertilization, Hydration and WeedExation device.
-Iron Scaffolds

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Alblaka, the author

Now, already mentioned I’m a hobby writer.
Eventually someone is interested in checking my recent pieces of written work? Decided to write in English language for once:

New story section

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Pirates unite :3

Short intro:
Germany has parlaments for every region, 16 total. And of course the national one.
In current elections, the Pirate Party managed to get 5+% of the votes in one of the regional elections. A party needs 5% to have their politicans granted access to parlament.

Pirate party is a group dedicated to fighting stuff like Acta or similar attempts to control the internet in “anti-freedome”ish ways.


I’m highly amused by them actually getting seats and as well nearly kicking one of the old 5 (usually the only ones getting seats (because of the 5% line)) partys out :3

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Beer implemented

And just after finishing and debugging my awesome bitwise algorythms to store the whole system into single short-values… i realised i as well could have used NBT-tags to simply store whatever value I like to…

Whatever, it’s working now. Next up is Grapes/Wine and automatized Fertilisation.

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Brewing Beer/Ale

Trying to find some numbers to derive mechanics from.

Assuming MC Ale is only created by throwing Wheat, Hops and Water into a barrel, what are realistic values for these ingridents to create somethign non-poisonous? I doubt it’s 1:1:1

I can quite easyly support a multitude of different Ale/Beer types via metadata, feel free to suggest ratios for multiple sorts.

PS: Current implementation idea: Supports any ratio from up to 4:1.
The two ranges are:
-Ratio from Hops to Wheat
-Ratio from Ingridents to Water
Another variable is the time the liquid was left in a barrel (until you plug a Treetap in, the second you do the Fermentation will stop by high-tech-treetap means).

Given the set of variables, a variety of ~240 different Beere combinations should be possible. Of course, not all of them are recommended and some might even kill Steve.

Example for Beer results:
(Be advised, i designed the system before searching appropriate terms, thus i filled a few gaps in the prefixes with semi-fitting and particulary translated terms or random rubbish which appears to fit)
Lite White Brew
Watery Full Beer
Thick Black Dragonblood (< I decided to pick the name Dragonblood for long-fermented beer, indicating it’s “strong” enough to literally burn. Sidepun at Fantasy-RPGs usually having “Dragonblood” as THE killerdrink in any pub)
Clear Alcfree Ale
Soup Beer

Note: I’ve combined the different words at random. Probably most of them won’T happen to you, unless you really intend to attempt alchemy on something simple as beer.

Implementation went suprisingly easy and the results are quite neat. The Beer effect appear somewhat balanced (using them as makeshift-potion has some serious sideeffects) and realism-oriented.
Different beer qualities and attributes influence the system well. Last thign to do is implementing the Fermenting Barrel, nothing big. :§

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is the codename for the next release’s contents.

Includes bugfixes, a machine to automatize Fertilizing and Hydration of nearby crops (NO automatic harvester or replanter), Weed-Ex spray to make crops immune to weed (for considerable time, not automizeable though) AND

Drinks. Jep, i intend to include Coffee, Wine, AppleJuice and Ale/Beer, mainly for the lulz and to have something to mess with after harvesting your fields.
Coffee is already done. Can give a nice’n’cheap speedboost, but don’t drink too much. You know, Coffee Addiction kills!

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TE Bugs

Currently there’s a complicated Bug in relation to TileEntitys, probably caused by MCForge, which causes various malfunctions of quite all machines, if removed and replaced.

We’re working on  it.

edit: Forge version .57 appears to have fixed the issue.

And could people PLEASE stop spamming the same errorlog over and over again? USE THE GODDAMN CORRECT FORGE VERSION FOR JUCKS SAKE.

About 20 threads containing the same issue now. Close to start banning people for not bothering to read a single thread before posting their “entirely new” issue.

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Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Now :3

Enjoy 1.2.3 + IndustrialCraft².


Note: May I should explicitely point at it:
IC² (or rather MCForge)  now uses SDK’s ModLoader, NOT Flan’s one and most likely latter one will NOT work.

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*robot dance*

Don’t ask.
Promised my student group to do a win-robot-dance if we pass SWP :3
Just, after 96 hours of waiting, received the mail confirming we passed it. And actually with a fine grade of ~3.0. Appears our code wasnt as crapperific after all.

Means the next 4 weeks a free of anything not-fun-related. Just need to get my MCP setup running again and then
I’ll rock the code
like a hurricane.

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